The Hiding Place and Return To The Hiding Place 2 DVD Combo

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  • Cast: John Rhys-Davies, David Thomas Jenkins, Mimi Sagadin, Rachel Spencer Hewitt
  • Director: Peter Spencer
  • Producer: Petra Pearce
  • Languages: English

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The Hiding Place and Return To The Hiding Place

2 DVD Combo

From a family of Dutch watchmakers, to the center of a Nazi resistance movement. From peaceful law abiding citizens, to government enemies hiding Jews in their home. This is the story of the ten Boom family--Corrie, Betsie, and Papa--who sacrificed their safety and home for a greater good. Now ,you can see both films that portray the efforts and story of the ten Boom family, Billy Graham's The Hiding Place and the award winning film Return To The Hiding Place. Together these films paint the complete picture of the ten Booms' story, and offer a special glimpse into the Nazi resistance movements in the tiny country of Holland. With plenty of action and adventure, a wee bit of excitement, a splash of espionage, and a true story at the heart, these films will entertain and stir your heart!

The Hiding Place

Based on Corrie ten Boom's book by the same name, The Hiding Place brings to life the inspiring true story of the ten Boom family. For Papa and his two spinster daughters Betsie and Corrie normal life consisted of running a tiny clock shop and living comfortably in the equally small house above. When the Nazis invaded Holland, however, life would never be the same. What began as an effort to shelter a single Dutch Jew, grew into a movement that not only hid and found hiding places for Jews, but was also involved in a greater Dutch resistance movement. In The Hiding Place, watch the ten Boom family as they go from a simple family who owns a clock shop, to a safe haven for Jews escaping the Nazi regime, to prisoners and victims of the very same camps they were saving lives from. See into their lives, struggles, and great faith and forgiveness as they save hundreds of lives at great cost to their own. The Hiding Place stars Jeannette Clift as Corrie, Julie Harris as Betsie, Arthur O'Connell as Casper (Papa), and has a special epilogue appearance by Corrie ten Boom herself. The Hiding Place will encourage and challenge viewers with the faith and courage of an ordinary family in extraordinary times.

Return To The Hiding Place

Forty years after Billy Graham released The Hiding Place, a film telling the continuing true story of the ten Boom's efforts, this time from a new perspective, was released--Return To The Hiding Place.

When Corrie learns of the Nazi plan to eliminate the Jews in Holland, she decides she must contribute to the cause that plans to fight the Gestapo. Though any action against Nazi powers puts her life at risk, Corrie bravely jumps in to the efforts, passing messages and individuals along the underground line. Meanwhile, elsewhere in Holland, a young man by the name of Hans Poley refuses to join the Nazi party. In order to protect him, his parents desperately search for someone--anyone--willing to hide and shelter their son. They find that person in Corrie ten Boom, and Hans becomes the first individual the ten Booms shelter. Now, the film Return To The Hiding Place is seen through the eyes of this young Dutchman. After learning what is happening to his fellow hidden friends--the Jews sheltered in the ten Boom home--Hans decides he wants to do something to stop the Nazis as well. So, he is recruited into the underground resistance movement by Piet Hartog, who, together with Corrie's niece Aty van Woerden makes up the rest of Hans' team. Filled with secret codes, dangerous missions, disguises, underground hiding places, extreme opposition and danger, Return To The Hiding Place tells the continuing story through the eyes of Hans Poley as he fights to save Jews--including an orphanage of Jewish children--from the evil Nazi regime. Starring David Thomas Jenkins as Hans, Craig Robert Young as Piet, Rachel Spencer Hewitt as Aty, Mimi Sagadin as Corrie, John Rhys-Davies as Eusi a Jew in hiding, and with a special interview with the real Hans Poley, Return To The Hiding Place gives an exciting and emotional continuation of the ten Boom story and efforts.

True Stories Are Powerful

All stories have a special quality that encourages, inspires, and makes individuals dream, but true stories are especially powerful. When a viewer, listener, or reader knows that the events actually happened--that real people sacrificed their lives, withstood opposition, and clung to their faith in difficult times--they are especially challenged and encouraged by the story. The Hiding Place and Return To The Hiding Place are based on the lives of real people, and the occurrence of real events, and they are powerful stories. The ten Boom family--Papa, Betsie, and Corrie--really did live in a house above their clock shop, and they really did sacrifice much in order to save Jews. Corrie really was involved in a large underground resistance movement, and organized hundreds of teens in a powerful underground army of resistance fighters. Hans Poley actually refused to join the Nazis, and truly was the first individual sheltered by the ten Booms. Hans did indeed join the resistance movement, and was highly involved in their activities. Because his actions have been kept secret (it is speculated he took on a false identity when he joined the resistance) much of his resistance activity portrayed in Return To The Hiding Place is fictionalized, but based on other resistance activities by fellow Dutchmen.


The Hiding Place was originally rated PG by the Motion Picture Association of America when it was released in 1975, but has since been given a suggested rating of PG-13 for thematic elements, brief violence, and brief partial nudity. The Dove Foundation awarded The Hiding Place their "Family Approved" seal for ages twelve and up.

Return To The Hiding Place was rated PG-13 by the Motion Picture Association of America for violence and disturbing thematic material. The Dove Foundation awarded Return To The Hiding Place their "Faith Based" seal, with a caution as some content may be objectionable.

As always, it is recommend that parents preview all content to determine what is considered suitable for their children.

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