The Hidden Faith of the Founding Fathers DVD

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  • Director: Christian J. Pinto
  • Producer: Christian J. Pinto, David E. Bay, Mary Bay, Jim Hedgepath, Meg Pinto
  • Languages: English
  • Run Time: 180 minutes
  • Region Code: 1
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The Hidden Faith Of The Founding Fathers

In 1776 a group of men, whom many regard as some of the greatest men of faith, signed one of the most important documents in American history. Were they all really such role models of Christianity, however, or is that belief a misguided interpretation of history? The Hidden Faith Of The Founding Fathers seeks to go where few documentaries have dared to tread, in search of the truth regarding the faith of our Founding Fathers. While it is a commonly held belief that most of the men who created our country were devout Christians, The Hidden Faith Of The Founding Fathers investigates this claim, searching to discover whether their faith was that of the Bible, or the exact opposite.

Asking questions such as "What did they believe about Jesus? What were their views on Christianity, the gospel, salvation, and faith? Did they fight for Christianity or oppose it?" This documentary explores a lesser known side of some great men in our history.

Charles Thompson

Much of the information, questions, and debate presented in The Hidden Faith Of The Founding Fathers is based on a quote by Founding Father Charles Thompson regarding a history he once wrote of the American Revolutionary War (which he would eventually destroy). Charles Thompson was perhaps, in many ways, one of the closest men to the workings of early America.

Born in Ireland in 1729, Charles Thompson's early life was not easy. After the death of his mother, when Charles was only ten years old, his father decided to emigrate with his three sons to the then British colonies in America. In an unfortunate turn of events, Charles' father also died while their boat was at sea, leaving his sons penniless and alone. When they arrived in the colonies the boys were separated, and Charles would be raised by a blacksmith in New Castle, Delaware. Educated in Pennsylvania, Charles would become a Latin professor at the Philadelphia Academy. During the French and Indian War, Charles served as secretary for the Treaty of Easton, and he even wrote a book to voice his opinions on the war. Some of his thoughts can be found in The Hidden Faith Of The Founding Fathers.

Charles Thompson would soon emerge as a leading man in the stirrings of Revolution. In fact, John Adams would once call him "The Samuel Adams of Philadelphia." Charles would lead the Sons of Liberty in that city, and since he was married to Benjamin Harrison's (another signer of the Declaration of Independence) sister he soon became intricately connected with other leaders. Charles served as the secretary of the Continental Congress for fifteen years, faithfully recording every speech, debate, and decision--many of which are discussed in the film The Hidden Faith Of The Founding Fathers. Charles Thompson would also work closely with another man, William Barton, to design the Great Seal of the United States.

It is the later work of Charles Thompson which draw the most attention in The Hidden Faith Of The Founding Fathers, however. Due to some disputes over his recordings Charles was not offered a position in the newly created American government. He would retire to Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania where he spent much of his time working. He would write his memories and an accurate history of the American Revolution, but, much to the loss of later generations, would destroy it for reasons mentioned in The Hidden Faith Of The Founding Fathers. He would also work extensively on a translation of the Bible, and a synopsis of four evangelists (which he published in 1815).

Charles Thompson undoubtedly left his mark on the creation of this nation. His faithful dedication to recording the dealings of the Continental Congress, work on the Great Seal, close connection with the Declaration of Independence, and influence and friendship with many other Founding Fathers have left a much rich history of the start of our nation. His life is partly what sparked the creation of the film The Hidden Faith Of The Founding Fathers.

Studying History From Different Perspectives

Studying history is important for many reasons, but it is also important to study history from different perspectives, angles, and with different questions. The film The Hidden Faith Of The Founding Fathers seeks to do just that--explore history from a viewpoint many are afraid of. It seeks to explore and provide a different perspective on the lives and beliefs of several Founding Fathers, but it also encourages viewers to seek out other angles. To search history records themselves to come up with an accurate, correct, picture of history. It urges viewers to remember not to take what the history books tell you as 110% truth, but to seek the roots of history and discover answers there.

For individuals looking for a new and unique look at the faith of our Founding Fathers, The Hidden Faith Of The Founding Fathers will give you a new perspective that has never really been explored. It will spark discussions, questions, and a desire to dive deeper into history and unlock the keys to mysteries. Though wonderful if you are actively studying early American history or religion in America, the film The Hidden Faith Of The Founding Fathers is enjoyable even for those who are not devout students of history. This film will open your mind and spark your curiosity

The Hidden Faith Of The Founding Fathers has been rated G by the Motion Picture Association of America, but it may include topics and issues not suitable for younger viewers. As always, it is recommended that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their children, but the film The Hidden Faith Of The Founding Fathers is considered appropriate for most audiences.

Included In The Hidden Faith Of The Founding Fathers:

-The faith of Thomas Paine

-The faith of Benjamin Franklin

-The faith of John Adams

-The faith of George Washington

-Washington and the Jesuits

-David Barton and his view on history

-The Question of Freemasonry

-Biblical World View

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