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  • Run Time: 69 minutes
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The Greatest Miracle

New from the producer of the film For Greater Glory comes The Greatest Miracle, an animated film designed to show the layout for a Catholic mass and even more, to show the spiritual forces that are around us all the time. In this unique and touching look at the Spiritual world and what happens during a Catholic mass, you'll be amazed as you see things in an entirely new perspective. It's easy for us to sit through mass or church and not realize just how much is going on in that moment. There's another whole world that we don't even realize when we're worshipping. At any given moment, there is a spiritual battle happening all around us. The angels try to help us and pull us up to the light, but unfortunately, there are also demons who are constantly trying to tempt us, causing us to sin. It's up to us which side we will pick. Will we choose what's right and do the right thing no matter the cost? Or will we succumb to temptation and allow ourselves to be destroyed by the temptations of the world? This is a unique and kid-friendly animated drama that shows what is happening in the spiritual world and how we can understand it. A great resource for kids of all ages.

The Spiritual Forces at Work

The Greatest Miracle does a great job at communicating to us that there truly are spiritual forces at work and there are things constantly happening all around us. These messages have been popularized in recent years with books like Frank Peretti's book, This Present Darkness. But The Greatest Miracle makes a very true point, that there is a spiritual battle constantly happening around us that we are painfully unaware of. It's easy for us to go about our daily lives and think that we're alone or that it's just us by ourselves in any given situation. But the truth is that there will always be angels here to guard us. The other half of that truth is that there are always demons constantly trying to pull us down and encourage us to fall into sin and temptation.

There are two responses we can have to this. We can ignore this simple fact that there are demons encouraging us to fall and we can succumb to their schemes and temptations. We can play right into their hands and allow them to control us. It's a sad realization but many people truly do allow their whole lives to be run by Satan and by demons. But there's another side we can take. We can realize that there are spiritual forces around us and we can pray that the angels win out in the end. We can pray that the angels will build us up and encourage us to do good in all situations. And then, that's what we do. We just continue to do good and don't allow ourselves to be brought down by the sins and temptations of the world. It's a choice that's up to us. What decision will we make? Will we fall prey to the world or will we overcome through the power of Christ? The Greatest Miracle tackles this issue head-on and encourages viewers to choose the right thing -- to choose God.

The Story

The Greatest Miracle is a fascinating drama, and it's made particularly unique by its choice to be 3D animated. Because of the choice for animation, the film is able to go beyond the realms of what is possible in a live-action film and they are able to truly convey what it would be like to be surrounded by angels and demons. The visual effects help add incredible depth to the film and bring it to life in new ways that are indescribably incredible and breathtaking. The movie is an excellent way to introduce children to the idea of spiritual forces at work as they can begin to see just what the world is like around us and what the spiritual world may truly be like and what could be happening all around us at any given time.

In The Greatest Miracle, you will follow along with the lives of three people who have all encountered crises. Whether they've lost a loved one or they've just received terrible news from the doctor, they all find themselves winding up at a Catholic Mass for no particular reason other than they need hope. They've begun to discover that they all need help from something bigger than this world. They realize that their time here is limited and life is fragile. So what's the answer? How do they get out of this present situation? What is the deeper meaning of life? These are all big questions, and because of these, they find themselves at a Catholic church, trying to come to terms with reality and understand what's going on. They begin to wonder if there may just be something bigger than themselves in all of this.

They have all experienced Mass before, so it's not like this is truly a new experience for them. But for some, it's become simply tedious, just like something that they have to do or that really holds no meaning over them anymore. It's not until they are visited by their guardian angels that they begin to see that Mass has a deeper meaning than they've ever realized. They need help from these supernatural beings to help understand the deeper meanings of Mass and what it's truly all about. The Greatest Miracle takes an amazing turn in this moment by revealing the spiritual world around them and showing the contrast around them between angels and demons.

If you've ever wanted to better understand the spiritual realm or you're looking for an introductory way to explain it to your children, this is a fascinating way to teach them the basics and open their eyes to the truths all around them. Prepare to be blown away by the truths in The Greatest Miracle!

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" Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new. ” - 2 Corinthians 5:17