The Great Deceiver DVD

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  • Cast: Pastor Michael Newman
  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 1/4/12
  • Run Time: 49 minutes
  • Region Code: 0

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The Great Deceiver

In the Bible there are hundreds of characters, varying from different degrees of good to absolutely and despicably evil. And although we may analyze and overanalyze many different characters throughout the book, there is one character that we often skip over or don't take into consideration when we read the Bible or study it. And the irony is, this one character is the cause for everything evil that is happening in the Bible. Behind every evil deed and every wicked action in the Bible, there is this one single character: Satan. Satan, or the Great Deceiver, goes by many names and takes many forms. But despite his constant changing and shapeshifting, it is clear that he is really only in this world for one reason, and that is to ruin our lives and bring us into absolute destruction. In this incredible and insightful documentary film, Lutheran Hour Ministries Pastor Michael Newman takes us on an amazing journey as we explore the Bible and find out what it teaches about Satan "ÌÎÌ_? who he is, what he wants and how we can deal with him. This film is full of fascinating insights and creative arts and visual messages, all intertwined with compelling interviews with regular people who have incredible stories about Satan and the world of spiritual warfare. Find out all of the incredible details and learn the ins and outs of Satan and why and how he can ruin your life and tear you away from God. The Great Deceiver tells the incredible story, shedding light on one of the biggest, and most often overlooked issues in our world.

Spiritual Warfare

While some issues are very good about tackling issues like spiritual warfare, it can often be a subject that isn't talked about or is glossed over by the church at large. This is a definite issue, as if we don't train people or prepare them for these situations, they'll be caught completely unaware when the time comes that they are attacked in a spiritual battle. It's important that we train people to prepare for the spiritual battles and help them to prepare for when Satan does try to attack theme. The Great Deceiver understands the importance of these issues and helps bring them to light in new and stunning ways. This film will help you to realize the very essence of what Satan is and will inform you about the spiritual warfare that is constantly raging around us from day to day. Similar to other stories like This Present Darkness that have a very heavy focus on spiritual warfare and the battles between the angels and demons that rage around us constantly, The Great Deceiver is a powerful film with an incredible message that everyone needs to hear.

Taming Down the Devil

If we take a look at how pop culture currently portrays Satan, we get a very unrealistic and often tamed down version of what Satan truly is. We think about a cartoon character when we think of the devil. We picture not a rage-filled spiritual force ready to destroy a person's life as pictured in The Great Deceiver;̴Ì_ we picture a little red man in a suit with a pointy tail. While this may be many people's current perception of what Satan is, the truth is that he is so much more than that. Satan is far more cunning and deceitful than we give him credit for, and as is learned in The Great Deceiver, he's coming for your soul. Satan wants to you to spend eternity with him, and he's determined to sabotage your life and your soul in any way possible to ensure that you are with him forever.
One way that Satan has truly been able to subtly pervade our culture in recent years is by encouraging people to let their guard down. And this plays back into how Satan is perceived in pop culture. He's not a character that instills fear, he's simply a character like we would see in a comic book or a cartoon. Because of this, perception over the years has slowly become that he is not real or that he is simply a figment of our own imaginations. This allows Satan to work his way into our homes and pervade our lives even more freely. The Great Deceiver reminds us that we should always be on our guard for the devil and his schemes.
Real Stories and Testimonies

In The Great Deceiver, we see stories of people who had true encounters with Satan. These interviews are just with regular everyday people just like you. But, they show how they allowed Satan into their life, slowly at first, but eventually, they fully gave their bodies and their actions over to Satan, even if they didn't realize it at the time. These interviews document how Satan was able to get into their lives and how he was able to lead them into temptation and eventually sin, all because they allowed a thing they didn't even think existed into their lives.

The Great Deceiver is a well-documented and incredible testimony to why we should always be on our guard and always ready to take a stand against the devil. If we simply ignore him or act like he doesn't exist, he will find us and get into our lives. This film is a powerful reminder that we should always be on guard. This artistic and emotional journey through the mind of Satan and the spiritual battles raging around us is a worthwhile ride, and one worth taking to remind us about how Satan works and how he will enter our lives if we're not extremely careful. Led by Michael Newman, a Pastor of the Lutheran Hour Ministries church, he takes a hard and scriptural look at what the Bible says about Satan. But not only does he show us how Satan works or that he is real, he shows us how to combat Satan and how we can fight back against the evil he has in store for us.

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