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God's Not Dead 1 & 2 Collection

It's the incredible Christian movie phenomenon that took the world by storm! God's Not Dead 1 & 2, released by PureFlix Entertainment have become recognized as two of the best films to come out of the Christian film industry in recent years and it has inspired millions with its encouraging reminder that God's not dead, He's surely alive! Featuring a star studded cast and special appearances from various real life celebrities like the Newsboys and Duck Dynasty's Willie and Korie Robertson, these series of movies have been an incredible way for people to reach others with the incredible message that God is alive.

Originally released in 2014, the first film God's Not Dead overwhelmed people with its amazing success at the box office. Something about this film and its empowering message at the end of the film to reach others with the Gospel message struck a chord with viewers and the film amazed critics and analysts at the box office with an impressive performance as millions of Christians showed up to support the film. After the success of PureFlix's God's Not Dead movie, they were able to release it on DVD and begin work on the next film in the series, God's Not Dead 2.

The God's Not Dead 2 movie premiered in 2016 in theaters and helped continue the success of the franchise, inspiring people all over again with an even bigger story and message. The scope of the film was broadened for this second installment and all the people that didn't see the film in theaters and had to rent God's Not Dead 1 were now able to go see a follow up film in theaters.God's Not Dead 2 in theaters turned out to be a huge success and many were able to experience the thrill and inspiration of the first film all over again in a new light. Together God's Not Dead 1 & 2 would reach millions and encourage them in their faith the world over.

The God's Not Dead 1 & 2 franchise has also been able to release a number of supplementary resources, like the God's Not Dead soundtrack, a God's Not Dead Bible Study, and a God's Not Dead study guide. There have been a number of resources like this released from PureFlix Entertainment to help deepen the plot of the film and help apply it to people's personal lives.

God's Not Dead

The first film in the God's Not Dead 1 & 2 Collection is the God's Not Dead DVD, which is where the whole series started. In this film, you'll meet Josh Wheaton, a recent high school graduate ready to start his first semester of college. When he signs up for a philosophy class, he's warned that the teacher, Professor Raddison is not terribly friendly to Christians and for Josh to go into this class would be like Daniel entering the lion's den. Josh, unable to change classes and just a little bit curious about how bad the professor could really be, signs up for the class anyway. When he shows up to his first day of class, the professor makes a request of his students. He asks that they all pull out a piece of paper and write down three simple words: God is dead. Before he can continue on in his philosophy class, he rationalizes, they must all consent to proceeding as God is dead. However, Josh finds this flies in the face of everything he's ever been taught and he simply can't sign the form. When he tells Professor Raddison that he cannot and will not write down the words as requested, the Professor tells him that he will fail the class. But then Josh issues a challenge to the professor. He asks that they have three class periods where they debate the existence of God. Then they allow the students to put it to a vote. If the students think that the professor made a more compelling case, then Josh will resign from the class. But if Josh has the more compelling case, Professor Raddison has to allow him in the class and treat him fairly. And so goes the story of God's Not Dead, with Josh hastily preparing for the class and working his hardest to try and prove the existence of God. But will he succeed in the end or will he find his faith and beliefs shot down? Find out in God's Not Dead on Blu-ray and DVD!

God's Not Dead 2

After the success of God's Not Dead one, a sequel was produced to be released in 2016. And this is the second part of the God's Not Dead 1 & 2 DVD Set, with God's Not Dead 2. This film follows the story of Grace Wesley, who is a public school teacher and devout Christian. One day, while in class, one of her students asks her about Jesus and what he taught. When Grace begins to teach about Jesus and even quotes him in the classroom, she is quickly slapped with a lawsuit for trying to teach faith in the schools. The film proceeds as a courtroom drama, with Grace determined to prove that God is not dead and that there was nothing wrong with her teaching in the classroom like she was. But as the lawyers begin to build a pretty definitive case, will Grace be able to stand up for what she believes, and be able to provide the evidence she needs to convince the judge? God's Not Dead 2 is a powerful and monumental follow up to the original film God's Not Dead. There are many supplementary tools to go along with God's Not Dead 2, including the God's Not Dead 2 Soundtrack, and the God's Not Dead 2 Bible Study.


If you are a fan of Christian movies or want to find wholesome films to build up your family and encourage them in their faith, God's Not Dead 1 & 2 is an excellent addition to your collection, with riveting stories about faith and the importance of remembering that God's Not Dead.

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