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God's Not Dead 2 DVD

God's Not Dead 2 is the incredibly powerful sequel to the 2014 box office sensation God's Not Dead. In this continuation of the PureFlix Entertainment franchise, the film will take you back to look at some of your favorite characters from the previous film while also introducing you to brand new characters and stories. Like the first film, this movie centers around a bold proclamation: that God is not dead. While many have recently tried to stamp out the name of God and Jesus and get their names removed from the public schools and from the public squares in general, God's Not Dead 2 is a powerful reminder and encouragement that people need to stand up for what they believe in.

In the original God's Not Dead, we saw a case of God's name not being welcomed in a college classroom. The tension in God's Not Dead 2 likewise begins with God being discussed in the classroom. With Jesus' name being welcomed less and less in the public square, it's become a critical moment in the lives of Christians everywhere. Will we boldly stand up for our faith or will we stay quiet and allow the world to continue removing and even blaspheming His name? And if we allow them to do that, will we even be able to talk about God in the public square much longer?

God's Not Dead 2 takes place in Hope Springs, home of not only Hadleigh University, but Martin Luther King Jr., as well. This historic town is where the popular and much-loved teacher Grace Wesley resides. Her goal in her classroom is to help her students to understand and appreciate history, and this has led to her becoming a beloved teacher at the school. Wesley is normally bubbling over with joy and love, and all of this can be traced back to one place: her undying and unashamed love for Jesus Christ.

Grace takes notice of one of the girls in her class, Brooke, who is obviously hurting and looking for a sense of purpose in her life. So when Grace reaches out to her and they meet for coffee, Brooke opens up to her about her difficult life at home. Her brother has recently passed away, and ever since, Brooke has been looking for something more, a sense of peace and hope. And it's at this moment in God's Not Dead 2 that Grace Wesley chooses to share her faith with Brooke. Grace explains to Brooke all about Jesus and how her positive attitude and loving heart stems from her unashamed love for Jesus.

Later on, when Grace is teaching another class to her students, Brooke asks an honest and sincere question about Jesus Christ in the classroom. Grace responds to Brooke and explains some of the historical aspects of Jesus: what He said and what He did. This sparks controversy in the school when a student in Grace's class immediately texts his dad and says that she is forcing her beliefs on him. This begins the battle to prove the existence of God in God's Not Dead 2.

Shortly thereafter, the principal and superintendent join forces and call on Grace to come into a meeting with them. When Grace enters the meeting, she sits down and learns that she is being sued for teaching about Jesus in a classroom. They ask her if she will deny these claims, but Grace is unwilling. She knows that she did indeed talk about Jesus in a classroom and she quite frankly finds nothing wrong or offensive with that. She feels she has the right to speak about Jesus in her classroom. Unwilling to hide or deny her faith, Grace chooses to do the hard thing and take on the court case. However, she knows this case has serious ramifications. The battle is on in God's Not Dead 2. If she loses, it could cost Grace her teaching career and the name of God could very well be expelled from the classroom once and for all!

With the help of a new and inexperienced atheist lawyer, Grace chooses to go to court and defend her beliefs. However, with the case getting more and more difficult and seeming more and more likely like they will be unable to win the case, will she be able to trust on God or will she back down and give up? With help from her students, her father, and even big-name Christian apologetics teachers like Lee Strobel, Grace does everything in her power to uphold the teachings of Jesus in her classroom, and proudly proclaim that God's Not Dead.

Sequel to the Original God's Not Dead

In the original God's Not Dead film, we followed a brand new college student Josh Wheaton as he takes a Philosophy class with the intimidating and atheistic professor Radisson, played by Kevin Sorbo. On Josh's first day in class, Josh, along with all of his classmates are assigned one simple task; to pull out a piece of paper and write down three simple words: God is Dead. Failure to comply with this request will mean an immediate failure of the class. However, as Josh is handed a pen and a piece of paper, he begins to think about the professor's request and immediately decides that he is not going to comply. Having been raised a strong Christian, he can't simply write down the word's God is dead. It would be blasphemous and wrong for him to do so.

This is when Josh chooses to be brave. When the Professor walks over to see his piece of paper, he asks Josh why he won't sign it. Josh explains that he cannot simply write the words down, as He is a Christian and fully believes in the existence and evidence for God. This angers Radisson, and when he realizes Josh is not going to do it, he issues him a challenge. He says that he has three class periods to present and debate with him about whether God truly exists or not. Then at the end of the three days, the class will decide whether Josh or Professor Radisson makes a more compelling case for the existence or absence of a creator.

Josh accepts the challenge, but deep down, he's deeply afraid. He doesn't know how to defend his faith or where to even begin trying to stand up for God. Dealing with other struggles alongside this, he eventually devotes a vast majority of his time to gathering all the information he can in defending God and over the next three classes he begins to present his case for a God.

The original God's Not Dead film did very well at the box office and managed to rake in some very high totals. This film inspired many people to stand up for their faith and they created a lot of buzz with the movie's motivation to text "God's Not Dead" to all of their friends. People were amazed that this simple, 2 Million dollar budget film could garner such an incredible success at the box office. After this extremely encouraging success, PureFlix Entertainment made the exciting news that they were going to produce a sequel film, starring Ray Wise, Melissa Joan Hart and Sadie Robertson. And, in 2016, Pure Flix Entertainment released God's Not Dead 2 in theaters across the country.

Behind the Scenes of God's Not Dead 2

After their success, PureFlix knew they wanted to increase their scope for their next film and make a higher-quality, and even more compelling sequel. And so, a bigger-budget sequel with high-profile actors was created:̴Ì_God's Not Dead 2. God's Not Dead 2 features the return of several familiar characters, including Pastor Dave, Martin Yip, and Amy Ryan. However, the film also manages to introduce a vast array of new characters, with different backgrounds and stories. We see that the character of Martin has fully accepted his faith and he is now working to better understand His faith and bring it to the next level. Amy has likewise begun to move in a direction of faith after a miraculous recovery from cancer which could have only come as a miracle of God. Pastor Dave finds himself on a jury, deliberating over the case of whether or not God should be mentioned in the public schools and a public classroom. While still familiarizing with these old characters, the film also introduced Grace and Walter Wesley, Principle Kinney, Marlene, and a number of other new characters.


God's Not Dead 2 is a significant follow-up to the original box-office hit God's Not Dead, and continues its stirring and compelling message. With a bigger budget and accomplished actors, this incredible film is a must see, as it will encourage you to stand up for what you believe in and never back down. This is a timely film with a great message and a wonderful encouragement. If you were a fan of the original God's Not Dead or are looking for one of the best Christian movies of 2016, God's Not Dead 2 is a must see!

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