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  • Run Time: 58 minutes
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The Forbidden Book

Today a Bible sits on the shelves of homes across the world, and its appearance is taken for granted. Yet, for hundreds of years the greatest book in human history was endangered, lost, and out of the hands of thousands of individuals. Journey with Dr. Craig Lampe and discover the fascinating story through time as you discover the places, people, and events behind the preservation of the Bible in the documentary The Forbidden Book.

The Book That Changed The World

Journey with Dr. Lampe across Europe as the history of the Bible is brought to life. Originally written in Hebrew and Greek, the documentary The Forbidden Book begins with a look at the early church of Europe, and the Bible they knew. Yet, in the period of the Dark Ages, filled with superstition and ignorance, the Bible was nearly lost. For a thousand years the Word of God was held in the hands of only a few, written in a language even fewer could understand. In this time, however, a few brave men stood up in courage to face the darkness, and they brought the scriptures to the world. Discover how the reigns, revolts, movements, and rules of history forever altered and threatened the Word of God, yet be encouraged by the fact that even in the darkest of times his word always remains true, and his word is never lost, even in the midst of great darkness.

A Few Brave Men

In the documentary The Forbidden Book youwill be introduced to several men who forever changed the Church and brought the Bible into the hands of the common people. Meet John Wycliffe, and journey to his church. This brilliant 14th century scholar translated to Bible into English, that the common people would be able to read it for themselves. So that they would no longer live in ignorance. Despised by the Church, and suffering death, Wycliffe helped bring the Bible to the shelves of ordinary men. Travel to the land of the Reformation and see the church where Martin Luther, the first man to print the Bible in German and who sparked the Reformation, nailed his ninety-five theses to the door. Journey to the shop where William Tyndale illegally printed the Bible that the masses might read it. Suffering death for his actions. In the documentary The Forbidden Book viewers will be introduced to the lives of great men of faith, whose courage and sacrifice brought the forbidden book to the rest of the world.

Rulers and Controversies

In The Forbidden Book study the reigns of Queen Mary, King James, and others who's reigns forever changed the Bible we hold today. Discover the truth about the "Apocrypha" and learn the story behind the removal of these books from the Protestant Bible. Journey through the controversies and dangers that faced the Bible during the Reformation and be encouraged as you discover that even when threatened left and right God's word will always be preserved.

Why Study The History of the Bible?

A fascinating documentary? An interesting history lesson? The film The Forbidden Book is more than these. It is a chance to marvel at God's power. To understand his sovereign hand through history, and to wonder at his miraculous protection of his word through thousands of years. It is a chance to be encouraged by great men of faith. To look at their lives and learn valuable lessons on faith, life, and courage. It is a chance to be refreshed and renewed in the belief that the Word of God does indeed last forever. The Forbidden Book is more than a history lesson or a documentary, it is a reminder of the power, majesty, a protection of a sovereign God through the story of his word to us; The Bible.

Dr. Craig Lampe

Dr. Craig Lampe, who shares his knowledge in part three of The Forbidden Book is known as a leading authority on the history of the English Bible. He has founded and served as the pastor of a church in Arizona, as well as produced numerous television shows, documentaries, and books. Dr. Craig Lampe participated in the 2011 edition of The Cambridge Dictionary of Christianity, and has also produced several museum exhibitions of rare books, ancient Bibles, Dead Sea Scroll fragments, and other ancient artifacts. His knowledge of the history and authenticity of God's word will help viewers connect the battleground of history to the Bible they hold in front of them today.


The documentary The Forbidden Book is wonderful for use in a small group, a study with a spouse or friend, or even personal devotion. Whether you are interested in the history, the documentary, or the story The Forbidden Book will interest viewers of all walks of life, ages, and places in their faith. A powerful reminder that God's word is steadfast and true and that his power, purpose, and plan remain constant throughout the ages, The Forbidden Book will encourage viewers everywhere. The Bible on your shelf is more than a book, it is proof of a living and active God who works through time, people, and events throughout history to accomplish his plan and ensure that his saving word reaches the hands of every man, woman, and child.

The Forbidden Book has not been rated by the Motion Picture Association of America and may contain issues not suitable for young viewers. As always, it is recommended that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their children, but the film The Forbidden Book is generally considered appropriate for most audiences.

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