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Flight: The Genius of Birds

They soar above the clouds. They flit in amongst the branches of the trees on the lawn. They have awed men for centuries with their freedom and grace. Flight, the unique skill of birds. From Illustra Media comes a documentary exploring the innate talent of birds from a Biblical perspective Flight: The Genius of Birds.

Flying High. . . How?

We all wonder how birds can fly. Be it an eagle or a tiny sparrow most of us have at some point in our lives stood staring up at the big blue sky watching a tiny speck or magnificent creature soar, flit, or glide through the air. Many of us are puzzled by their innate ability to take to the sky so easily. Flight: The Genius of Birds is intended to help viewers answer their questions about the skill of these wonderful creatures. A unique wildlife documentary filmed across North America, Peru, England, Greenland and Antarctica, Flight: The Genius of Birds features stunning images, computer animation, cutting edge research, original music, and the knowledge of some of the best Biblically minded scientists. The documentary film Flight: The Genius of Birds seeks to approach the animal kingdom from a Biblical perspective. From the lens of creation and not evolution, scientists explore and explain the God made abilities that allow birds of any shape and size to soar through the heavens. Flight: The Genius of Birds is an examination of how both design and purpose are woven throughout all of creation including the very feathers of a bird.

Design of Life Series

The documentary film Flight: The Genius of Birds is the first of Illustra Media's "The Design of Life"ÌÎ_̴Ìà? series. This documentary series explores and investigates the wonders of animal biology, behavior, and design from a biblical perspective, seeking to show the evidence of supernatural design and creation hidden within the animal kingdom. The series The Design of Life features two additional documentaries along with Flight: The Genius of Birds. Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans of Earth explores the oceans, investigating the incredible creation of Humpback whales, sea turtles, dolphins, and salmon each testifying the glory of God. Metamorphosis: The Beauty and Design of Butterflies focuses on the tiny, delicate, beautiful creatures that brighten spring and summer days. This documentary focuses on how even the smallest of creatures point to the existence of an intelligent creator. The Design of Life series is an incredible glimpse into the animal kingdom from the lens of creation, through films such as Flight: The Genius of Birds.

Understanding God's Creation

Birds amaze us. They inspire us. They make us laugh and stare in awe. Their complex structure amazes and sparks the curiosity of both young children and brilliant scientists alike. They have inspired great men like Leonardo DaVinci and have helped us advance in many means of technology. More importantly, however, they are part of God's great creation. God's creation is awe inspiring, enjoyable, and offers us a glimpse into the heart of our creator. As we earnestly seek to know God, however, we can often forget that he has given us a wonderful world to explore and understand. The film Flight: The Genius of Birds offers a glimpse into this world, and helps viewers better understand an amazing piece of God's creation. Marveling in and understanding God's creation helps us better understand our Creator, it encourages and inspires us, and it strengthens our faith. In addition, Flight: The Genius of Birds opens up doors for discussion with your children or friends, and gives you education opportunities from a Biblical perspective. The science in the film will help you understand better understand the creatures we all squint into the bright heavens to see glide, while also drawing you closer to your creator.


With stunning videos, scholarly research, and a Biblical foundation Flight: The Genius of Birds will help viewers old and young alike understand a tiny piece of the animal kingdom. The perspective will both strengthen your faith, and encourage you that there is an intelligent creator behind every creature even the smallest sparrow and that intelligent creature loves, protects, and holds you. For, not even a sparrow can fall without his knowing.

Illustra Media

The makers of the captivating documentary Flight: The Genius of Birds are more than just bird crazy. They are a group of world class film makers and scientists with a heart to spread the theory of intelligent design to the rest of the world. The documentary film Flight: The Genius of Birds was produced by Illustra Media, a non-profit organization that produces films about intelligent design. Their award winning films have been translated into more than twenty languages and distributed across the globe. Some of their intelligent design documentaries include Unlocking The Mystery of Life, The Privileged Planet, Darwin's Dilemma, Where Does The Evidence Lead?, The Case For A Creator and many more. Illustra Media partners with Discovery Institute and works closely with an international team of scientists and researchers to create Biblically based, scientifically sound, faith building documentaries that entertain and teach.

Flight: The Genius of Birds has not been rated by the Motion Picture Association of America and may include topics and issues not suitable for younger viewers. As always, it is recommended that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their children, but the film Flight: The Genius of Birds is generally considered appropriate for most audiences.

If you enjoyed learning about intelligent design and God's fingerprints in flight in the documentary film Flight: The Genius of Birds, you may also enjoy the following documentaries and DVD lessons: Lee Strobel's Case for a Creator an exploration of the Biblically based evidence for a Creator of the universe. Icons of Evolution an examination of some of Darwin's theories. Unlocking The Mystery of Life dive deep into the human cell to see the evidence there that points to intelligent design. Metamorphosis the world of butterflies from the perspective of creation.

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