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  • Languages: English
  • Run Time: 105 minutes
  • Subtitles: English, Spanish, Chinese, Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, and Russian
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Finger of GodåÊ

What happens when you go on a two year journey looking for God, and he shows up? Crazy, unexplainable, miracles happen. That‰۪s what. You see the finger of God tracing throughout the lives of people in our world today. Join Christian filmmaker Darren Wilson on a dizzying journey as he shares his personal story of finding God in the furthest corners of our globe. From Wanderlust Productions comesåÊFinger of GodåÊfeaturing Rolland and Heidi Baker, Bill Johnson, John and Carol Arnott, Ian Andrews, Canon Andrew White, MaheshåÊChavda, Sid Roth,åÊGeorgeianåÊBanoyåÊand many more.åÊåÊ

The FilmåÊ

When Darren Wilson set off across the globe looking for God, he was not sure what to expect. He wanted to see if God was really a God of miracles. He had no budget, no plan, no script, no idea what the end product would look like. He only had a little bit of faith and a camera. In fact, as a professor who taught filmmaking at JudsonåÊChicago, he was breaking all his own rules. No one should ever go out to film a documentary or movie without at least some semblance of a plot line or idea. . . but that is exactly what the creator of the filmåÊFinger of GodåÊdid.åÊåÊ

He set out and wandered from Northern California streets, to the centers of college campuses. He traveled to the mud lanes and shacks of Africa to the hidden underground churches of China. He walked with the wandering Gypsies of Europe, and the people of South America. And as he walked he began to realize that our God was living and active. His fingerprints were all over creation, especially in the most unlikely of places.åÊTheåÊFinger of GodåÊwas everywhere. His short journey of faith turned into a two year trek across the globe and hundreds of hours of film footage. He found that a spiritual revolution was happening across the globe, and God was in the midst of it.åÊåÊ

For a man with no plan, Darren discovered that God likes to create his own stories (and his own films). He provides people and places and the faith and funds to take you where he needs you to be. And as the filmåÊFinger of GodåÊbegan to form, Darren realized that this film was more than simply capturing miracles of today on camera. It was about understanding the heart of God. Understanding who he is, what he can do, how he longs to know us, and how desperately we should long to know him. It is about understanding that God has a finger in our lives and in our world. The filmåÊFinger of GodåÊillustrates that God is loving, God is powerful, he is creative, and most importantly he can surprise us. . . he moves in his own timing and in his own (supernatural) ways that no matter how often we capture on film we can never understand. . . because he is God and we are not.åÊåÊ

The filmåÊFinger of GodåÊis not meant to be some freak show of all the miracles God is capable of doing, and does. It is meant to show the heart of God that longs to save, heal and redeem even in the furthest corners of this world.åÊåÊ

The FilmmakeråÊ

A man who would set off on a two year journey around the world with no obvious plan must be crazy right? Well some might argue that, but Darren Wilson would say that he was simply taking a step of faith (a crazy big step). Before his journey of faith, Darren Wilson taught writing, film, and media at Judson University outside of Chicago. And he has a wonderful wife named Jenell and three lovely children. So why would he leave all that to follow God? The making ofåÊFinger of GodåÊwas entirely accidental. If it had been up to Darren the film would have never been made and he would have stayed safe and sound near Chicago with his family. After all he had no money, no experience making a feature film, and he knew no one. But God knew that he wanted Darren to make the documentaryåÊFinger of God, and so Darren did. God provided the means, and the people, and the power and Darren simply brought along his faith and his film.åÊåÊ


The documentaryåÊFinger of GodåÊis a crazy journey through the heart of God as he works in our world. It will shake viewers, inspire them, and encourage them to live in faith and believe that their God is powerful.åÊThough viewers will have to make their own mind up about the occurrences in the film, they will certainly push viewers to seek to understand God‰۪s heart, and understand what his Word says about his power and his miracles. Regardless of what you believeåÊFinger of GodåÊwill encourage you with the truth that God is a God of power, and that he is moving in our world today just as much as he was in the days of the early Church. His fingerprints are over all of creation.åÊåÊ

Finger of GodåÊhasåÊnot been ratedåÊby the Motion Picture Association of AmericaåÊand may include topics, issues and scenes that may not be suitable for viewers of all ages. This film received the ‰ÛÏFamily Approved‰۝ award for ages twelveåÊand up from the Dove Foundation.åÊAs always, it is recommendedåÊthat parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their children, but the filmåÊFinger of GodåÊis generally considered appropriate for most older audiences.åÊ

If you enjoyedåÊFinger of GodåÊyou might consider viewing Darren Wilson‰۪s two other documentaries.åÊFurious Love, a journey much like Darren‰۪s first documentary, this film demonstrates that God‰۪s love will always prevail even in the darkest corners of our globe.åÊFather of LightsåÊtears down the misconceptions we have of God and reminds viewers of the real character of their Heavenly Father.åÊåÊåÊ

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