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Faith Like Potatoes

Angus Buchanan was only a humble farmer in the middle of Africa. When political unrest tore his homeland of Zambia to pieces, he was forced to pack up his family and travel hundreds of miles south to South Africa to begin again. Faced with famine, war, unrest, and drought Angus was a mess of anger and despair. God had different plans for him, however. When his life changed one fateful day, Angus gave his life, his family, and his farm over to Jesus. From Affirm Films comes the inspiring story of one man's incredible faith-- Faith Like Potatoes. Starring Frank Rautenbach, Jeanne Nielson, Sean Michael Cameron, and Hamilton Dlamini Faith Like Potatoes will inspire and encourage viewers of all ages.

The Film

Life for Angus Buchanan always revolved around the land. You plant, you harvest, you sow, you reap. During the in between times you hope the rain falls. The land, however, was also one of unrest. The white Zambian farmer from Scottish origins has always kept an eye on the politics of the central African country in which he and his family live. When political unrest spikes to new levels, and worrying land reforms threaten on the horizon the farmer from Faith Like Potatoes is more than a little nervous, he is downright scared. With good reason too, most of the country look with a glint in their eyes at his land and his skin. So, he packs up his family and a few of his belongings and with little else they climb into the battered truck and set off in search of a better life down south. After much traveling, the Buchanans from Faith Like Potatoes finally find a home in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. Home might be metaphorical, however, since all they actually can claim as their own is little more than a caravan on a patch of land. It is safe, it is land, and it is theirs, however, and that is all Angus Buchanan needs. Well, that and some rain. Even with the help of his Zulu foremen Simeon Bhengu, however, Angus and his family struggle to settle into their new land. They have little money, little resources, and little of that coveted rain. It appears that things have gone from bad to worse for the family of Faith Like Potatoes. Faced with drought, fires, hunger, and the loss of his crops, Angus starts spiraling down into a pit of depression and anger. Even his optimistic and beloved wife Jill cannot seem to pull him out of it. One day, however, the trials hit an all time high, however. Angus snaps, and then he looks up. A redeemed man, Angus' life takes a completely new and unexpected turn. He even begins to see supernatural and spectacular events happening as he strives to live by faith and prayer. His struggles are far from over, however. Will the humble, newly changed farmer from Faith Like Potatoes be able to find joy and hope or will his struggles pull him and his family down once more?

Based On A True Story

The film Faith Like Potatoes is based on the book by the same name, which tells the true life story of African farmer Angus Buchanan. 1976, just like Faith Like Potatoes recounts, the Zambian dwelling farmer of Scottish origin was forced to sell most of his possession and emigrate elsewhere with his family due to political unrest. The Buchanan family finally found a home in Greytown, Kwa-Zulu Natal Midlands, South Africa where the farmer-- traditionally cattle and maize-- struggled to make ends meet. Two years later, in 1979, Angus and Jill found Jesus and their life (and farm) were changed forever. In 1980 the Buchanans founded Shalom Ministries, an organization dedicated to evangelism throughout Africa. From 1980 to the present the ministry has grown. Today Angus works mostly as an evangelist while his sons run the farm founded through the events in Faith Like Potatoes. In 1995 the family founded Beth-Hatlaim, a children's home for orphaned and abandoned children. Beth-Hatlaim soon became a home for around twenty-five children. The family also founded a church, and Angus wrote his book Faith Like Potatoes, his life account which inspired the film Faith Like Potatoes. From farming, to evangelism, to caring for abandoned children Angus' incredible faith which viewers will see in Faith Like Potatoes is evident in everything he does.


The story of Angus Buchanan's early life, brought to life in the film Faith Like Potatoes, is a testament to all viewers to just believe. From an angry broken man, to a joyful gracious farmer, Angus' transformation is a shining example of how God can redeem broken and fallen individuals. His belief in a God of miracles serves as a reminder to all viewers that sometimes all we have to do is ask and God will come through, just as he did for Angus in Faith Like Potatoes time and time again. Faith Like Potatoes is an incredible reminder that prayer is powerful, something proven throughout the miraculous occurrences that fill Angus' life as he prays. Faith Like Potatoes will also remind viewers that God is always there, and will always provide and take care of his children no matter what mistakes they make. From Zambia to South Africa Angus' journey in Faith Like Potatoes is more than just a journey of miles, it is a journey of a broken man finding redemption, an angry man finding joy, and a lost man finding purpose and praise. The Buchanan's story in Faith Like Potatoes will inspire and encourage viewers of all ages.

Faith Like Potatoes has been rated PG by the Motion Picture Association of America for some thematic material, an accident scene, mild language, and brief smoking. This film received the "Faith Friendly" award for ages twelve and up from the Dove Foundation. As always, it is recommended that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their children, but the film Faith Like Potatoes is generally considered appropriate for most older audiences.

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