The Design Of Life Collection 3 DVD Set

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  • Director: Illustra Media
  • Producer: Illustra Media
  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 10/12/11
  • Run Time: 192 minutes
  • Subtitles: English
  • Closed Captioning: Yes
  • Region Code: 1
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Design of LIfe 3 DVD

The Design of Life Collection 3 DVD Set brings together 3 incredible documentaries from Illustra Media that together give amazing evidence for intelligent design. From the oceans of our earth to the creatures that fly over in the sky, these three films are a testament to the power and handiwork of God the Creator. In this Design of Life Series, Illustra Media has set out to show its viewers the clear and incredible evidence for design in the very makeup of the world. These three movies have individually touched many lives as they have been released and now they have been collected all together into one set.

Three Incredible Documentaries

This collection contains 3 DVDs, featuring Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans of the Earth, Metamorphosis: The Beauty & Design of Butterflies, and Flight: The Genius of Birds. These films are all volumes of the new series, The Design of Life, with more documentaries soon to be produced. These films serve not only to explore the evidence for intelligent design and creation but to confront the myth of Darwinian evolution, pointing out many of its flaws and inconsistencies. This collection is a very handy tool that is able to help explain the design of our world and clearly show that this was all designed by God.

Flight: The Genius of Birds

In Flight: The Genius of Birds, the filmmakers take to the skies, showcasing a variety of winged creatures and their powerful testimony to the creator. Flight is a special documentary, as it chooses not to show the theory of evolution and how certain animals potentially fit into the grand scheme of this theory. Instead, its knowledge comes from a Biblical perspective, showing how these animals were created by an intelligent being for a purpose. See the world, and these creatures, through new eyes, as you discover their intricate processes and details. Looking at how complex these creatures are, it becomes increasingly clear that they simply could not have been formed by random chance or accident. These birds were clearly formed by an intelligent creator who knew what He was doing from the start.

Flight is a beautiful documentary that is not only insightful and educational, but an absolute joy to watch. Experience the magnificent cinematography work as cameras take you all over the world in search of animals with incredible abilities and features. Comparable to BBC's Planet Earth or March of the Penguins, Flight is a film that is highlighted by magnificent camera work and excellent scenery. In this 63 minute DVD, you will journey to North America, Peru, England, Greenland, and all the way to frigid Antarctica. Combining both beautiful camerawork and cutting-edge animation this film is a masterful work of art that is further complemented by a completely original musical score.


In the second film of the Intelligent Design series, Metamorphosis, the filmmakers take a look at one of the fascinating creatures on earth: butterflies. Butterflies are incredibly special, not only for their magnificent, artistic designs and patterns, but also for their amazing process of metamorphosis. These creatures are both gorgeous and mysterious. From the way they begin as an egg the size of a head of a pin to their eventual transformation into a fully-formed butterfly, scientists are still baffled by the incredible process of metamorphosis. This process is so unusual and specific, that Creationists use it as evidence that only God could create such a magnificent design.

In Metamorphosis, you will once again go on a spectacular expedition, this time to the rainforests of Ecuador and Mexico's Trans-Volcanic mountain range. This is another film that can only be described as awe-inspiring and visually stunning, as the camera work continues to dazzle and impress. Witness all varieties of butterflies in their different shapes, patterns, and sizes, and find new respect for these amazing insects in this powerful and convincing documentary. Once again featuring a blend of both real life cinematic shots and computer animation, this film will astound you with its powerful information and visuals. Metamorphosis is an unforgettable documentary that is sure to be a hit with your entire family. This film has a run-time of 64 minutes, with over an hour of bonus features included on the DVD.

Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans of the Earth

And finally, Illustra Media presents its third film in the Intelligent Design series̴Ì_Living Waters: Intelligent Design in the Oceans of the Earth. After exploring butterflies in all their glory and birds and winged creatures of the sky, we journey now to under the surface of the earth. Here, the filmmakers begin to present evidence for God's creation in the many incredible animals of the sea. From Humpback whales to dolphins, sea turtles, and salmon, all of God's sea creatures have been given special gifts and abilities that could have only been formed by an intelligent designer. In Living Waters, the filmmakers use stunning cinematography and realistic 3D computer-generated visuals to show the inner workings of those who live under the sea.

Learn about how dolphins are born with an onboard sonar system that they can use to both communicate and navigate. Learn about jellyfish, and their amazing built-in propulsion system, which once again, could only be designed by a supreme intelligent Creator. This documentary will show how incredible every single creature under the sea is, and how each has unique and amazing abilities. Through cinematography and computer animation, this film shows the research from a Creation point of view and shows how utterly impossible it would be for evolution to explain everything that is in our world.

Together, this 3-volume set works to show how impossible the theory of evolution is, and how much evidence there is for one creator that designed it all. These three Christian movies work well together to drive this point home. If you know someone who is struggling with their beliefs in God, or if you simply want to encourage your family to find concrete evidence for their beliefs, the Design of Life Collection 3 DVD Set is exactly the tool you need. The Design of Life Collection is subtitled in English and has a collective run-time of 192 minutes across three DVDs.

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