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  • Languages: English
  • Run Time: 88 minutes
  • Screen Format: WS
  • Subtitles: English, French
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The Confession DVD

The Confession, based upon the bestselling novel by Beverly Lewis, is the second installment in her very first book series. This movie focuses on the continuing story of Katie Lapp, a young Amish woman who has discovered that her life has not always been what it seemed to be. In the first film, The Shunning, Katie found out that she was adopted from an English woman at the hospital, and had grown up in the Amish community ever since. All her life, she thought that she was living with her birth parents and her birth family, but this was not the case. Her parents neglected to bring to the light her true beginnings, and Katie was forced to find out in a terrible and earth-shattering way. This movie focuses largely on her search to find her true identity. Does she belong in the Amish community where she grew up, or could her true identity lie in the world of the English just outside her childhood community? The Confession is a movie about staying true to yourself, following God's call in your life, and making decisions that will greatly affect your future. This film is full of drama, intrigue, and mystery as Katie discovers who she truly is.


The Confession begins watching Katie try to adjust to life in New York. She is used to her quiet Amish community, and has no experience with the outside world. She is extremely naive and does not know how to protect and defend herself from those who try to take advantage of her. Katie is living with her friend Alexis, who is doing her best to help her adjust to the English world. In this new and foreign world, Katie's one desire is to find her birth mother. She desperately wants to know the woman who gave birth to her and learn more about why she was given up for adoption. Her Amish family is not providing any details and has shunned her for going to the world of the English.

Katie's mother, Laura, is shown at a doctor's office, receiving some life changing news. She is terminally ill with cancer, and the disease has continued to spread. This means that she could only have a few weeks to live. The Confession shows the anxiety with which Katie searches for her mother, though she does not know about the cancer. This is a heartbreaking and dramatic film as the two search for one another, trying to beat the odds.

Laura's husband, Dylan, is a man who has spent most of his life gambling away what he has. All the money that has been given to him has been squandered away very quickly, and he is not responsible. Because of this, Laura decides to will most of her money to a foundation that helps children in need. This leaves Dylan with a very small amount of money, which makes him very angry. The Confession watches as he hatches a plan to get this money away from Laura and better himself for the future.

Katie's search for Laura leads her to a phone number that she calls. On the other end of this phone call is Dylan, who realizes that he has found Laura's long lost daughter. However, she will get in the way of his plan to extract Laura's money, so he implies to Katie that it is too late for her to see Laura. Katie is completely devastated, as she assumes that her mother is dead. This breaks her heart and sends her into a confused depression as she does not know how to progress from here. The Confession finds Alexis helping Katie by doing some investigation on this information. As she digs deeper, she finds that Laura is not dead and that the man on the phone lied to take advantage of Katie. She encourages her friend to go visit her mother before she dies.

Dylan's plan to get Laura's money involves hiring a young actress to play the part of Katie. This woman, Alyson, is promised a cut of the money if she does this for Dylan, so she does so without hesitating. At first, Laura is overwhelmed with bittersweet emotions as she is reunited with her long-lost daughter. As time progresses, Alyson becomes more and more uncomfortable because she realizes that she will have a hard time keeping up the charade of being Laura's daughter. The Confession leads to a very dramatic scene when Katie decides to go to Laura's house and announce who she really is. However, when she gets there, the staff of the house thinks that she is hired help. They put her to work planning the celebration for Laura's daughter, who is really Alyson.

As time goes on, Katie finds herself developing a good relationship with Laura, though it is not on the basis that she thought it would be. The two have a strong connection and form a beautiful friendship. However, it is still painful for Katie as she cannot reveal that she is Laura's true daughter. She is afraid that if she reveals her true identity, it will be too taxing on Laura's health, and she does not want to do anything to harm her mother.

The Confession comes to a dramatic end as Dylan's plan is almost finalized. He and Alyson are just about to sign the papers, on the day of the real Katie's birthday. These papers signify that "Katie" will be the heir to Laura's estate, which will, in turn, go back to Dylan. However, just before the papers are signed, Laura puts a stop to the whole charade. She announces that Katie is her real daughter and that she knew Alyson was a fraud. Mother and daughter are reunited in a touching scene, and they are finally able to be themselves with one another. Dylan is sent away to rehab for his gambling issues, and this proves to be a bit hard on Laura because she knows that she will be gone before her husband is released. Katie and Laura try to make the most of the few remaining days they have left together, and the film comes to a beautiful but bittersweet ending.

The Confession is a touching and emotional film that talks about finding one's true identity and following God's true calling. This DVD is perfect for the whole family to enjoy together and contains lessons that all viewers will benefit from.

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