The Coming Convergence DVD

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The Coming Convergence DVD

Do you think it's possible to know the time of our demise? Jesus blasted leaders of the religious establishment in ancient Jerusalem for not knowing Him at the time of His first arrival. Will todays prophesied "final generation" make the same mistake? The Bible tells that the end times would be preceded by a sequence of global events that has never before occurred, but is there proof for this?

Taking a look at newly exposed geological and statistical evidence leads to evidence of a convergence of events now been discovered which many believe might prove the Tribulation is beginning!

As a whistleblower film, The Coming Convergence DVD shatters the mold of what a documentary can do by pulling you deeper into the reality of the imminent apocalypse as you follow along with the story of a young girl named Erin Hawkins who is living through the end days. Her cinematic interruptions throughout the documentary act as a warning to the reality humankind soon will face.

The end of The Coming Convergence DVD leaves one with such an impact that those attending the film's theatrical release in California were driven to tears and shock. Featuring Ray Bentley, Jack Hibbs, Brent Miller Sr, Douglas Hamp, Kade Hawkins and Tom Hughes. Written and directed by Brent Miller Jr - the award-winning filmmaker. Approx. 100 minutes.

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"It is written, "Man shall not live by bread alone, but on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.".. ” - Matthew 4:4