Come Dance at my Wedding DVD

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  • Cast: Brooke Nevin, John Schneider, Christopher Jacot, Roma Downey
  • Director: Mark Jean
  • Producer: Christian Bruyere
  • Run Time: 85 minutes
  • Region Code: 1
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Come Dance at My Wedding DVD

Come Dance at My Wedding is an inspiring film about restored relationships and difficult decisions. After the death of his ex-wife, Andrea, Tanner Gray is shocked to learn that he has a twenty five year old daughter, Cyd. He and Andrea met on a cruise where they were both employed as dance instructors. There, they fell in love and decided to get married. Once they were married however, they discovered that their plans for life were conflicting. Andrea wanted to settle down in her small hometown and run her parents' dance studio. Tanner, coming from a small town, wanted to travel the world and go on adventures before settling down. Unable to reach an agreement, Tanner left to travel the world, leaving Andrea to take over the dance studio. After fulfilling his desire for travel, Tanner returned only to find that Andrea had moved on and told him not to come back. Since then, the two hadn't spoken. After Tanner finds out that he has a daughter, his world is completely shaken up. He is introduced to Cyd and the two are reunited. She believes that the best thing for her to do before she marries her fiance, Zach, is to sell the dance studio so she won't be tied down. Zach agrees that this is the best thing to do. However, years ago Andrea signed a document that makes it impossible for the studio to be sold without Tanner's permission. As he gets to know his estranged daughter, he becomes reluctant to let her sell the dance studio. He does not believe that it will be the best thing for her. This puts Tanner in direct conflict with Zach, leaving Cyd torn. Should she stick with her original plans and sell the dance studio or listen to this father she has missed out on having a relationship with? Can she make the right choice without damaging any relationships? Come Dance at My Wedding is a touching film about a father's unexpected love for his daughter and an important decision that must be made.

Loving Conflict

In Come Dance at My Wedding, Cyd's long-lost father and fiance lock horns in a battle of wills. Zach feels protective of Cyd because she, until recently, has not had a father to take care of her. He feels responsible for her well being and wants to keep her from getting hurt. Tanner, however, feels awkward as he steps into the role of father. He is unsure how to begin a relationship with Cyd without making Zach feel overshadowed. He desperately wants to get along with Zach and build a relationship with him as well as his daughter.

However, as he gets to know Cyd, he realizes how important the dance studio is to her. Though she says that selling it will not be a big deal, he knows that it will be painful. The one piece of her mother she has left is the studio, and Tanner is afraid that if she sells the studio, she will be disappointed and sad. He does not want to see her give up her dream.

Zach, on the other hand, thinks that selling the studio will be best for Cyd. He wants her to be able to move forward with her life and not cling to painful memories of the past. When Tanner steps into her life, he becomes very defensive of her. The last thing he wants to see is Cyd get her heart broken by a man who wasn't there to raise her. He believes that Tanner is undermining his relationship with Cyd and is trying to steal her away from him.

The problem with these relationships in Come Dance at My Wedding is miscommunication. Both Zach and Tanner want what is best for Cyd, but they are having a hard time communicating this to each other. Zach is protective of her heart because he doesn't want her to be hurt by a father that she has not had any interaction with. Tanner is protecting her because she is his daughter and he takes his responsibility seriously. The two men have good intentions, but have to overcome their differences and work together.

Come Dance at My Wedding contains important lessons for families to learn. It addresses the importance of communication. For instance, Zach and Tanner are at odds when they don't need to be because they both have the same goal: to protect Cyd's heart and do what is best for her.

Tanner's relationship with Cyd is an interesting example for all fathers to learn from. Though he has not been active in his daughter's life until now, Tanner still feels extremely protective of her heart and making sure that she takes the path that is best for her. This shows fathers that no matter the relationship and no matter the age of their daughter, it's still important to play the role of protector. His daughter becomes his little girl, though he did not know her when she was truly a little girl.

This film details the beautiful relationships that can come from something broken. Though he was not present in her life, Cyd feels drawn to Tanner and wishes to explore a relationship with him. She does not reject him because he did not mean to be absent. He simply did not know that she existed, and this greatly saddens him. Had he known that he had a daughter, he would have done everything in his power to reach out to her. Cyd explores the power of forgiveness and redemption by not being bitter and restoring her relationship with her father.

Come Dance at My Wedding is a touching and inspiring story of restored relationships and endless love. Filled with positive messages, this movie is entertaining and wholesome for the whole family.

Come Dance at My Wedding is not rated by the Motion Picture Association of America, but is considered appropriate for all audiences. It is always recommended that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their family.

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