VeggieTales: Puppies and Guppies DVD

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  • Director: Phil Vischer
  • Producer: Phil Vischer
  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 3/24/12
  • Run Time: 88 Minutes
  • Screen Format: WS
  • Region Code: 1
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VeggieTales - Puppies and Guppies - Stories about Responsibility and Kindness

"Mommy, Daddy, can I have a puppy?!?" Many parents have heard this question from their kids, and Veggie kids are no different; everyone loves puppies! But in the new VeggieTales Puppies and Guppies DVD, a collection of 8 new Veggie stories, Larry and Laura learn that to be trusted with puppies, they first have to show themselves faithful with, guppies? Enjoy 8 new Veggie adventures of responsibility and kindness.

New Veggie Mega Pack

Most parents have heard some variation of this: "Oh, this puppy is so cute! Can I have it?" But just because our kids want something doesn't mean they're ready for it. This lesson and many others are featured in the new VeggieTales Puppies and Guppies DVD, a brand new collection of 8 VeggieTale episodes your kids are guaranteed to love, and learn from. This Christian movie is a must-have for every VeggieTales fan!

In Episode 1 of VeggieTales Puppies and Guppies DVD, Puppies & Guppies, this issue of responsibility is exactly what Larry the Cucumber and Laura Carrot tackle. When they see Ichabeezer enjoying an oh-so-fun-and-cute puppy, they immediately want puppies too. But as every parent knows, just because our kids want something doesn't mean that they're responsible enough to handle it. So Pa Grape gives Laura and Larry a test; can they take care of his guppies, little-tiny fish, to demonstrate that they're ready for more responsibility? This lesson of responsibility is a must-have for every family who've faced the puppy question.

Tell your kids about a time when you wanted, or got, something you weren't ready for. Ask your kids if that's happened to them yet!

In Episode 2 of VeggieTales Puppies and Guppies DVD, Junior Gets a Pet, well, Junior Asparagus gets a new pet. But what a pet! Junior makes friends with an unlikely new friend, a buffalorange, when it comes to town. But when Ichabeezer wants it for himself, Junior learns a valuable lesson in obeying his parents.

It's not easy to always obey those in authority over us. Tell your kids about a time when you had trouble obeying, and then ask them about the last time they had trouble obeying you!

Laura has learned from her experience with Larry in taking care of Pa Grape's guppies, and now she's a pro. In Episode 3 of VeggieTales Puppies and Guppies DVD, Laura is The Guppy Whisperer, and now it's her turn to help Jimmy and Jerry take care of their new fish friends. In this simple lesson of being responsible for taking care of pets, Laura is able to share her hard-won wisdom with her two friends. Now, will they learn what to feed their little buddies? Watch this fun Christian movie and find out what these crazy friends think they can feed their guppies.

We've all done the wrong thing because we didn't know any better. Tell your kids about a time when you made a mistake because of something you didn't know but needed to, and what you did about it! Ask them if there's something you can teach them that they want to know.

In Episode 4 of VeggieTales Puppies and Guppies DVD, Larry the Cucumber gets a lesson in how we can't let being popular and accepted get in the way of being kind to others. Because he wants to be accepted, Larry adopts a "cool" personality that's not really true to who he is and who God wants him to be. Will he be able to remember who the real Larry is before it's too late?

We all want to be "cool," but sometimes being cool just isn't cool; like when it causes us to be rude. Tell your kids about a time when you did the wrong thing to fit in and what you should've done instead. Ask them if there are times when they feel like they don't fit in.

Episode 5, Laura At Bat, of VeggieTales Puppies and Guppies DVD puts young Laura Carrot in the spotlight as a would-be homerun batter. Laura can visualize her success. but has she put in the work to make her dreams a reality? Many kids think they'll be good at something just because they want to be, or they see their heroes on the plate or the stage and don't understand the hard work it took to get there. In this lesson of hard work, Laura discovers success takes a lot of preparation. Batter up!

Your kids won't know about Casey at Bat, but Google can fix that! The theme of being proud in our abilities isn't new, but your kids would love to hear about a time when you fell on your face, Casey-style! Then ask them about what skills or attitudes they want, or need, to work on!

In VeggieTales Puppies and Guppies DVD's sixth episode, Larry, Bob, and Madam Blueberry encounter the office villain, burned popcorn! Mom and dad may need to watch this one and learn, together with the veggies, to forgive even for the horrid workplace offence of burned popcorn. Get your parents, kids! This is a lesson in forgiveness the whole family can enjoy!

Burned popcorn isn't the end of the world, but it can smell like it in a small office. Tell your kids about a time you've had to forgive, and help them understand the difference between when someone actually means to hurt us and when it's an accident.

What happened to Ricochet!?!? No one knows, but now we have Junior Jet Pack in Episode 6 of VeggieTales Puppies and Guppies DVD, LarryBoy has a new sidekick; you guessed it, Junior Jetpack is here to help kids learn more lessons about being brave! Forget Ricochet; the newest member of the super hero club is none other than Junior Jetpack, and it's time for rocket-powered fun and excitement while learning that being brave doesn't mean not being scared.

Kids get scared; it just happens. Help your kids deal with their fears by telling them about a time when you felt scared, and what you did about it! How did you get through? Now, ask them about their fears.

Honesty is tough sometimes. In Episode 8 of VeggieTales Puppies and Guppies DVD, Larry the Cucumber is learning his lesson again when he talks Petunia into giving him the chance to work on Larry's Cardboard Thumb. What's a cardboard thumb? Apparently, the opposite of a green thumb!

If we're all honest, we'll admit to having troubles being honest all the time, every time. Talk to your kids about a time you had trouble telling the truth but were glad you did!

Bonus Features

What VeggieTales DVD would be complete without music??? VeggieTales Puppies and Guppies DVD doesn't leave out this beloved part of the show and includes four sing-along song videos that help usher in a new era of VeggieTales; VeggieTales in the House! Get to know the "Veggie Tales in the House" song, if you can follow the lyrics! The pet theme goes on with "Puppy Friends Forever" (PFF), and "Do The Right Things for Your Pets." Are you catching a drift here??? Back to God with "God Sees Our Full Potential."

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