Until Forever DVD

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  • Cast: Stephen Anthony Bailey, Madison Lawlor, Jamie Anderson
  • Director: Michael Linn
  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 5/1/13
  • Run Time: 100 minutes
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Until Forever

Be prepared to be blown away in this incredibly deep and moving film from Vision Video;̴Ì_Until Forever. Based on the true story of Michael and Michelle Boyum, this film takes a hard look at what it means to be a Christian and to have a belief in God through both the good times and the bad times. As anyone who is a Christian will know, it's a lot easier to praise God and worship him when life is going well. When our lives are looking good and we're simply coasting through a better part of our life, it's easy to worship God and praise him for everything he's done in our life. However, there are also points in our life where unbelievable tragedy strikes and we wonder if we can truly even worship God. We can't seem to give him our best or our full devotion because we're experiencing such pain and tragedy in our own lives. This is what happened to Michael Boyum.

In Until Forever, you will meet Michael Boyum, a high schooler who seems to have his life put together. He is about to finish high school, he has the girl of his dreams in his girlfriend Michelle, and it seems that all the plans in his life are laid out before him. He's excited about the present, ready for the future, and he's ready to embrace everything head on. What could possibly go wrong, wonders Michael? He has a great Christian faith, a beautiful girlfriend, and everything ready for him in life. However, everything is suddenly turned on its head when Michael receives devastating news that completely changes his entire life. He has a very rare form of cancer, and no one knows if he'll survive it or how much longer he even has to live his life. This completely ruins every plan Michael and Michelle had made for themselves. They had plans and dreams for their future and now it seems that everything they've ever dreamed of is being ripped away from them by God.

Until Forever shows Michael struggling with his cancer, but ultimately relying in God. He knows that God has a plan for him in all of this, and so he decides to continue trusting that God will get him through the situation. He has the constant encouragement and companionship of Michelle, a church family that is continuously praying for him, and some of the best care possible at his hospital. While he struggles with the illness and the wonders of what is in store for his future, he knows that God is in control and that whatever God wants to happen will happen. This is the mentality Michael tries to maintain in Until Forever. But over time, his perspective begins to change and he begins to lose hope. As his sickness grows worse and he wonders if he can truly maintain this devout hope and trust in God, he begins to feel like God has completely deserted him. Despite the unwavering encouragement from his church family, immediate family, and girlfriend, he begins to lose sight of the goal. As he drifts away from God, he takes on a new mentality; one of anger. This is partially due to the man in the hospital bed next to him. As Michael finds himself under the confines of the hospital and hospital bed, he befriends the patient in the next bed over, who turns out to be a devout and proud atheist. This turns out to wreak havoc in Michael's life as the atheist challenges him on several points and asks Michael questions he simply can't answer.

Michael's Faith

Michael is deeply challenged in a lot of ways in Until Forever. Already struggling to hold onto his faith in God, he finds it almost unbearable when his atheist roommate continually picks his faith apart. Michael begins to lose hope and becomes angry at God for taking away his perfect life plans. He begins to wonder if he'll die soon and he is angry at God for what this might do to Michelle. As he gets sicker and sicker with no end to his cancer in sight, he is reminded by a friend that while he is living, he needs to keep living. Don't act like you're dying while you're still living, his friend rationalizes. And through this, Michael begins to change his attitude. Will Michael be able to overcome his anger and frustration in Until Forever and find his faith again? Or will the damage be done and Michael will completely lose his faith in God? Based on a true story Until Forever is a powerful and convicting film that reminds us that God is always with us and will always look out for you no matter the situation you find yourself in. While it can be difficult to remember at times, God never leaves us. He is always with us, fighting our battles with us at all times.

A Lesson for Everyone

We all go through valleys in our lives where we lose sight of God. We forget that He is the one in control and we try to either take control for ourselves or simply remain angry that God has deserted us. But the truth is that God never leaves us. He's always there looking out for us. It's just up to us to see him and find him in our lives. Until Forever teaches an important lesson that's vital for everyone to remember. God never deserts us, he is always there and he will always hold onto us if we simply believe in Him and follow him. Michael and Michelle went through a horrific experience that no one should have to live through. But because they held onto their faith in God, they were able to get through the experience and find that God is with them always. Until Forever is a deeply moving and inspirational film that takes you through a wide range of emotions as you see Michael and Michelle encounter these struggles together and trust in God entirely

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"It is written, "Man shall not live by bread alone, but on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.".. ” - Matthew 4:4