The Young Messiah DVD

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  • Director: Cyrus Nowrasteh
  • Producer: Chris Columbus, Enzo Sisti, Mark Radcliffe, Michael Barnathan
  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 6/13/12
  • Run Time: 111 Minutes
  • Closed Captioning: No
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The Young Messiah DVD

This profound film, inspired by biblical events and staying true to the character of Jesus found in the gospels, tells the story of a young Jesus beginning to understand His powers and what he is called to be when he grows up. The Young Messiah is an inspiring story about the life of Christ and provides a fictitious drama rooted in history about the life of Christ. What did it look like for Jesus growing up? This is a page of history that is often skipped over. Even the Bible has very little to say about what Jesus was like growing up as a child.

The Young Messiah is an innovative and fascinating look at what the Messiah's life might have been like as a boy, how he related to the other children, what his experiences were like, and how he came to understand that He was to be the savior of the whole world. When Jesus begins to understand in his early years the true power of his divinity, Mary and Joseph are faced with a difficult problem. How are they to handle these situations? How are they supposed to tell Jesus, and how much should they tell him of what they know?

While we often read stories or watch movies that focus on Christ being born or on his ministry once He was an adult, The Young Messiah attempts to give us a fictitious glimpse into his life as a child. This is an incredible and insightful film that helps bring depth and a deeper understanding to the person of Jesus. We often don't realize that He had to live a human life with us before being sent to the cross to die for our sins, and this wonderful movie gives a deep look into Jesus' life.

Behind the Scenes

The Young Messiah was directed by Cyrus Nowrasteh and was written by Betsy Giffen Nowrasteh. The film stars 7-year-old Adam Greaves-Neal playing the character of young Jesus, Vincent Walsh, Sara Lazzaro, and Sean Bean as Severus. The film is rated PG-13 for some violence and thematic elements and was given a Faith-Friendly seal by the Dove Foundation and approved for ages 12 and up. The Young Messiah is based on the novel "Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt" which was written by Anne Rice. The film is very unique in that the entire film rides around one 7-year old actor. Adam Greaves-Neal does a terrific job at breathing life into his young character and manages to provide a terrific delivery despite his young age.

The film obviously takes some creative license with the character of Jesus, as we really don't know what Jesus was really like as a child. With very little information to go off both historically and biblically, this film helps to give an idea of what it might have been like for Jesus growing up. We don't know if Jesus was born with the knowledge that He was the savior or if He learned it later on, but this film still gives a terrific idea of what Jesus might have been like and what He may have experienced. It also features high-profile actor Sean Bean, known for his acting roles in The Lord of the Rings films, The Martian, and GoldenEye.

The Story

The Young Messiah follows the life of Jesus Christ and attempts to fill a void left by other stories and movies about the life of the Messiah. While we've seen countless Christmas stories about Jesus being born into the world and experienced many different movies and stories about Jesus' ministry, teaching, and crucifixion, we've never seen much about his life growing up as a kid. What did it look like to have Jesus as a young child, just learning about the world and finding all the evil in it? Was Jesus born with the knowledge that He was the savior, or did he learn this as He grew up?

In this biblical drama, Young Jesus begins to discover, roughly around the age of 7 that he is different, or special. He's not the only one that can see this, even the ruthless killer Severus realizes that there is something special about this young boy. As Jesus grows up even more and begins to discover his own divinity, he questions it and asks the rabbi and his parents why he is the way he is. He is most obviously special in some way, but how can he use his supernatural abilities and what is his purpose in life? All of this worries Mary and Joseph as well, as they don't know how to handle the situation. How much should they tell Jesus? They were told before Jesus was born that He would be different and He would be the Messiah. Should they tell Him or should they allow Him to discover these things for himself? The Young Messiah gives a different and intriguing look at what growing up as the Messiah might have looked like. Obviously, the story of Jesus was special from the start, and this movie helps to give a more fleshed out version of the story, doing their best to stay in line with the character of Jesus as found in the Bible.


This film starts with an interesting premise and does an incredible job of running with it ;what did Jesus experience growing up as a young child? How did His supernatural character affect his years growing up as a young child? Did he know from the start that He was the Messiah, or was this something He had to learn over time? The Young Messiah is a well-shot and superbly acted film that tells an incredible and dramatic story. The film is only made better by terrific actors Adam Greaves-Neal and Sean Bean. While we can't say one way or another what Jesus' life looked like growing up, this certainly gives a unique and enjoyable perspective that is well worth a watch. With a high production quality and unique style of storytelling, this is a biblical drama of epic proportions.

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