The Reckoning DVD

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  • Cast: Katie Leclerc, Jacob Blair, Chad Connell
  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 7/13/12
  • Run Time: 86 Minutes
  • Screen Format: WS
  • Subtitles: None
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The Reckoning DVD

The Reckoning is a Hallmark television movie that concludes Beverly Lewis' Heritage of Lancaster County trilogy. This film was aired in 2015 and then released on DVD. This film brings Lewis' classic book to life in a new and exciting way. With vivid characters, a detailed plot, and moments of genuine emotion, this film will tug at the heartstrings of viewers. Katie Lapp, now known as Katherine Mayfield, experiences an incredible emotional journey and a huge transition in her life. Will she able to reunite the past with the present or is it best to keep them separate? How does she figure out what the right choice is? Can she stay connected to her past and still move forward with a future? The Reckoning is full of dramatic scenes and emotional content from start to finish, and will leave viewers with a lesson about new beginnings and the ability to remain true to one's self.


A young woman, named Katie Lapp, has made a big decision in her life. Formerly a member of the Amish community, she has changed her name to Katherine Mayfield. In The Shunning, the first movie and first book in Beverly Lewis' acclaimed book series, it was revealed to Katherine that her parents in the Amish community were not her birth parents. She was adopted by them and they decided never to inform her of her true parentage. However, one day, Katherine found an English baby dress with her name stitched into it, and she began to question all that her parents had told her.

In present day of The Reckoning, her biological mother has just died. Because of this, Katherine has inherited her mother's grand estate and has settled into life there. She has fully adjusted to life in the English world and has left her Amish roots behind. Because of the rules of the Ordnung, Katherine's family is no longer allowed to speak to her. Their relationship is strained, and she tries to pretend that this does not weigh heavily on her heart.

Katherine tries to forget her past by distracting herself with all the pleasures of the world and has settled into a very affluent and ritzy lifestyle. She has a good job and is engaged to an extremely wealthy and successful businessman. Her heart lies in his hands because she truly loves him, and not because of his wealth. However, his lifestyle fits extremely well with the new world that she has placed herself in throughout The Reckoning.

Her plan is simple; marry her fiance and continue on with her new future. She will try to forget her Amish roots and move on with her life. However, all this is questioned when an old flame from the Amish community shows up, trying to win her back. The thing that rocks her world about Daniel showing up, however, is that he was presumed to be dead. She is shocked that he is alive and cannot wrap her mind around the fact that he is actually alive. Suddenly, Katherine's heart is thrown into turmoil as she confronts her old feelings for Daniel and wrestles with the love that she has for her fiancÌÎÌ_ÌÎ_ÌÎÌ__Ì_åÇí«̴å©. Unexpectedly, her past collides with her present and she is forced to make an extremely tough decision in The Reckoning.

Katherine wrestles with her emotions and realizes that, no matter how comfortable it may seem, she cannot simply revive the past and ignore the future. It seems that she has found her true identity in the English world and will not fit in with the Amish community now that she has left for good. In the end of The Reckoning, it is revealed that Katherine chooses to marry her English fiance, forcing Daniel to move one. The future becomes more important than the past as she realizes that she must move on and not stay stuck in what was once her life.

Though she has found her heart's true desire, her marriage to an English man poses more problems than she originally thought. Katherine realizes that her parents, though they are somewhat ostracized from her, may not attend her wedding. This grieves her heart deeply as they were the ones who raised her for the entirety of her childhood. Though attending her wedding is a direct contradiction to the rules of the Ordnung, Katherine hopes that her parents will find it in their hearts to show up on the most important day in all her life. The Reckoning also poses the question of what Daniel will do. Will he be able to move on from Katherine and start a new life for himself, as she has done, or will he continue to pursue her, though he will be rebuffed?

The Reckoning teaches many important lessons about the collision of the past with the present and the consequences of holding on to something that one has outgrown. For instance, Katherine desperately wishes to fully commit herself to her new life as an Englisher, but she has things in her past that need to be resolved. Her relationship with her parents is on rocky soil, as they are forbidden by the laws of the Amish church to speak to their daughter. Her heart wants to seek reconciliation, but she is terrified of getting rebuffed and being hurt by them.

This film teaches viewers that, no matter how busy and confusing life becomes, there is always one constant; Jesus. Katherine's faith, though now separate from the Amish church is what sustains her as she navigates the new and complicated world of the English. Her heart is still trying to find its way, as she finds the delicate balance between holding on too tightly and moving on too quickly. All in all, Katherine's life is an example to viewers of what can happen when our world is greatly changed. The Reckoning, based on Beverly Lewis' beloved novel, provides fans of the book with a dramatic and inspiring visual retelling of Katherine Mayfield's emotional journey.

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