The Heavens Declare Episode 3 DVD + Digital

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  • Director: Kyle Justice
  • Producer: Kyle Justice
  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 3/31/12
  • Run Time: 48 Minutes
  • Screen Format: WS
  • Closed Captioning: No
  • Region Code: 0
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The Heavens Declare Episode 3: The Starlight Travel Dilemma

The Heavens Declare is a series of DVDs that provides viewers with an insight into creation and the origins of the world. Episode 3: The Starlight Travel Dilemma brings up the question of the true age of the earth. Does the light travel of very distant stars disprove the creationist belief that the earth is young? Or do they work in a way that actually supports creation? This topic is studied and answers are provided to help viewers better understand the concept of starlight travel. The dynamics of the speed of light are discussed and expert scientists are brought in to comment on the possibility of an expanding universe. Many different creationist models that attempt to solve or explain the problem of starlight travel are presented and discussed. This film is packed full of information and yet remains extremely entertaining throughout. Viewers will be taught how to reason their belief in creation and will be provided with answers to some of the most challenging dilemmas. The Heavens Declare Episode 3: The Starlight Travel Dilemma is perfect for teens and adults wanting to know more about the creation of the world and the theories that surround evolution and creation.


The Heavens Declare Episode 3: The Starlight Travel Dilemma covers many different topics, but focuses mainly on the idea of starlight travel and the potential problems this could cause for young-earth scientists.

This DVD brings in many different creationists to discuss different theories and dispel ideas of evolution. One of the main topics of this film is the age of the earth. Throughout The Starlight Travel Dilemma, many different scientists are interviewed and they all express their viewpoints. Each one of them stresses the importance of believing in a young earth, as this is what lines up with the Bible. Not only does all of creation support a young earth theory, this is what the Bible has told us and it matches up with a Biblical timeline and account of history.

The next topic that is examined is that of the theory of relativity. This theory, developed by Albert Einstein, discusses the laws of physics and the constancy that they maintain. For instance, Einstein determined that the speed of light within a vacuum cleaner remained the same, no matter what speed the observer happened to be traveling. The Starlight Travel Dilemma then discusses this theory in detail and determines what it means for a young earth creation. Every aspect of the theory of relativity is about constancy within the laws of physics, and the scientists in this film discuss how this gives hints that point to a young earth, remaining consistent with Creationist beliefs.

The Starlight Travel Dilemma then launches into a discussion about how God used natural laws and supernatural processes in order to create the earth. All of the laws of physics remain true to a divine creator and an intelligent designer, because God himself created them. Just because earthly scientists discovered them or gave them a name does not mean that they created them. God himself shaped the universe and designed it to run the way that it does, and this means that all of creation is consistent with an intelligent designer. The way God used each of the natural processes on earth and different supernatural events shows consistency and design that is present throughout every living thing on this earth.

The final main point that is discussed in this film is the consistency of the Bible with science. How do science and Christianity work together? Are they enemies or do they simply coexist? Or, is it possible that they could actually complement each other and work hand-in-hand? This is the truth. Many people assume that science and Christianity contradict each other. This, however is not the case. Evolution is often touted as being true, but this is not the case. It has not been proven and is just made up of several different theories. There are large gaps in the main evidence that evolutionists use to prove their point, and this poses a huge problem. Evolutionary theories are inconsistent with each other and most of all, inconsistent with science. The Starlight Travel Dilemma then contrasts this by showing how Creationism works hand in hand with the Bible and science.

The Bible clearly states that all of Creation reveals the glory of God and points back to him, and this could not be more accurate. Every piece of this earth is consistent and displays a unique and intricate design that could never have come about by random chance. Only an intelligent designer could have orchestrated the amazing plan and order that is found throughout this earth. The Starlight Travel Dilemma discusses the common theory of evolutionists that the speed at which stars travel actually disproves creationist ideas about a young earth. However, the more the scientists in this film study this topic, the more they find that the earth is consistent with the Bible and is not as old as evolutionists say it is. The problem of starlight travel has not been fully explained or fully understood, as scientists are still figuring out what this means for evolution versus creation. However, it does not disprove a young earth as evolutionists so quickly claim, and does not seem to currently support either side. However, as Christians, we know that God designed the earth exactly as he wanted it to be, so no matter what, the truth will come out. This means that all of creation will always point back to a divine creator.

The Heavens Declare Episode 3: The Starlight Travel Dilemma gives viewers a unique insight into the problem of starlight travel and helps them understand how to defend a young earth, despite controversy. This film features interviews with many different scientists, including Dr. Jason Lisle, Dr. Danny Faulkner, Dr. Russell Humphreys, Dr. Don DeYoung, and Mr. Mike Psarris. This film is full of fascinating information and will leave viewers wanting more information about The Starlight Travel Dilemma.

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