The Great Ice Age: With Meteorologist Michael Oard DVD

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  • Cast: Michael Oard
  • Director: Kyle Justice
  • Producer: Kyle Justice
  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 10/14/09
  • Run Time: 97 Minutes
  • Screen Format: WS
  • Closed Captioning: No
  • Region Code: 0
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The Great Ice Ageí«ÌÎ_

The Great Ice Age: Evidence From the Flood for Its Quick Formation and Melting is a fascinating documentary from Awesome Science Media that records the evidence for a quick forming ice age directly after Noah's flood. Many theorize that there is no way an ice age could have occurred, but new meteorological evidence is showing that this is a very real event that occurred. What is even more mind-boggling is how likely a gigantic ice age would be to occur immediately following a flood, especially a worldwide one. If you've ever wanted to find evidence to support your faith and find more proof for a worldwide flood and other biblical events, The Great Ice Age is a terrific DVD to watch.

Ever since the 18th century, scientists have been telling us that ice ages did occur, but that they happened over the span of millions of years. But recent findings are coming out that show a very different ice age occurring. Follow along with meteorologist Michael Oard as he takes you on a journey to discover some startling evidence that most mainstream scientists seemingly forget to mention, or purposefully don't tell you. One of the things scientists also usually say is that there were multiple ice ages. However, Oard presents compelling evidence that leads to the contrary, showing that there was only one ice age, and that it didn't last for millions of years.

Through the film he explains how the ice age most likely took place shortly after Noah's flood occurred, how Noah's flood actually led to all the proper conditions to lead to an ice age, and how a rapid meltdown helped thaw out the earth in a span of only 50-70 years. This is a number far different from the "millions of years" number that we usually hear from scientists today. Besides fitting with the biblical explanation, Oard also explains how this model fits in with other elements of science and things we know from the fossil record. This model that Oard gives evidence for helps to explain the extension of the wooly mammoth along with other mammals, a permanent climate change that took place on a grand scale, and how men could spread around the earth after Noah's flood. Through The Great Ice Age, you will be presented with fantastic and well-documented evidence that shows how the biblical record better explains ice ages than modern-day science.


The Great Ice Age is a DVD produced by Awesome Science Media and has an approximate runtime of 97 minutes and is geared for audiences ages 16 and up. Although the content is clean, it's also very in-depth and informative. The film is very scientific and works hard to give evidence for these discoveries, rather than simply telling you their worldview. The DVD is divided up into 12 chapters with different sections spotlighting different areas of interest and evidence. Throughout this DVD you will look at the history of the Ice Age, the evidence found in glaciers, moraines, and erratics, find out more about the mystery of wet deserts and lots more. The Great Ice Age also features several bonus features. It includes a special behind the scenes documentary which shows how the film was put together, and special interviews with Mike Oard and Kyle Justice.

The Flood Geology Series

This film is part of a special collection of DVDs that make up the Flood Geology Series, a collection of episodes that spotlight different evidences for the Biblical ice age. The series follows a number of scientists who are leading in their fields of meteorology, chemistry, and geology, exploring the evidence for a global flood in parts all over the world. The film series is specifically designed to be more engaging than a simple sermon or lecture. With stunning visuals and terrific filmography from around the world, you can watch the speakers as they show viewers first-hand the evidence for a Flood and a following Ice Age. Instead of telling the viewer, these scientists show viewers for themselves the incredible and overwhelming evidence. This film series includes three well-known and well-respected scientists, Dr. Steve Austin, Dennis Bokovoy, and Michael Oard.

Produced by Kyle Justice

This series is produced by the Emmy-nominated director Kyle Justice. He's been in a part of a number of different film opportunities and has appeared on well-known networks like ESPN, National Geographic, The Family Channel, Fox Sports, and the Outdoor Channel. After working in various film roles, he set out in 2010 to create Awesome Science Media, and has been producing Christian science programming ever since.

Awesome Science Media

The Great Ice Age was created by Awesome Science Media, a new media company dedicated to creating films and media that support and further the Creation message. Over the past several years, they have produced a number of different programs, including the Flood Geology series, The Heavens Declare, Dino Hunter, and Awesome Science Applied. With a massive audience from around the world, their goal is to continue producing Christian media that helps support the Creation message. Awesome Science Media, or ASM as it is sometimes known, is dedicate to their goal of creating programming that glorifies God and is held up to a high film standard. All of their works are God-glorifying and all of them support a Biblical-based worldview. They have a wide variety of children's and family DVDs, with content geared toward all ages.


If you've ever wanted to learn more about the Christian worldview for creation, the flood, and the Ice Age, this is a terrific place to get started. With incredible cinematography and compelling evidence, this documentary will most definitely cause to rethink what you've been taught about creation, evolution, and the evidence for the flood. In The Great Ice Age, you will follow along with meteorologist Michael Oard as he not only explains but gives evidence for a worldwide flood and a following Ice Age. This evidence is well-supported and documented and is presented in an engaging and educational way. This is a great documentary for your whole family to watch.

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