Surprised By Love DVD

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  • Cast: Hilarie Burton, Paul Campbell, and Tim Conway
  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 8/8/12
  • Run Time: 82 Minutes
  • Screen Format: WS
  • Closed Captioning: Yes
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Surprised By Love DVD

For Josie Mayfield (Hilarie Burton) life has always revolved around lemon squeezers, cheese slicers, and teakettles. Mind you, she does not use them, she sells them, as part of her father's large kitchenware corporation. When not running the family company, Josie spends the rest of her days trying to win her uptight parent's approval of her current boyfriend, Richard (Aaron Craven), which is not an easy task. When the couple runs into Josie's old high school flame Gridley Maxwell (Paul Campbell) in the park one day, they come up with the perfect solution. The only person Josie's parents hate more than Richard is Gridley, which makes him the perfect person to make Richard's traits shine. When Josie brings Gridley home for her parent's 40th wedding anniversary, however, the plan starts to fall apart when she finds herself falling for him once again. From Hallmark movies comes a delightful family friendly story about true love and the meaning of family--Surprised By Love. With special guest Tim Conway (The Apple Dumpling Gang) starring as Grandad, this heartwarming film will entertain viewers of all ages.


For the Mayfield family life had become more about showing up the snooty next door neighbors and making money than being a family. Though they had made it forty years, Joseph (Malcolm Stewart) and Claire's (Wanda Cannon) marriage had lost all its love, and their unhappiness reflected on their uptight control of their daughters. To escape the unhappy home Grandad had been faking dementia for the last two years, speaking to no one. Josie's younger sister Mindy (Leanne Lapp)--the forgotten and disappointing child--had (unbeknownst to her parents) dropped out of college, and Josie (who never cooked) hated her job. To put things simply, it was not a happy family reunion. In to the not-so-rosy picture steps Gridley--his shiny green prom suit still an unpleasant memory in Joseph and Claire's minds. To make matters worse he has spent the last several years traveling the world, sells driftwood sculptures as a living, and is (apparently) dating their daughter (again). While things do not get off to a smashing start, Gridley has soon worked his way back into Josie, Mindy, and Grandad's hearts, and a twinky cake and slinky will soon have even Joseph and Claire doubting their initial thoughts. Ultimately, however, it is Gridley who will show all of them what family is. That life is not about showing up the neighbors and earning a few more dollars. Sometimes you just have to say something (a nod to Grandad), and that true love stands the test of time. Surprised By Love reminds viewers that it is alright to laugh, say I am sorry, and give second chances.

Tim Conway As Grandad

For older viewers (or younger viewers who enjoy a taste of classic movies) Grandad will perhaps be your favorite piece of the film Surprised By Love. Viewers may recollect his comic shenanigans in The Apple Dumpling Gang series, where he stared beside the equally lovable Don Knotts as a pair of bumbling, hilarious outlaws. Or perhaps you will better remember him as the still bumbling crook who attempts to steal a mule in the family favorite Gus. Whatever the film, Tim Conway has always been a delightful comedic addition to any film, not the least of which being Surprised By Love. His portrayal of Grandad will have viewers rolling with laughter. Grandad, who has been posing as an elderly man with dementia for over two years, is a great comedic relief to the struggling Mayfield Family. Everything his bickering children say he will not do he does, and he takes a special liking to Gridley which irks them further. At one point int he film Surprised By Love Gridley gifts Grandad a singing Bass fish on a plaque, and the scenes that ensue are quite funny. The relationship between Grandad and Gridley is quite sweet, with Grandad actually telling Gridley his secret at one point in the film. Besides comic relief, however, Grandad teaches viewers some valuable lessons. He serves as a reminder that trying to escape our problems and difficulties never works out in the end, and we can end up hurting others that way. He reminds viewers the importance of talking through arguments, and loving people even when they are unlovable. Tim Conway is a wonderful addition to the movie Surprised By Love which will delight old and new fans alike!

Surprised By Love is a wonderful film that illustrates what true love and real family should look like. Gridley's self-sacrificing actions, and attempt to love people no matter how unlovable they are serves as good reminders to viewers of all ages. The film is a good lesson in not taking life to seriously, and that sometimes all you need is a slinky and a Twinkie to fix life's most difficult people and worst situations. Hilarie Burton shines in her role of Josie, and will encourage all viewers to take a step back and look at their lives through new eyes. Paul Campbell is completely lovable in his role as Gridley Maxwell, and will have each and every viewer rooting for him by the end of the film. As Mindy the forgotten younger sister Leanne Lapp is wonderful, and will inspire viewers to take risks and be the person God created them to be. As always Tim Conway will have viewers laughing, crying, and sighing at exactly the right moments. Surprised By Love is a wonderful film to watch alone or as a family!

Surprised By Love has been rated TV-G by the Motion Picture Association of America. In addition, this film received the "Family Approved" award for all ages from the Dove Foundation. As always, it is recommended that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their children, but this film is considered appropriate for most audiences.

Surprised By Love has a total run time of 82 minutes.

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