Staying in Love DVD Series

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  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 8/31/06
  • Run Time: 110 Minutes
  • Region Code: 1

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Andy Stanley's Staying in Love DVD Series̴Ì_

Most of us at one time or another have had the experience of falling love. As Andy Stanley puts it, all it takes to fall in love is a pulse! We know what it's like to find that certain person and fall in love, but then comes the true challenge; staying in love. It's easy to fall in love, but what about once we're there? How do we stay in love and never again fall out of love? As we look around at the state of marriages in our culture today, it's easy to see the declining nature of marriage and relationships in general. It's becoming increasingly rare to find couples who have been married once and will continue to stay married for the rest of their lives. So how do we do it? How do we learn to stay in love once we find our one true love? Follow along with Andy Stanley as he shows the secret to falling, and staying in love in his new DVD series, Staying in Love.

There are more than a thousand services online designed specifically for matchmaking. You can go to a large variety of websites, get an account and find your match instantly and easily. Because of this technology, it's becoming increasingly easy to find a romantic match and seemingly fall in love. But once you've found someone that you think is the right one for you, staying in love can be an incredible challenge. While it may be easy for us to find the one we think is for us, keeping them and remaining in love with them forever can be a serious challenge. This has caused people to ask the simple question, "is it even possible for two people to actually fall in love and then stay there for the rest of their lives?" Andy Stanley walks you through several important lessons that lead to a resounding "yes!" in the end. The truth is, it is totally possible for two people to fall in love and then stay there forever. In this series, broken up into four parts, you will learn about the truth behind falling in love and how a few changes in your relationship can go a long way toward fixing and restoring your relationship. In Staying in Love, you will learn that the idea of "till death do us part" is not an impossible or antiquated saying. It is an achievable goal, and a worthwhile and fulfilling one!

DVD Contents

Staying in Love is packaged on a DVD making it easy for you to use in a church setting or as a small group study. Featuring four impassionate talks from Andy Stanley, this series will show you how to stay in love and how to never give up on your spouse. There is something truly special about finding a lifelong spouse and as long as you never allow the idea of divorce or separation into your home, you can begin to discover how to find a fulfilling and wonderful lifelong relationship together. The DVD features two different viewing experiences. It contains 4 full=length messages, each 35 minutes in length. In addition, it contains 4 trimmed-down messages, which only run 15-20 minutes, perfect for being shown at a Bible study with discussion. This series works perfectly when used as a small group study and can be a great tool for small groups of married couples to help them deepen their relationships and prepare them for a long and fulfilling life together.

The Staying in Love DVD features four messages, "The Juno Dilemma", "Re-modeling" "Feelin' It", and "Multiple Choice Marriage". As you walk through these episodes, you will begin to see the saddening reality in our country and all over the world about how marriages aren't lasting anymore. Because of the expectations and unrealistic ideas we've been taught about marriage, it's becoming increasingly hard for marriages and relationships to last forever, much less a few decades or even years. In our culture today, we see marriages fall apart every day and hearts broken because they fell out of love. Falling out of love is a saddening, but real thing we are seeing in our culture today. While it can be easy to simply go with the flow and believe this to be normal, Stanley encourages us in this DVD that the best marriages are the ones that last forever and there is a beautiful and pure bliss in having a lifelong companion in your spouse.

Andy Stanley

Staying in Love is a series of talks given by the senior pastor of North Point Community Church, Andy Stanley. He has given a variety of talks and sermons over the years that show how to strengthen your marriage and how to go into the relationship with a selfless and servant's attitude. He shows in his sermons how a selfless attitude can be the think that makes or breaks a relationship. When we go into a marriage with a selfless heart, thinking of what we can do to help others, it can completely transform our marriages and help it to grow deeper and closer to God.

Andy Stanley is father to three kids and is happily married to his wife Sandra. He and his wife live in Milton, Georgia, where he serves as pastor at his church. In addition, he has also founded North Point Ministries, a ministry outreach that releases his books and speeches. In addition to Staying in Love, he has released other video series, including iMarriage, a powerful look at marriage and the necessity for selflessness and the advantages of letting go of expectations.


If you have a marrieds small group or are looking to plan a marriage seminar for your church, Staying in Love is a fantastic video series full of short, easily accessible lessons on how to stay in love and to have a beautiful God-filled relationship with your spouse that will last a lifetime. This series of videos will encourage you in your faith and help you to strengthen your marriage.

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