Roadmap Genesis DVD

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  • Cast: Mike Huckabee, Ken Ham, David Wolpe, Bishop Ulmer
  • Director: Nolan Lebovitz
  • Producer: Nolan Lebovitz
  • Languages: English
  • Dove Approved: Dove Approved Ages 12+
  • Release Date: 9/5/12
  • Run Time: 78 minutes
  • Screen Format: WS
  • Region Code: 0
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Roadmap Genesis DVD

What if the book of Genesis was a roadmap for a productive, fulfilling and fruitful life? Roadmap Genesis is a film that argues that the book of Genesis actually contains guideposts for us to live the kind of lives that would bring society out of despair and into accomplishment and prosperity.

Nolan Lebovitz a filmmaker, found himself at a fork in life. The choice between continuing his career making suspense thriller films in Hollywood and attempting to improve the world for the future of his family and neighbors was a choice that Nolan struggled to make. He did, however, find the answer in the book of Genesis.

How Roadmap Genesis encourages people with different faith and beliefs

Equipped with his findings, Lebovitz from Roadmap Genesis movie decided to drastically change his life. He took the opportunity to take classes and be a Rabbi. As he continued to study in the seminary he came to the conclusion that he had to tell others what had happened to him. The question was how. He made the decision to incorporate his appreciation for the first book of the Bible, Genesis and the love he had for filmmaking and travel throughout the United States. He would talk and interview ministers of the church and public personalities so that a strong argument could be built about the significance of the book of Genesis. Also to view it as a leading example in the Judeo-Christian population in the country.

This documentary, Roadmap Genesis encourages people of all beliefs to interact and join the conversation about the applicability of the Word in this day and age. In the documentary there are interviews available with Mike Huckabee of Fox News, Rabbi David Wolpe, Francis George the Archbishop of the Chicago Cardinal, Ken Ham from Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum, Erick Stakelbeck from the Christian Broadcasting Network and others. One of the goals of Nolan Lebovitz with the film is to investigate the boundaries that God set for us to assist and remain a strong and active society. The director of Roadmap Genesis, Nolan Lebovitz

Nolan Lebovitz has been known for writing and directing the successful film "Tortured" which starred Laurence Fishburne, James Cromwell and Cole Hauser. Little did he know in that time that he would abandon the stable career he had in Hollywood and study to become a Rabbi plus make a film related to the Bible named Roadmap Genesis. Lebovitz message of truth through the film is that the country has lost its focus and lost its direction. First, he observed that there was a big amount of ignorance towards the Bible so one of the goals he had towards the documentary was just that, to improve and encourage people to read the Bible. To him the book of Genesis formed an important part of America's base.

One of the difficulties that Nolan has had to work on is marketing. He didn't have a big studio behind the film to help promote the documentary Roadmap Genesis DVD so they are really relying on the people that come see the film and encourage others to watch it as well. It has been a difficult task since the film doesn't have the epic Hollywood look since it's a documentary and it doesn't have a studio supporting the film and promoting it, therefore, those are the biggest battles the film has had to face.

Choosing which parts from the book of Genesis Lebovitz had to choose was a hard task. He tried to choose parts of the book that were most relevant to what was going on today. While making the film, Lebovitz noticed that there was a huge difference between the professionals he interviewed and the people he would interview in the street. He had to weave in some narratives from the book that people could relate to so that he could unite both outlooks. Some of the parts that he had to include since people were most familiar with them is the story of Abraham, Joseph and Cain and Abel. The director didn't want the Roadmap Genesis documentary to be completely foreign to the audience. He wanted the film to have a sense of relevancy and would appeal to what people are living in the present. In that case proving the main message of the film that Genesis should be looked as a map for people to know how to live their lives.

The limitations Lebovitz from Roadmap Genesis had to encounter made him be strategic and weigh everything. The film was made in two years so different events occurred during that time.

Nolan Lebovitz from Roadmap Genesis DVD chose to observe his journey and speak to people about how they can continue on and change their lives. Although for some changing their lives may be harder than it looks. To him it's important for people to raise their kids to become better. To encourage parents to involve their kids in reading the Bible but specifically the book of Genesis. To bring them to a narrative from it that they can relate to and that will instill values and morals that they will all share. Its said in the Roadmap Genesis movie that many of the things that connect one community to another is stationed on the Good Book. Also the responsibility of all is stationed on the Bible. But then society becomes fragmented in different pieces where the people have different fears and put up walls to "protect" themselves although what it does is cause a major problem.

Roadmap Genesis DVD Info

Roadmap Genesis is a documentary that was originally released in the Fall of 2016 and it runs for 78 minutes. The film was produced and directed by Nolan Lebovitz (Dr. Benny). In the film includes conversations and special appearances of Bradley Shavit Artson (American rabbi and author), Sharon Brous (American rabbi), Alan Dershowitz (lawyer and author), Mike Huckabee (politician and minister) and many others.

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