Present Over Perfect 5 Session DVD Shauna Niequist

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  • Cast: Shauna Niequist
  • Director: T.J. Rathbun
  • Producer: T.J. Rathbun
  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 11/7/12
  • Run Time: 107 minutes
  • Region Code: 0
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Present Over Perfect 5 Session DVD Shauna Niequist

It is a busy life. Go, go, go all the time. No room to breathe, no time to rest. But what would happen if we were willing to set aside the business, and reconnect with a God who loves us. What if instead of giving God and our families the leftovers of our love and energy we gave them the first helping? From best selling author Shauna Niequist comes a five session video study Present Over Perfect. A brutally honest story of her own journey, Shauna shares what it would look like if you set aside the frantic exhaustion and move toward the person God created you to be and the life he longs for you to live.

An Invitation

We all lead busy lives. We run and run until we feel like falling over in our tracks. We pile our plates and to do lists high with things to accomplish and check off. We fill our days with business and exhaustion. We strive for perfection; hoping to earn our worth by our appearance. Whether our homes, ourselves, our families, or our lives, in general, we all overwork for perfection, for approval, for things that really do not matter in the end. We give the best parts of ourselves to our work life, to strangers, and feed the leftover scraps of our energy and emotion to our spouses, families, kids, and God. We have our priorities messed up. In her video series Present Over Perfect Shauna Niequist is not trying to take you on a guilt trip. Instead, she wants to share her brutally honest journey of trying to reorder her priorities. Sharing her journey of changing her life from one of frantic hustling, overworking, exhaustion, and not enough grace or connection with the people who really matter to a life that is full of meaning and God's presence.

She does not sugar coat it either. It is painfully hard to dismantle a way of living you are accustomed to; no matter how exhausting and harmful it may be. But, with a serious look at your life, and a serious desire to chase the things of God and not the things of this world, you can change to an life with more space, more room to breathe, more love and grace. In her study Present Over Perfect Shauna puts it as "Leaving behind frantic for a simpler more soulful way of living." Or learn to live the life God desires for you; a life where he is at the center, you are yourself, and you are present in the moments and with the people that matter most.

The Study

Shauna Niequist's study Present Over Perfect is based on her best selling book by the same name. With five sessions, less than half an hour each, Present Over Perfect can easily be accomplished without adding more frantic chaos to your life. The five sessions are:

  1. Pain Points (23 minutes)
  2. The Roles We Play (20 minutes)
  3. Yes, and No (21 minutes)
  4. Unflashy, Unspectacular, Good (22 minutes)
  5. Living the Love (21 minutes)

Perfect for use in a group or family setting, with a spouse, or alone Shauna Niequist's five video study Present Over Perfect will challenge you to step away from proving and pushing and towards being the individual God created you to be, before you tried to prove your worth and piled your plate to high. With wisdom and encouragement gleaned from her own journey and the word of God, Shauna Niequist will challenge and encourage your life and faith in the video study Present Over Perfect.

Shauna Niequist

Married to a wonderful man named Aaron, the mother of two wild and silly boys (Henry and Mac), a resident of a large, bustling town (Chicago) and an award winning author, Shauna Niequist knows what it is like to feel overworked, exhausted, and piled high. If the Niequist family is not already busy enough, her husband leads a church called The Practice and works on recording projects in his "spare time." And, in addition to writing, Shauna also writes for several blogs, is a member of the Relevant podcast, and teaches at her church upon occasion. She is a busy lady indeed. But Shauna has learned what it means to have priorities straight. To learn to say "no" to the world and "yes" to God. That is the journey she shared in her book Present Over Perfect, and in her video study by the same name. In addition to Present Over Perfect, Shauna Niequist is also the author of "Cold Tangerines," a book about learning to recognize and rejoice in God's everyday presence and blessings, "Bittersweet," learning to celebrate and rejoice in change, "Savor" a cookbook meets devotional about learning how to live in God's abundance, and "Bread and Wine" a collection of stories about families and the food that brings us together.


Shauna Niequist speaks from the heart in this five part study series Present Over Perfect. She has been in the exhaustion. Been in the piled high, to do list filled world. She has made the mistake of putting work and strangers over God and family. And she has taken a journey to learn what it looks like to live in God's abundant grace, with the truth that she does not need to be perfect she needs to be present. In Present Over Perfect she will challenge and encourage viewers of all ages to live a life filled less with exhaustion and more in rest. A life filled with grace, love, truth, and the knowledge that you do not have to strive so hard, because God has done it for you. You just need to learn how to rest.

Present Over Perfect has not been rated by the Motion Picture Association of America and may include topics and issues not suitable for viewers of all ages. As always, it is recommended that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their children, but the DVD study Present Over Perfect is generally considered appropriate for most audiences.

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