Noah's Ark DVD

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  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 2/1/12
  • Run Time: 88 minutes
  • Screen Format: WS

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Noah's Ark DVD

Noah's Ark is a film reenactment of the Biblical story of Noah and the Ark. In this thrilling Old Testament drama, follow along as Noah faces pressure on every side and spends a century of his life building a seemingly needless boat. Facing conflict with the world around him, with his family, and even with himself, Noah struggles with his God-commissioned task; to build a boat large enough to store his family, himself, and at least 2 of every type of animal in the world. Noah is a humble and righteous farmer who lives a simple life with his wife and family. One day, however, he is commissioned by an angel to build the ark, as God intends to destroy the world very soon.

When his sons refuse to help him and Noah is left to build the entire by himself, he struggles with whether God really told him to do this or not. Should he really do this task he has been given or should he simply give up? As the project nears completion, the animals make their exodus to Noah and the rainclouds begin to form, however, Noah realizes that God is serious and that the final days of this earth are over.

Starring David Threlfall as Noah and Joanne Whalley as Noah's wife, Emmie, this film originally aired on BBC One in Spring of 2015. Written by Tony Jordan, the incredible screenplay of Noah's Ark brings the true Biblical story of Noah and the Ark to life.

Before the Flood

In the Biblical story, God tells Noah that He is tired of the evil in the world. At that time, there was nothing but evil left in the world. God had had enough with the wickedness and perversion of the world around Him and He planned to do away with it all. He knew that Noah was righteous and so He chose to basically restart the world, with only Noah and his family. So, God told Noah to build an ark that would work as a shelter for him and his family. God also explained to Noah that He would send to him 2 of every unclean animal to provide shelter for on the ark and 7 of every clean animal. In addition to providing shelter and food for Noah and his family, Noah would also need to provide for hundreds of animals and take care of them in this small confined space.

Rather than arguing or protesting God's master plan, Noah simply told God he would do as instructed and he went and obeyed God's command. This was no easy task, however. This wasn't a weekend project or even a project that could be finished in a couple of months. Noah was essentially building an ark the size of a football field. While it gives no account either way in the Bible, in the Noah's Ark film, Noah must complete the project alone, as his family adamantly refuses to help him. While it gives no indication in the Bible, we can imagine that Noah was building this ark either by himself or with only a few hands to help.

We can also imagine that he endured great conflict from the people around him. Again, while it doesn't say either way in the Bible, we can assume that he faced much ridicule and jeering from the people around him. Because raining and flooding was a complete non-issue, people thought Noah was crazy for prophesying about a flood and saying that the world was going to end. In their eyes, he was merely a mad lunatic. However, it would become obvious very soon that Noah had been right all along.

The Flood

100 years later, Noah would finally complete the ark and gather his family inside of it. God sent all of the animals to him and they all managed to pack themselves inside of Noah's massive construction project that had taken a literal century to complete. In the Bible it says that God closed the door to the ark and sealed it. Noah and his family were now trapped in the dark dankness of the ark. Soon thereafter, they heard the rains begin to fall and they knew that God's plan was taking effect. The rains would continue to fall for 40 days and Noah and his family would spend their time inside waiting and providing for the animals.

Very little information is given about what took place inside this ark during this time. Viewers of The Ark will see the struggle and conflict that happened inside of Noah's Ark and the intensity and fear that could be felt in the air. No one knew what was going to happen next and all they could do was listen and wait for the rain to stop.

40 days after they first set foot in the ark, the rains stopped and the water began to subside. For 40 long and dark days and nights, God allowed the rains to fall from the skies and the fountains of the great deep to pour forth water. But finally, after the tops of the highest mountains had been covered and every last living thing on earth had been destroyed, God began to let the waters recede. It would still take several months before they would be able to set foot off the ark. Eventually, after releasing birds into the air to try and find dry ground, Noah was able to find a dry spot to set the ark down. Together, Noah's family exited the ark and began their mission to repopulate the earth, hopefully starting a legacy of righteousness that would continue for all of time.


Noah's Ark is an incredible and traditional retelling of one of the most incredible and earth-shattering stories of the Old Testament. You will be able experience the story of Noah like never before with this incredibly visual and cinematic narrative of the story of Noah. Directed by Kenneth Glenaan and written by Tony Jordan, Noah's Ark is a powerful story that is sure to give you a fresh perspective on this incredible Biblical event.

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