Miracles From Heaven Blu-ray

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  • Cast: Jennifer Garner
  • Director: Patricia Riggen
  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 7/11/12

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Miracles From Heaven Bluray

Miracles from Heaven (on Blu-ray) is a Christian film about the power of God's healing and the amazing miracles that happen. Based on a true story, this film follows a ten year old girl named Anna who is diagnosed with a chronic illness. After battling this illness, the doctors suspect that she will not live much longer. However, after a near-death experience, Anna experiences what appears to be a miracle. This film discusses the idea of miracles and divine healing, and what can happen if we believe in God. Inspiring and uplifting, Miracles from Heaven is a beautiful film based on the true story of a miracle.

Miracles from Heaven follows the Beam family, specifically ten year old Anna Beam. Their family attends church regularly and has a strong faith in Christ. One Sunday, their preacher delivers a powerful sermon about the importance of keeping your faith at all times, and this greatly impacts the entire family.

Unbeknownst to them, this lesson comes at just the right time. Kevin and Christy, Anna's parents, are very concerned about their daughter as she has been vomiting for almost two weeks and is unable to gain any nourishment from food. They decide to take her to the doctor, where she is written off as simply being lactose intolerant.

Christy, however, does not let this rest. She demands that they perform more tests in order to give Anna some relief and hopefully some answers. The results from these tests come back with devastating news. Anna has a rare disease that affects her intestines from being able to digest food properly. If treatment is not found, she will die.

Christy and Kevin go to their church looking for support and prayer in a difficult time, but are met with judgment. Two women approach them and offer their condolences, but inform Christy that they believe Anna is suffering from this terrible disease because they have unconfessed sins in their lives that need to be cleared up. Offended and deeply hurt, Christy decides that she does not wish to return to church.

In order to seek treatment for her daughter, Christy hunts down a doctor named Samuel Nurko. After contacting him, she finds out that his appointments are all filled up and that they will be placed on a waiting list. Desperate to find answers, Christy takes Anna directly to his office in Boston. There, she begs the receptionist to let Anna see Dr. Nurko, but is met with the same answer.

Christy is frustrated and angry and slowly starts to lose her faith. How could God be loving and still do this to her daughter? Why do there seem to be no answers available? She decides to take Anna to a restaurant in order to boost the little girl's spirits. She has been depressed lately because she's been too sick to go on field trips with her class and enjoy time with her friends. At this restaurant, Christy and Anna meet a waitress named Angela. She takes a special interest in Anna and decides to take the two on a fun tour of Boston.

Reverend Scott, from Christy's church, meets with her a few times in order to make sure that her faith is doing okay. Instead of being open and listening to his genuine concern, Christy takes her frustrations out on him and ends the conversation. Anna begins to suffer emotionally from the disease taking its toll on her, and becomes very lethargic. She secretly wishes for death as an escape from the illness plaguing her.

One day, Anna is playing with one of her friends named Abbie. The two girls are climbing a tree, and Abbie dares Anna to walk to the end of one branch. She does, and as she gets to the very end, the branch cracks. This sends her plummeting thirty feet to the ground into a hole.

Christy, though angry at God, breaks down in desperation and prays fervently. Paramedics rush to the scene and pull Anna out of the hole, taking her to the hospital. There, they discover that she is breathing and has only suffered a mild concussion.

Upon return from the hospital, Anna is much more energetic and happy. She seems to have her will to live back, and this brings Christy joy. Anna's health seems to have improved, and she is actually able to eat and digest foods without any problem. Finally, Christy is able to get an appointment with Dr. Nurko. When he performs testing on Anna, he discovers that her disease has disappeared. She exhibits no signs of the illness and appears to be perfectly normal.

Anna then tells Christy and Kevin that when she fell out of the tree and hit her head, she saw a butterfly. This butterfly took her to what she believes was heaven, and there, God told her that she was going to be healed. Calmly and analytically, she tells this to her parents, and they realize that they have just been witness to a miracle. God restored their faith to them by performing a wonderful miracle and giving them back the life of their child.

Christy speaks openly throughout the rest of Miracles from Heaven about the miracle that they witnessed. Though she is met with some criticism, she does not let this shake her faith. The entire Beam family believes with all their hearts that God healed Anna and gave her life. One of Anna's friends, Haley, who is also battling medical problems, dies. This greatly affects Anna, but does not shake her faith. She still proclaims that God is good and has a deep relationship with him.

Miracles from Heaven is a powerful and moving story about faith. Christy's faith is not perfect, and this makes her character realistic and relatable. She is plagued by doubt, but is still granted a miracle. Through it all, God remains faithful and shows the family that he is in control. This film is inspiring and teaches a valuable lesson about the importance of faith and the power of miracles.

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