Miracles DVD

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  • Cast: Fr. Marcus Holden, Fr. Andrew Pinsent
  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 1/19/13
  • Run Time: 35 minutes
  • Screen Format: WS
  • Region Code: 1
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Miracles. What are they? How do we know they are even possible? What could be the purpose of miracles? When we hear a report of a Miracle, what should our reaction be? And how could our future happiness be impacted by miracles? What does science, theology and philosophy have to say about miracles?

In Miracles DVD, each of these questions are looked at. In Miracles DVD these extraordinary events are explored, bringing to light the questions that are asked about miracles, about the spiritual, intellectual and personal sides of miracles. Understanding miracles and how they fit into a believer's life is crucial for the forming of faith in churches, at home, personally, for spiritual growth, for personal devotions and any number of religious studies today. This must-see film explores all of these issues.

This film looks at these questions in an inspiring way from a Catholic perspective, with information about discussions from history as well as modern discussions. This Christian Miracles DVD looks at particular miracles, both modern and historical ones, and also seeks the wisdom of science, philosophy and theology. Miracles film is filled with fabulous photography and amazing images as it explores this interesting and stimulating topic of miracles.

The outlook of Miracles, the documentary

For many years the action of a miracle has captured the attention of believers and doubters all around the world. Christian Holden, producer of the film Miracles explains that his goal was to explain and interpret the definition of miracles, how to know their realness and truth and also their purpose in everyday lives. Wanted to let people know that one of the center subjects in the Christian belief is miracles.

Holden in Miracles DVD wants to remind viewers that Jesus' resurrection is one of the most important miracles that Christianity is based on. And that to this day it still remains as one of the most important events in history. In the documentary its said also that without that miracle occurring, the Christian faith that we know today would not exist as a belief and religion. In the film, many different events of miraculous nature are emphasized in a unique and different way.

Miracles, the documentary starts with a full description of what is a miracle then focuses as well on criticism towards it. Also it mentions the miracles shown in the Bible that occurred in the Old Testament, the life of Jesus and it mentions a few saints as well. In the documentary, contemporary miracles are mentioned as well like Eucharistic miracles as the one occurred in Italy, Marian apparitions and some that are not approved yet. Those are all examined and discussed in another part of the film. In Miracles there are theological, philosophical and scientific analysis and commentary that gives the audience a thorough explanation of each experience. Doing it this way it grants viewers the necessity to be watchful of miracles and one of the objectives is to remind them that they are made happen for more than just amusement. Miracles have a purpose of guiding people to salvation and to have a closer relationship with God.

One of the producers of the film said the movie is made for audiences of all ages. For example the film Miracles could be shared with loved ones and friends, it can be shown in churches for evangelization and sharing the Word of God but also believers in Christ can watch it as well as a reminder of their faith and how it should be strengthened each day. And if a non-believer watches the movie it can have an impact and maybe change their perspective around faith. If the person once was a believer and lost that spark, he hopes that this movie will be what helps them to believe again.

One of the miracles mentioned in Miracles DVD is the Marian apparition in Fatima. In 2017 it will be 100 years since the miracle occurred. To some the anniversary of the event and the release of the film seem fateful. The film has been the introduction to the anniversary celebration of the important event. St. Anthony Communications, the production company, had many productions under its belt but Miracles turned out to be quite hard to complete. The film started its production process in 2014 but it took 3 years for its release. For the director and producers it was very important to find the correct high-resolution images and videos to have the best project. Also one of the things that delayed its release was that the production company had other projects in process so Miracles came a bit later than expected. For the production it was imperative that the miracles shown in still images and videos will speak to people. To show audiences that miracles are events that happened in the past and still happen. That these miraculous events are real.

For many, miracles are an important part of their life as believers and it plays a constant role. But some question if there is only just one way of thinking to actually report a miracle or that a specific test should be made to know the authenticity of the miracle. One of the most asked statements is if science influences a miracle as it occurs and if they still occur even if Jesus' times have already passed. Many of these statements are explored in the Miracles documentary trying to explain to believers and nonbelievers about this extraordinary occurring of God's power.

More info on Miracles DVD

This film could be a useful resource for Catholic schools, youth groups or Sunday school classes. Theruntimee for Miracles DVD is 35 minutes, the perfect amount of time for a group to watch and discuss. The documentary is the first part of a 4 part series. This must-see informative Christian DVD is presented by Fr. Marcus Holden and Fr. Andrew Pinsent and is beautifully portrayed with stunning photography and images.

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