Message of Hope DVD

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  • Cast: Mickele Hogan, Sean Tivenan, Midi Miller, Megan Lee Miller
  • Director: Tom Paddy Lee
  • Producer: Tom Paddy Lee
  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 6/30/12
  • Run Time: 95 Minutes
  • Screen Format: WS
  • Closed Captioning: Yes
  • Region Code: 1
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Message of Hope

It's very easy to get caught up in all the world has to offer. There are so many incredible things in this world and material possession that we can try to pursue. With so many wonderful and eye-catching things to do or collect, it's easy to forget about the person that put us her in the first place. When we become so consumed with our own material possessions, it's easy to forget that God put us here for an entirely different reason. This is the story of Message of Hope. In this movie, you will see how one girl began to change her hometown and convince her friends that there is so much more to life than just our stuff.

Message of Hope follows eight teenagers growing up in a very wealthy community. They've grown up never having to worry about survival. Because their parents have always been incredibly well-off, it's always been easy for them to simply go through life, never worrying about where their next meal will come from or if they're going to be able to make it through the month. They attend a Christian school and are taught how to study the Bible by their pastor Anne. But the problem comes when they begin to get so obsessed and consumer with all of the stuff of this world that they forget about God. While they still cling to a superficial understanding of who God is and why he put them here, they don't do much about it or try to give back to others.

That all begins to change one day with a girl named Sarah. Sarah is a young girl who does her best to set her mind on things that are above. While she realizes how exciting this world can be and how it can consume her life, she also sees that there is greater value in the things above. She dreams often of things that are heavenly and focuses on love and compassion. The community they find themselves in is divided into two groups: the well off group that is wealthy and has everything provided for them, and those in surrounding communities who are poor and struggle for survival. The wealthy group becomes very hardened against the people around them, and they do their best to turn a blind eye to the situation around them. And while Sarah's friends all claim to be Christians, they ignore the people around them and try not to think about the struggles they're going through.

That's where Sarah is different from everyone around her. Message of Hope shows that she always does what she can to be compassionate to the people around her, providing for their needs and looking out for them. The people around Sarah, though, continue to be hardened and they do everything they can to ignore the hurting and forgotten people near them. Sarah, though, having heard the message of Christ, understands that we're called to reach out to the poor and homeless and help provide for their needs. One adult in particular remains especially hard-hearted toward the poor, Sarah's own father.

As Sarah continues to be compassionate to the people around her and as she shows God's love and kindness, her friends begin to take notice of her. As they see that she is exhibiting a Godly attitude and is doing her part to help those people, they begin to get inspired by her. They begin to question their own thoughts and motivations and begin to wonder if maybe they've been living for the wrong things. And so, they decide to put earthly things behind them and focus more on helping others.

With this selfless attitude amongst the teens, it sparks a change across the whole town. As more people begin to see these kids doing good acts and helping serve those in their community, it encourages more people to support the poor and give up what they have. And so a spark that began with one girl, Sarah, becomes a revolution that changes the entire town. Realizing that money and material things on this world don't really matter, the town decides to do what they can to provoke an eternal change.

Even John, who was once opposed to this change, begins to come around when he is visited by an Angel. The Angel informs him of the selfishness of his actions and shows him a better way to live. John then writes a simple story, entitled, "a Message of Hope" to honor Sarah, Michael and the people around him. As the revolution continues, even their parents begin to question the way they've been living their lives. Have they been selfish in only looking out for themselves? Do they need to start a change in their own lives? They soon learn that they have a choice in this world; a choice to build up others and choose love or to tear down and glorify the world. Message of Hope tells this impacting story and shows what a true revolution can happen when one person decides to stand out and be selfless.

Two Important Lessons

Message of Hope is a Christian movie with two important lessons in it. The first lesson is that anybody can make a difference. It doesn't matter if you're young or old, influential or not, if you do something selfless or something to change your community for the better, it can stand out and spark incredible change. Some of the greatest changes, reformations, and revolutions in our world started out by one person starting to make a difference. This Christian movie is an encouragement and testament to the fact that if you want to see a difference, you should be that change. The other message it teaches is the importance of looking to the eternal. There are things on this earth that don't truly matter. All of the worldly possessions we acquire over our lifetime will all pass away. That's why Message of Hope reminds us that selflessness and serving others has true value. It will never pass away; it's a change that can make an eternal difference!

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