Luckys Treasure DVD

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  • Cast: Michael Ironside, Delaney
  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 4/3/13
  • Run Time: 90 minutes

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Lucky's Treasure DVD

Lucky's Treasure is a Christian DVD about Emily Landis on her way to university. Not only is she leaving all of her friends, but she is moving from country life to city life, having to deal with difficult classes and even living with her grandfather. She soon realizes that Grandpa Henry also wants her to learn to take care of Lucky, her late grandma's horse. Grandpa Henry also wants her making all the meals in the evenings as well! In Lucky's Treasure, Emily has a very positive attitude, and wants to shine Jesus' light to her grandfather through his difficult time, but things get very difficult. When Emily meets Jake, she has finally found someone to help her on the ranch and at school, even though his ex-girlfriend is less than thrilled. Emily soon discovers that her grandmother died while looking for a hidden treasure somewhere on the ranch that belongs to her family. Jake and Emily decide that they are going to try to find this gold treasure, one that many treasure hunters and thieves have been searching for. This film is a beautiful faith-affirming film, with adventure, intrigue and love. Lucky's Treasure is a wonderful DVD with a great reminder that even though things are lost, it's never too late to find them!

The story of Lucky's Treasure DVD

In Lucky's Treasure, Henry, Emily's grandfather has moved his sight from God and has distanced himself from his loved ones after the death of his loving wife. He is angry because God decided to take her and it is reminded of that whenever he sees her horse, Lucky. In consequence of these sad events, Henry relies on drinking and discards anyone who offers to help. With the idea of helping Henry around the farm and in his life, Emily decides to move in with her grandfather as she attends university. Henry is appreciative of his granddaughter but doesn't understand the necessity of her decision to live with him therefore thinks it is a misstep.

In her university Emily meets a guy named Jake who helps her in her riding skills and on doing chores around the ranch. At one point, Emily from Lucky's Treasure DVD finds her grandma's diary which explains the lost treasure that she had wanted to find. Curious to know more, her and Jake ask Henry about it and the legend behind it. Soon Emily realizes that she is not the only one fascinated by the mysterious golden coin. Also Emily encounters other problems like Jake's ex-girlfriend getting in the way of the deep friendship that is forming between Jake and Emily. Emily is very aware that difficult times will always come but the most important things is to keep developing the relationship with God and not give up easily.

Lucky's Treasure is a captivating family-friendly film. It contains scenes and moments for everyone. Also one of the most important themes the movie talks about is patience, resistance, comprehension and the Lord's compassion.

Michael Ironside, the actor behind Henry from Lucky's Treasure

Michael Ironside from Lucky's Treasure has been a part of many productions throughout the years. He's an actor, producer and has directed several films. He is most recognized by playing the antihero even though he has played compassionate characters as well. His acting style is maintaining character in between scenes.

He grew up in Canada and his parents were very much hard-workers. He has five siblings. His father was a lighting specialist and his mother was a stay-at-home wife.

When it was time to attend university, Ironside went to Toronto's Ontario College of Art at the young age of 15. There he wrote his first play called The Shelter which granted him a win in a college competition. That wasn't the only award he won during his college years. Michael also won the Senior writing awards from Riverdale Collegiate Institute.

In a recent interview, Michael Ironside from Lucky's Treasure film said that since he was very young, his favorite genre was science fiction. That being one of the main reasons why he has accepted to be a part of so many science fiction films. It all began with his grandfather who was born in Scotland and spoke several languages. He worked as an electrical designer therefore he had a wealthy background. Once he fell in love with an Irish woman who worked in the family house, he was paid to move on. After several years she dies and Michael's grandfather broke down and decided to not do anything else for the remaining years of his life. Though one of the things he loved to do was read. He was part of Heinlein's science fiction club. All that printed material that later on would be magazines, at the beginning were confidential letters. As a young child, Michael Ironside read "Dune" by Frank Herbert when it was just a draft. People from the science fiction club would send stories to Michael's grandmother so he could read them due to his architectural background of building tube radios in Canada. He introduced Michael with science fiction and it will always remain with him.

He learned to love science fiction due to his grandfather. Therefore since a young age he collected a story collection book given to him by his grandfather. He would keep it safe in a shoebox below his bed. When his father passed away years later, Michael from Lucky's Treasure movie found many boxes filled with science fiction magazines and books. In consequence, as he grew up he would read various profound science fiction stories that made a huge impact on his eleven, twelve-year old way of thinking.

Lucky's Treasure DVD Features

Lucky's Treasure from the film company Pure Flix was directed by Shane Hawks (Camp Harlow)and the film runs for approximately 90 minutes. The story for the film was originated by director Shane Hawks and the screenplay was written by Claire Hutchinson. Lucky's Treasure was produced by Starring in Lucky's Treasure movie is Michael Ironside (Top Gun), Delaney (God's Not Dead) and JT Neal (Roommates).

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