Informed Life is Worth Living

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  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 2/20/13
  • Run Time: 56 minutes

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Informed: Life is Worth Living

Health care is increasingly becoming a battleground for life. As the issue of euthanasia ,doctor assisted suicide, rises in society it is important to be informed about the issue, from all perspectives. From the Human Life Alliance comes a documentary exploring the dangers and issues associated with euthanasia; Informed: Life Is Worth Living. Including interviews with medical professionals, and the stories of individuals who have been intimately impacted by euthanasia, Informed: Life Is Worth Living will give viewers a comprehensive look at the battle in the medical field and what is at stake.

The Documentary

Euthanasia. Doctor assisted suicide. Those are words that are often thrown around in debates today. And whether they wage around the dining room table or in the political arena, it is important to be vigilant and informed about this issue. And as the pressure to legalize euthanasia and doctor assisted suicide rises across the United States and the globe, it is important to not only know what "euthanasia" means, but it is vitally important that individuals understand the dangers, effects, and implications doctor assisted suicide has for individuals, families, and society.

With their documentary Informed: Life is Worth Living the Human Life Alliance steps into the gap by offering a comprehensive look at euthanasia. The documentary Informed: Life is Worth Living includes interviews with professionals in the medical field; doctors, nurses, and heads of medical organizations who share medical information, statistics and trends in the field of medicine related to euthanasia. In addition to the facts, these experts also offer some advice on how to deal with end of life decisions. However, it goes beyond the normal "what is euthanasia" and steps into the world of real individuals who have felt the long-term impacts of doctor assisted suicide patients, survivors of terminal illnesses, and families who have been impacted by the loss doctor assisted suicide results in. These powerful testimonies encourage viewers to be informed on all issues and after effects of physician assisted suicide.

In addition to covering doctor assisted suicide and euthanasia, the documentary Informed: Life Is Worth Living also covers living wills, brain death, organ donation, hospice care, and other issues related to end of life.

Topics and stories covered include:

Understanding Critical Medical Decisions
Peter's Story: When a Child Dies
Brain Death: Jennifer Hamann's Story
The Hidden Story about Organ Donation
Living with a Deadly Diagnosis
Facing the Disability Challenge
Understanding Depression and Dying

Hospice: Making an Informed Decision
What about Food and Water
The Myth of Physician Assisted Suicide Safeguards

Informed: Life Is Worth Living is focused on helping individuals understand the complexities of end of life issues and helping them make critical medical decisions ahead of time. By communicating pro-life healthcare information through the stories of impacted individuals and information from medical professionals, Informed: Life Is Worth Living strives to offer the forgotten side of euthanasia and doctor assisted suicide.

Human Life Alliance

After Roe vs. Wade, the case which legalized abortion in the United States, the pro-life movement quickly lost ground. As pro-abortionists began focusing more and more on a Woman's right the debate over abortion grew into an issue of "right and choice."To fight for the life of unborn children, the Human Life Alliance was founded to educate individuals on the realities of abortion and its consequences. The Human Life Alliance's original articles titled "She's a Child Not a Choice," and advertising in local newspapers quickly grew across the country and then across the world.

Along with their pro-life efforts, the Human Life Alliance has expanded to raise awareness and educate individuals especially young individuals on the dignity and personhood of human life from birth to natural death. Focusing on education, and social and political awareness, the Human Life Alliance seeks to defend a culture of life and chastity by helping individuals find alternatives to abortion, infanticide, doctor assisted suicide and euthanasia.

Through prayer, non-violence, and resources such as the documentary Informed: Life Is Worth Living, the Human Life Alliance has served the pro-life community around the world for more than forty years. More than just a few films, the Human Life Alliance works with policy makers, unwed mothers, teens, and families to find life-affirming alternatives for end of life issues whether abortion or euthanasia. Since its humble beginnings in 1990 the Human Life Alliance has reached over two million people in all fifty states and eighty-six countries changing not only opinions, but hearts.

Starting a Conversation

The documentary Informed: Life Is Worth Living informs viewers and answers many questions that individuals struggle with when considering end of life issues. More than that, however, the documentary Informed: Life Is Worth Living sparks valuable conversations with friends and loved ones on the issues surrounding euthanasia. Whether you watch this film in a group, or alone, Informed: Life Is Worth Living will give you the tools to have impactful, potentially life changing conversations with those that may be struggling with this issue.


The debate around doctor assisted suicide, euthanasia and other end of life issues is complex and fierce. For many people it seems a daunting issue that will never be understood, but the Human Life Alliance's documentary Informed: Life Is Worth Living will help viewers of all ages understand the issues and effects surrounding euthanasia. It will help viewers create plans of their own that will help loved ones deal with the questions of doctor assisted suicide should it be needed. The documentary Informed: Life Is Worth Living offers the other side of the struggle "pro-life" and gives individuals the information they need to make informed decisions about doctor assisted suicide.

Informed: Life Is Worth Living has not been rated by the Motion Picture Association of America and may include topics, issues, and scenes not suitable for viewers of all ages. The film Informed: Life Is Worth Living is generally considered appropriate for most older audiences, but, as always, it is recommended that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their children.

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