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  • Cast: Burgess Jenkins, Justin Miles, R. Keith Harris, Gregory Alan Williams, Mark Joy
  • Director: Manny Edwards
  • Producer: George Escobar, Michael Snyder, Burgess Jenkins
  • Languages: English
  • Dove Approved: Dove Family Approved
  • Release Date: 9/15/10
  • Run Time: 94 min
  • Screen Format: WS
  • Subtitles: English
  • Closed Captioning: Yes
  • Region Code: 1
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Hero DVD̴Ì_

Hero is a film all about family, perseverance, and second chances. Joe Finn, a former local legend in the world of baseball, is failing at the most important job he has ever been tasked with. He is failing as a husband, father, and a friend and is unsure of how to keep his life together. Seven long years after leaving, he returns to his hometown, Miller's Gap. His return comes just in time for him to say goodbye to his dying wife and hello to his estranged son and a community who thought him long gone. Desperately wanting to right his life, Joe turns to the one thing he knows best...baseball. However, Little League in Miller's Gap has changed and none of the parents are willing to be involved. His actions and his desperation to make things right begin to thaw out some of the frozen hearts in this community, but his mission is threatened when some in the community attempt to get rid of his baseball team. Can Joe bring life back to this dying community and restore a relationship with his son or is he seven years too late to pick up the pieces that he left behind? Hero is a touching story of loss, healing, and redemption that will leave viewers touched and inspired.

Becoming a Hero

In the Christian film industry today, there are many films focusing on fathers. The message of fatherhood is extremely important and needs to be broadcast to everyone. Hero is a film that strives to show the importance of a father's relationship with his children. In this case, it is Joe's relationship with his son. Every kid needs a hero in their life, so why shouldn't fathers strive to fulfill this role? Too many dads are wrapped up in their own lives and fail to give the children the input that they need.

Fathers are crucial to the family. If you don't believe this, then read these statistics. 63% of youth suicides are from fatherless homes. 90% of all homeless and runaway children come from fatherless homes. 85% of all children who show behavioral disorders come from fatherless homes. 80% of assaulters who exhibit anger issues come from fatherless homes. 71% of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes.

In addition to this, children who come from fatherless or any single parent home are much more likely to suffer from emotional abuse, physical abuse, and neglect. If both roles in the home are not being fulfilled, then the child is not being fulfilled. God's design for the family is extremely crucial to the way the family unit operates.

The pattern is unmistakable. Fathers play a very crucial role in the home. They are the leaders, the protectors, the heroes for their children. Without this example of leadership, children have a much harder time in life than they would if they had a stable home life. God designed the family to have a mother and a father, and each play equally important roles. Films like Hero focus on the importance of fathers in a child's life, and serve as a valuable lesson for all fathers in the world.̴Ì_

Another Christian film that focuses on the subject of fatherhood is the Kendrick Brothers' film, Courageous. This movie depicts the lives of four police officers and their families. Each of the officers is a father, and each has chosen to parent in a different way. One father struggles to connect with his son, and doesn't know how to reach him. One is divorced and struggling with a drug problem, providing his son with a bad influence. One father is trying to parent in the way that the Bible teaches, but has a hard time convincing his daughter that he is doing what is best for. The last officer is unmarried, and has a daughter that he has never met.

Each of the families in Courageous are struggling with the role of fatherhood. How can they possibly raise their children right if they don't first get right with God? Through the movie, they are shown what good fatherhood looks like and each tries to become a better parent. The healing that comes from their fathers' change of heart is absolutely incredible, and is a great testament to the importance of fatherhood in the home. Courageous is an inspiring movie that depicts the crucial role of fatherhood and the effects of not fulfilling this role.

The effect of fatherless homes reaches far beyond the individual family. The chances of the children continuing the pattern of abuse and fatherlessness in their own families and marriages is much greater. If fathers are not fulfilling their roles, then future generations will be greatly impacted. The cycle of neglect continues, leading to more and more broken children and families.

Films like Hero strive to spread the message of the importance of fatherhood. In order to break this cycle, something has to change. The Christian film industry is a great ministry in which films are made that impact people's lives greatly. The devastating effects of fatherlessness are shown in these films, revealing the weight of a father's responsibility. If this pattern is to be stopped, fathers must step up and rise to the occasion. They must not run away from responsibility and must fulfill their most important job in life. No high-ranking CEO position, or famous career is more important than the career of parenthood. God's command is to train up children in the way they should go, and this is a command that must be heeded.

Hero is an inspiring story of loss, heartache, neglect, and finally, redemption. It carries a weighty message of the importance of fatherhood, but is still enjoyable entertainment for the whole family.

Hero is not rated by the Motion Picture Association of America, but is considered suitable for most audiences. It does contain some thematic elements, so it is recommended that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their child.

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