Heavens Declare Episode 1 DVD + Digital

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  • Director: Kyle Justice
  • Producer: Kyle Justice
  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 3/31/11
  • Run Time: 45 Minutes
  • Screen Format: WS
  • Closed Captioning: No
  • Region Code: 0
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The Heavens Declare Episode 1: The Origin of the Universe

Produced by Awesome Science Media, The Heavens Declare is a series that focuses mainly on proving God's existence through creation. Episode 1: The Origin of the Universe is the first installment in a three part series that studies science closely in order to determine how the earth came about. This DVD pits creation against naturalism and studies both beliefs very closely. One is found to be nothing more than a group of theories, while the other is continuously proved throughout all of creation. This film is perfect for families to watch together, as it will spur discussion about the origins of the universe and the remarkable design present in every aspect of creation. The Heavens Declare Episode 1: The Origin of the Universe is both fascinating and educational as it gives viewers a well-rounded look into two differing viewpoints.

The Strength of Evidence

Throughout The Origin of the Universe, creationist beliefs are compared to beliefs of evolutionists and naturalists. This film takes an in-depth look into what each of these viewpoints requires and what information they rely on. Then, that information is examined closely and proved to either be true or not true. The film does its absolute best to remain impartial and unbiased, using only the evidence found throughout creation to prove and disprove certain beliefs. It does not rely on one having faith to believe that something could be true. Instead, The Origin of the Universe relies on science and proven research to create a compelling point about creation.

The beginning of this DVD, before launching into a deeper study, simply presents the ideas of a Biblical worldview and the ideas of a naturalist worldview. This simple presentation gives viewers an overview of how the two beliefs differ and how they compare in certain ways. Then, The Origin of the Universe takes its viewers deeper into science, in order to see which worldview is actually correct.

This film takes a hard look at science, more specifically the creation of the world. The Big Bang theory is examined and the data resulting from this is put to the test. All of evolutionary theory spawns from one thing: the Big Bang. Unless this can be completely proven, then all of the ideas surrounding evolution are going to be false in some way, because they rely on something faulty. The hypothesis of evolution is proved to be nothing more than that. It is not fact and has never been proven. Much of the evidence that makes evolution what it is today is faulty or missing pieces. The Origin of the Universe uses logic and science to show that evolutionary theory is nothing more than theory and that those who believe it is proven have been deceived. It is commonly accepted that evolution has been proven as fact, though this is not true.

Next, The Origin of the Universe takes a look at Creationism and biblical worldview. As the design of the universe is studied closely, it is revealed that intelligence had to have created the world. The complex and intricate design of the pieces of our universe could not have simply come from nothing. They had to have been planned out far in advance and organized to work in a manner that is fitting for all creation. All of creation shows a pattern of order and organization that creates a stable environment. Species are not evolving or changing, and the idea of a huge explosion forming the entire world has suddenly become less plausible. Does it take greater faith to believe that a divine God exists and created the world or that a giant explosion formed life as we know it? Could complex, organized, similar species truly have formed from this explosion?

The Origin of the Universe clearly finds evolution at fault. The theories that make up this belief are nothing more than theories and do not have hard evidence to support them. All of creationist beliefs, however, line up with science and are supported by the entire world. All of the heavens and the earth declare the glory of the Lord, just as the Bible says. This film finds favor in Biblical Creationism, but does its best to not leave viewers with a skewed or biased viewpoint. Instead, The Origin of the Universe organizes facts and data from science to prove its point that Creationism is the truth.

The last part of this film shows the different responses to each worldview. What does it mean if we truly believe that God created the world? What are the implications of this? What happens if we all deny our creator and cling to false theories? The Origin of the Universe takes a detailed look at the effects of each of these viewpoints and how these beliefs change the world. If viewers formerly believed in evolution, this film will start them thinking about what they truly believe. Do they still want to cling to their theories about the origin of the world? Or have they been deceived all along and are ready to open their eyes? If viewers are already believers in a divine Creator, this film will give them great encouragement. All of science points to a living and active God, and this will restore the faith of those who are weary. Not only this, but The Origin of the Universe also gives viewers a firm foundation to spread the Word of God and the Gospel message. It is impossible to deny the existence of an intelligent designer after viewing this film.

Compelling and entertaining, The Heavens Declare Episode 1: The Origin of the Universe is a Christian film about science that will leave viewers wanting more. Filled with unique and interesting facts, as well as testimonies and discussions with scientists, this film is impossible to ignore. The entire universe is marked with the fingerprints of God, and this makes it impossible to deny the existence of an intelligent designer and divine creator.

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