Heaven Bound DVD

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  • Cast: Torry Martin, Nancy Stafford, Danny Vinson, Michael Joiner
  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 3/26/13
  • Run Time: 88 minutes

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Heaven Bound

When life takes an unexpected turn, Ted and Josie Hoover find themselves in the deep end. But just when Ted is about to give up, Josie comes up with a plan; they will rob a house. And even with Josie's not so helpful brother in tow, they think they can pull it off. But when their would be victim manages to trap them in his house, the trio finds themselves in a sticky situation. The man will not let them go until they decide if they will follow Jesus or not! Crown entertainment presents their first feature length comedy film Heaven Bound. Starring Torry Martin (My Name is Paul), Nancy Stafford (Matlock), Danny Vinson (Talladega Nights) and Michael Joiner (The Grace Card.) Homeward Bound a hilarious adventure of robbers turned captives that the entire family will enjoy!

The Story

Ted (played by Michael Joiner) and Josie (played by Nancy Stafford) Hoover were practically on the top. They had a big house, a respected position in the community, and a comfortable life, all payed for by Ted's high position at the "Mr. Mitzky Organic Gorment Gluten-Free Dog Food" Company. Sure, it sounded crazy, but it had paid the bills and landed them in a pretty comfortable life. But one fateful day in Homeward Bound everything changed. When Ted makes a terrible mistake that accidentally results in the death of the dog food company's beloved mascot he quickly becomes a national villain and the laughingstock of the entire town. No one wants to hire a looser like him. Suddenly the high and mighty Hoovers are unemployed and in debt. Desperate for money, Josie comes up with a far fetched plan to steal jewelry from the local millionaire Dr. Drake. It sounds crazy, but the plan is practically foolproof; they will break into the house, heist the jewels, pawn them to pay their debts then give them back to the Doctor once they get back on their feet. It might have worked too, if it had not been for two unexpected occurrences. The first is the addition of Josie's lazy little brother Moochie (played by Torry Martin). It seems Moochie overheard the duos plans and now wants to be part of the great jewelry heist. But even with his, er, "help" Ted and Josie are pretty sure they can pull it off.

What they do not expect, however, is the fact that Dr. Drake (played by Danny Vinson) is having a little spiritual reawakening. His conscience may or may not have caught up with him, and he is suddenly bent on saving the soul of at least one lucky individual. When he catches the three bumbling burglars "Ted, Josie, and Moochie" in his home in the film Homeward Bound, he decides God has answered his prayers and given him not one but three souls to save. And since Dr. Drake's home is equipped with a state of the art security system, the three burglars find themselves locked inside.

Dr. Drake begins his mission to transform the lives of the three individuals held inside his home, but Ted, Josie, and Moochie are pretty sure they have stumbled upon the creepiest house imaginable. After all, what kind of home has secret rooms and can keep you locked inside with no way out?! And when the crazy man inside tells them they cannot leave until they have made a decision to follow Jesus or not, they are desperate for an escape route. Will Dr. Drake's crazy house drive them apart or bring them closer to one another and God?

The Unexpected

A hilarious film full of bumbling burglars, a jewelry heist, and a crazy house on the hill Homeward Bound will have the entire family laughing along. More than a comedy, however, the film Homeward Bound also incorporates valuable messages. One of this messages is the truth that sometimes God works through the unexpected. Sure, Ted was not expecting to loose his job, sure robbing a house was crazy, and being trapped inside was even crazier, sure the Doctor did not expect to evangelize to three bumbling burglars inside his home, but sometimes the things we need most happen in the most unusual and unexpected places and circumstances. Homeward Bound is a valuable reminder to viewers of all ages that God uses the worst circumstances, the craziest of places, and the most unusual people to remind us of his truth, his grace, and his love. Sometimes the people we least expect to respond to the gospel are the ones who need to hear it the most. The film Homeward Bound is a reminder to viewers of all ages that God can use any unexpected circumstance for his glory and no one, not even jewelry thieves, lazy brothers, or crazy old men, are out of his reach.


A hilarious story of a dog food employee turned jewelry thief, and a crazy old doctor turned gospel shouting evangelist, Homeward Bound is filled with laughs and valuable messages. As viewers watch Ted, Josie, and Moochie attempt to break into and then attempt to escape from the millionaire's mansion they will enjoy all the misadventures and hilarity of three beginner robbers who make one of the biggest mistakes of their life. And as you watch Dr. Drake running them in circles, you will be reminded that God uses the most unexpected people and places to show his grace, his love, and his plan for salvation.

A comedic film that will delight viewers of all ages Homeward Bound is filled with wonderful messages and reminders of God's plan and his love for all people.

Heaven Bound has not been rated by the Motion Picture Association of America and may include topics and scenes not suitable for younger viewers. This film received the "Faith Friendly" award for ages twelve and up from the Dove. As always, it is recommended that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their children, but the film Heaven Bound is generally considered appropriate for most older audiences.


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