The Book of Genesis DVD

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  • Director: Craig Cunningham
  • Producer: Craig Cunningham
  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 1/5/12
  • Run Time: 81 minutes
  • Screen Format: WS
  • Subtitles: English
  • Closed Captioning: Yes
  • Region Code: 0
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The Book of Genesis DVD

The Book of Genesis is a film by Bridgestone Multimedia Group that chronicles the entire first book of the Bible as told by Jochebed, a mother hiding in shelter to protect her baby son from being murdered. While in hiding, she explains the entire book of Genesis, narrating the stories of Adam and Eve, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, and others. As she explains the story, she talks about the Garden of Eden and how because of Adam and Eve's sin, we were forced to leave. However, all is not last as someday we will be able to make the journey back into dwelling with God.

Over the course of Jochebed's weary night, she masterfully weaves multiple stories together into an artistic piece of narrative film. Beginning with the story of Adam and Eve, she explains how it all began, then working her way into the story of Cain and Abel, then Noah and the Ark, Abram and Sarah, Abraham's sacrifice of his son Isaac, Jacob and his ladder to heaven and eventually the story of Joseph. The Book of Genesis is a powerful and dramatic depiction of the true events that took place in the opening book of the Bible. You will receive new insights into these incredible stories and watch as the events you've read about many times are brought to life through the amazing power of film.

This film stars Venus Monique, playing the part of the mother Jochebed, and also features Cabil Gibbs, Jordan Jones, Olivia Jordan, Avery Merrifield, Mitchell Rad, and Jeremy Marr Williams. This film covers almost every story found in the book of Genesis and is a refreshing recap of all the events depicted there.

The true Biblical account of Genesis is 50 chapters long and gives a solid foundation for history and the Biblical story. The first two chapters begin with where the whole world started; with God creating the world. It shows that He made the world in 6 days and then chose to rest on the 7th. One of his very first creations, and the very first humans on earth, were Adam and Eve. God gave them dominion over the whole earth, and gave them only one simple rule; they could not eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.

One day, while Adam and Eve were wandering, they happened across this tree and were tempted by Satan to eat of its fruit. After very brief deliberation, both Adam and Eve decided that they would partake of this fruit, as it was pleasing to the eye and looked good to eat. After doing so, they allowed sin to enter the world and set the whole course of world history on a long and unfortunate path. This leads into the next story that is told in The Book of Genesis, the tale of Cain and Abel.

Adam and Eve's son Cain became jealous of his brother Abel because he was bringing much more desirable offerings to sacrifice before God. Cain grew so jealous of Abel that he committed the first murder on earth, taking his brother's life because he was so consumed with rage. Time passed after this event, and the world grew in number. However, with its growth in numbers it also experience a massive growth in corruption and sinfulness. The world eventually became so polluted and evil that God decided that he was going to do away with every human on earth and start fresh.

It was at this point that He chose to save one pure man, Noah, and start the world over with just Noah and his family. So, God told Noah that he was going to destroy every human life on the planet. Noah spent the next 100 years of his life building an ark that would survive the impending flood. God was going to flood the earth, and have the waters stretch up over the highest hills. Only Noah and his family, 8 people in total, would survive the catastrophic event. Noah was laughed and scoffed at for building a seemingly insane shelter and people thought he was crazy for devoting a century just to building it.

But, God did exactly as He promised and soon thereafter, the whole world was covered in a massive flood. Noah and His family, because of his righteousness, were spared. After many days and nights spent on the ark, Noah and his family eventually found dry ground again, and began to repopulate the earth all over again.

The Book of Genesis continues the story on from here, telling the story then of Abraham and God's promise to make him into a great nation. Abraham was already an old man by this point, and his wife was in her 90's. They both knew that their chances at ever having children was long past. But, as the consistent theme is in all of the stories told in this movie, God delivered on His promise and soon afterwards, they gave birth to their son Isaac. Abraham knew that a great nation would be formed through Isaac, just as God had told him. But one day, God tested Abraham, telling him he needed to kill Isaac as a sacrifice. Because Abraham was faithful and believed God, he did exactly as he was commanded and was even willing to sacrifice his own son.

God stopped Abraham before he was able to kill him, and God knew that Abraham was truly righteous and faithful. Eventually, Isaac grew up and gave birth to Jacob and Esau. The film follows the story of Jacob and Esau's quarrel and even Jacob's miraculous experience when he witnessed angels ascending to and descending from Heaven. Eventually, Jacob gave birth to a son Joseph, which is where The Book of Genesis concludes. The film tells the incredible story of Joseph being sold into slavery and eventually working his way up into being third in command over all of Egypt.

The Book of Genesis is a wonderful reminder of all the incredible things God has done and how He truly worked in the lives of everyone in the Biblical account of Genesis. The Book of Genesis comes in DVD format and has an approximate running time of 81 minutes. It has been rated "faith-friendly" and approved for ages 12 and up by the Dove Foundation.

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