Forgotten God Study Resource DVD With Francis Chan

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  • Run Time: 67 Minutes
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Forgotten God Study Resource DVD

The Forgotten God Study Resource is a beautiful guide and companion to Francis Chan's popular book, "Forgotten God". This DVD contains seven different lessons, each illustrating a different topic. These lessons focus on the Holy Spirit and the power that is often overlooked. Chan discusses how the modern church relies on its own power, instead of the power that God has given to us in the form of the Holy Spirit. How does one focus on the Holy Spirit and give that power the attention that it deserves? The Forgotten God Study Resource provides viewers with practical application to the lessons presented and is intended to encourage discussion. These sessions are perfect for small groups, studies at home, or for churches to use in various different ways. Chan's moving and inspiring book is brought to life with a host of new lessons in this DVD. His style of teaching is very engaging and fast-moving, leaving viewers learning something new every time they watch one of his lessons. The Forgotten God Study Resource is the perfect DVD for anyone looking to do a closer Biblical study of the Holy Spirit, or for anyone who is a fan of Chan and his teaching.

Forgotten God

The Forgotten God Study Resource teaches many different lessons about the Holy Spirit and his purpose. Chan comments throughout each of these lessons that the church has seemingly forgotten about the Holy Spirit altogether. As believers, we mention the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, but do we truly acknowledge all three?

It is very easy to simply accept the Father and the Son and forget about the Holy Spirit entirely. As a culture and a congregation, we have lost what it means to have the Spirit within us. Chan's book "Forgotten God" focuses entirely on this and how we as a church can give the Holy Spirit the time and attention that it deserves. Each of the seven lessons in the Forgotten God Study Resource works hand in hand to give viewers a Biblical perspective on the Holy Spirit. What exactly does he do for us? How do we obtain the Spirit? What is his role in our lives and how do we acknowledge him in the manner that he deserves?

Each of these questions is answered, as well as more. Chan presents information about the Holy Spirit in an entertaining and highly informative way, keeping viewers entertained and focused on the lessons at hand. Chan suggests that we, as believers, should do our research and find out what the Bible has to say about the Holy Spirit. He is given to us as a guide here on earth. If we repent and are baptized and commit ourselves to the Lord, he will remain with us. The Forgotten God Study Resource talks about the ascension of Jesus, and the Helper that was promised. This is the Holy Spirit and he is what enables us to be true witnesses for Christ while we are in this world. This Spirit is with us every minute of every day and gives us the strength and the wisdom necessary to survive on this earth.

Chan goes deep into scripture in order to prove his point, which gives him credibility. The Forgotten God Study Resource is one that can be trusted, as it is based entirely on scripture. Chan gives the viewers the references to the scriptures that he formed these lessons from, so that anyone with doubt can go and see for themselves what the Bible has to say about the Holy Spirit. These lessons are packed with information, providing viewers with a very deep series to study. Chan's style of teaching is engaging and his narrative throughout each of these lessons is highly entertaining. His unique blend of humor, earnest beliefs, and deep scriptural study makes this resource a valuable one. Churches will be blessed by this series and viewers will grow in their faith. The Holy Spirit is something that we often overlook as believers, but it is vital to understand just how important the Spirit is in our relationship with Christ.

Francis Chan

Creator of the Forgotten God Study Resource, Francis Chan is a popular Christian author and speaker. He is most well-known for his book "Crazy Love", which focuses on the amazing love that Christ has for his people. Chan did not have an easy life growing up. His mother died giving birth to him, and he never had a good relationship with his father. There was a hole in his life where that father figure should have been, and this gave Chan a deep understanding and appreciation for God the Father. Through his experiences with his father, Chan came to realize that God loved him so deeply that he could never be wanting for love again.

This was what inspired his first book, "Crazy Love". This book is powerful and compelling, teaching lessons about the enormity and amazing depth of God's love for us. It is overwhelming and true, reaching to all the ends of the earth. Following this, Chan wrote "Forgotten God", which the Forgotten God Study Resource is based upon. He has written several other books, including one called "Multiply" which focuses on making disciples and what this means for the modern-day church. Each of his books focus on a different topic or aspect of God's character. Chan is not afraid to talk about deep subjects and his lessons are packed with valuable information. Believers can greatly benefit from Chan's books as he does very thorough Biblical research and then comes to his own conclusions based on this.

The Forgotten God Study Resource is the perfect DVD for anyone looking to know more about the Holy Spirit. This film is intended for small group study and churches, among other groups. Complete with seven different lessons, bonus content, and can be paired with the Forgotten God workbook and study guide. Engaging and deeply moving, this series is one that will help believers grow in their faith and learn the true purpose of the Holy Spirit.

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