For Better or For Worse DVD

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  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 2/1/12
  • Run Time: 84 minutes
  • Region Code: 1

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For Better or for Worse

For Better or for Worse is a Hallmark drama starring Lisa Whelchel, Antonio Cupo, and Kim Fields that tells a comedic story of a wedding planner and a divorce attorney. Wendy, a wedding coordinator finds a whole lot more than she bargained for when a divorce attorney by the name of Marco moves in next door to her business. After their personalities clash, they do their best to avoid each other, until Wendy's son Colin reveals in a surprise that he is planning on marrying a girl by the name of Sophia who turns out to be Marco the divorce attorney's daughter!

While Wendy is intent on promoting her wedding business and chapel over Marco's next-door divorce business, she finds herself around him more and more as their children get ready to get married. While initially they clash and argue over every little detail, the more time they spend together, they begin to realize that something bigger is happening. Even though Marco argues often for the uselessness of marriage and how often it ends in divorce, he begins to see something in Wendy. And while Wendy is disgusted by his willingness to help people get divorced, she finds herself inexplicably drawn to him. When problems arise between their kids and it appears that the marriage may be off, Wendy and Marco work together to restore their children's relationship; and their own in the process.

Meet the Cast

Starring Lisa Whelchel and Antonio Cupo as Wendy and Marco, this Hallmark film features some rather big name actors. Lisa Welchel began her acting career when she was only 13 years old, starring as a Mouseketeer for Walt Disney's "The New Mickey Mouse Club." She would continue on in her acting career, her most notable acting role being Blair Warner on nine seasons of "The Facts of Life". She later went on to work more as a motivational speaker and author, authoring over a dozen books including "Creative Correction", "The Facts of Life and Other Lessons My Father Taught Me", and "The Busy Mom's Guide" series.

Antonio Cupo, who plays Marco in For Better or For Worse, grew up in Canada appearing in a number of theatrical productions. By the time he was in his 20s, he had taken on a full-time acting career. Most recently, he has appeared in the Hallmark Channel Original Movies "Love at the Thanksgiving Parade" and "Hats Off to Christmas!" Beyond acting, Cupo is also known for his artistic talents in both music writing and production.

Finally, Kim Fields, who plays Roseanne in For Better or For Worse has held many roles and positions in her years in the industry. Besides being a successful actress, she has also held roles in directing, producing, and writing. Also known for her part on "The Facts of Life", she also had a role in the TV show "Living Single". Her many talents extend to behind the camera as well, as she has directed over 70 episodes of television programming and has become an award-winning film director.

Wendy vs. Marco

In For Better or for Worse, Wendy is a successful wedding coordinator who has her own chapel and works hard to make people's dreams come true. Planning the perfect weddings, she is always working to make sure that her clients have the best wedding possible. After struggling to deal with the death of her much loved husband, Wendy cuts herself off from ever finding love again and simply vows to work on helping others find love. Refusing to ever love again, Wendy continues her wedding coordination business and tries to focus on others, rather than herself.

However, everything changes when a new tenant moves into the building next door from her. One day while Wendy is helping with a wedding at her chapel, she finds that a divorce attorney by the name of Marco has moved in next door. In a completely opposite business from what she knows, Marco has the desire to do the exact opposite to end marriages and break up relationships between former couples. From the very beginning, Wendy and Marco find a certain dislike for each other and do their best to avoid each other at all costs. Wendy does her best to continue promoting her wedding business while ignoring the divorce attorney next door.

Soon, Wendy and Marco find themselves forced to spend time with each other, however, when Wendy's son Colin makes a startling announcement he is engaged to his new fiance Sophia. When Wendy meets Sophia's father, she comes to find it is Marco the divorce attorney. Aware of the fact that they are now going to have to spend time with each other in order to plan this wedding, Wendy and Marco do their very best to get through it. Havoc ensues, however, as arguments are made and two very different worldviews collide in a frenzied manner.

All the tension between their parents and the talk of the likeliness of divorce causes Wendy and Marco's children to begin to question their relationship. They begin to wonder if they rushed into things too quickly. They begin to argue and eventually come to the conclusion that they aren't ready to get married. When their parents realize that they have inadvertently talked them out of marriage, they realize their mistake and begin to work to restore the relationship between their two kids. Together, Marco and Wendy work to get Colin and Sophia back together.

Along the way, they begin to find common interests and values and begin seeing each other more and more. As they spend more time together, they begin to realize that a new relationship is forming not just between their kids but between them!


If you enjoy Hallmark movies or enjoy romantic dramas, you will definitely enjoy this delightful story. For Better or For Worse is a fun and emotional tale about restoring relationships and opening yourself up to love again. With an approximate runtime of 84 minutes, this Hallmark comedy is a wonderful story of true love.

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