Fire Maker DVD

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  • Cast: Michael Denton
  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 5/10/12
  • Run Time: 43 minutes
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Fire Maker

It all began with fire. Fire Maker takes an in depth look at how the possibilities and discoveries of all of the amazing technologies we see in the world today, from airplanes to computers, can be traced back to the discovery and use of fire. The possibility and discovery of fire itself was made possible due to the make up of the human body and the planet. In Fire Maker, you will go along with biologist Michael Denton as he looks at the marvels of the relationship between humans and the planet and how that relationship was intelligently designed to harness fire and change the planet itself.

Michael Denton, the mind behind Fire Maker

Nowadays Michael Denton from Fire Maker DVD is a Senior partner in the Center for Science and Culture at the Discovery Institute. He has a Master's degree from Bristol University in the United Kingdom, also a PhD in biochemistry from King's College in London, United Kingdom. For almost 15 years he was a part of the department of Biochemistry's research team from the University of Otago in New Zealand. Apart from being a well-known professor, Denton is an author. He has published many articles related to his studies and three ground breaking books Evolution: A Theory in Crisis (1985), Nature's Destiny: How the Laws of Biology Reveal Purpose in the Universe (1998), Evolution Still a Theory in Crisis (2016).

In the seventies when he attended college, Denton from Fire Maker movie chose to research the difference between the red blood cells for his PhD and post-doctorate studies. In the eighties his focus was finding the genes in humans that are in charge of retinal disease. Because of the different categories of disease genes or recessive genes in the human body. For almost twenty years Michael Denton has chosen to investigate in India and other countries where there can be successful gene mapping. His investigation directs him to the recognition of a few diseases in the genes from the retinal area. Among those new disease genes he saw the gene utilized in the first rewarding gene therapy experimental in London, specifically in Moorfields Eye Hospital. Michael Denton has held on to structuralism, which means to see the concealed arrangement of life to be inherent in nature, the consequence of higher organizational laws which restrain the conduct of complicated higher order groups of biomatter.

He contends that since these organizational laws are rising, and only reveal themselves by their impact on higher organizational laws, they can't be implied from examination of the singular molecular characteristics or pieces of alive systems examined in isolation and therefore present a serious test to the reductionist schedule. In this case Darwin's theory is questioned as well since it represents rising casual agencies which are inevitable in the environment and is not related to natural selection. In Fire Maker DVD Denton states that resulting characteristics of a conglomerate, like in the properties of water, are only displayed when all the elements of the conglomerate are blended. In result of this, they can't be the outcome of increasing Darwinian selection which is a gradual process that can only increase little by little.

Fire Maker book and other titles by Michael Denton

"Fire Maker"åÊthe book puts a point on one visible feature of Earth's special accommodation for human life, fire. The use of fire has always been used since the beginning of the human race. From airplanes to medicines to technology phenomenon, fire was always in the start. The application of fire was attainable because of a group of characteristics constructed into the human being and the planet as well. Michael Denton studies the characteristics of the environment that supplied human beings to tackle the authority of fire and utilize it to alter their world. Fire Maker is the first book of the series "Privileged Species".

In the case of the book "Evolution: Still a Theory in Crisis" Michael Denton from Fire Maker movie returns to analyze his thesis with the same name published in 1985. This thesis analyzes that Darwin's evolution theory doesn't demonstrate the narrative of life. Denton states that there's still an inescapable group of proof that disqualifies Darwin's theory of evolution as the cause and path of evolution. Since the beginning of life and even the beginning of human communication, the big distributions in the order of nature are still deep in history. Michael Denton states a new challenging assertion about the popularity of non-adaptive form in all biology. This form and order can't be made clear by the Darwin theory method.

In Michael Denton's 1998 book, "Nature's Destiny: How the Laws of Biology Reveal Purpose in the Universe" he argues that the universe seems to be a very large system made to create life and biologic structures that are immensely alike to human beings. Many scientists and mathematicians like David Berlinski, John Polinghorne and Michael Behe have all agreed that the book is extraordinary and an important read. Denton from Fire Maker documentary assembles a considerable group of systematic proof to boost his results and conclusions. For starters he analyzes the proof from chemistry and physics for the certainty that the growth of a universe like the one we have would have the development of life as one of its objectives. In the book Denton deliberates water, gravity, uranium, carbon and many other components whose being is arranged to guide human beings into the universe's platform. He also argues developmental biology, commenting that the biological essence of the universe weakens the theory of Darwin"s standards of conditional natural choice. In the ongoing controversy over the different theories of Darwin, Denton"s theories are the most noticeable and fascinating.

Denton from Fire Maker DVD also wrote a book in 1985 called "Evolution: A Theory in Crisis" which created the phrase that evolution is a hypothesis in critical situation. It has been said that it has inspired recognized scientists like Michael Behe and Phillip Johnson to analyze systematic and scientific issues with Darwin's theory of evolution.åÊ

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