Creeping Things Episode 1 DVD

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  • Director: Kyle Justice
  • Producer: Kyle Justice
  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 10/14/11
  • Run Time: 40 Minutes
  • Closed Captioning: No
  • Region Code: 0
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Creeping Things: Underappreciated Creepers DVD a Christian Movie

Awesome Science Media presents a new series designed specifically for children, the Creeping Things DVD series! Join Nathan Hurcherson and his family as they go on a big expedition to find all of God's incredible creeping creatures. Often one of the most underappreciated and overlooked beings on planet earth, this DVD takes you on a journey to discover all of God's wonderful creatures and designs as you inspect tons of creepy creatures found all over the earth. Examining snakes, toads, skinks, and scorpions, this children's documentary will show you a variety of incredible insects and animals all created by a loving and incredible God.

In this, the first episode in the series, entitled "Underappreciated Creepers", explores some of the easily missed or looked over creatures in the Animal Kingdom. As you watch Nathan Hutcherson and his two kids find and look for these creatures, you will begin to understand how God created them and why he created them the way they are. A lot of little insects and reptiles have very strange designs, and in this educational DVD, you will see why God designed them the way they are. As your children learn about why their designs exist, they will begin to see a pattern for the designer. As they learn the Creation message, they will come to understand the evidence for a creator.

In this exciting DVD, your children will be entertained as they are taken on an adventurous hunt through a cave, a trek over the mountains, and on the road for an eventful night drive. As you discover these amazing creatures, both you and your children will come to understand God as the ultimate Creator and see the absolute beauty in His creations. Whether your kids love creepy-crawlies or not, Creeping Things: Underappreciated Creepers is an excellent film that they will greatly enjoy!


Creeping Things: Underappreciated Creepers has an approximate runtime of 30 minutes and is divided up into 11 chapters spotlighting the different creatures that they study. Not only will they inspect the creatures and show how their incredible designs are evidence for a Creator, but you will follow them on their exciting quests as they try to find the creatures. The DVD also has a variety of bonus features for your children to enjoy, including a bonus behind the scenes documentary that shows how they make the film at Awesome Science Media. Other exciting features include an outtake reel full of hilarious bloopers and deleted moments, and an interview with the host, Nathan Hutcherson.

Creeping Things DVD Series

The Creeping Things Series is a collection of three episodes all designed to appeal to children. As you watch through this series, you will come to find some incredible creatures and learn all about how God was able to create these creatures and why he made them the way they are. Because creepy bugs and reptiles are a fun and engaging way to teach children, this series focuses on the reptile and amphibian world, looking at the most incredible scorpions, snakes, toads, and much more. You will be guided by host Nathan Hutcherson as he takes you on an incredible journey with his two children. As a herpetologist, his job is to teach you all about these incredible creatures, and he'll tell you all about how they reflect God's wonderful nature.

Christian Children's Series

One problem that many adults have today is what to show their children. A lot of the content that we have geared toward Children on programs nowadays are unbiblical and possibly not even appropriate. That's why it's such a wonderful thing that there has been a massive slew of DVDs and shows designed for children in recent years with a specific focus on teaching Christianity, moral values, and even Creationism. Our children are being indoctrinated with the evolutionary message in today's schools, and this show is an incredible tool to help counteract a lot of the things that they learn in schools. With a very explicit Christian message, these DVDs will not only educate your kids about interesting animals, reptiles, and amphibians, it will also give them a knowledge and understanding of the Creator and why and how God created all of the wonderful things we have on earth.

To top it all off and help drive the point home, each DVD also ends with a clear and simple gospel message. After exploring these incredible creatures and showing the overwhelming evidence for them being created by God, it ends with a resounding gospel message explaining the importance of Jesus and our need for a savior. This DVD helps bring the message full-circle to kids, helping them to see why they need a creator and how important He is in our lives. If you're looking for a movie that will build your children up rather than tear them down, Creeping Things: Underappreciated Creepers is an excellent option.

Your Host, Nathan Hutcherson

The Creeping Things: Underappreciated Creepers DVD is led by your host, Nathan Hutcherson, a herpetologist who grew up with a built in love for all creatures that creeped, slithered, or crawled. He's always loved exploring and studying these creepy creatures in our world, and now he takes us on an incredible adventure to see how all of these creatures work and how they give incredible evidence for a Creator. For dozens of years, he's worked to catch, photograph, study, and work with amphibians and reptiles. From a very young age, he was handling venomous and dangerous rattlesnakes and has always felt right at home working with them and being near them.

Now as he's grown up, he's been able to take his fascinating and make it into his career, learning more about these incredible creatures, and seeing how they give evidence for our Creator. Bringing his two children with him on his excursions, he hosts this DVD, showing you and your family fascinating creatures

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