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Crazy Love Study Resource DVD

The Crazy Love Study Resource is a wonderful teaching tool to accompany Francis Chan's popular book, Crazy Love. God deeply wants to have a passionate and loving relationship with you. Once you encounter the amazing love of God, your life will never be the same. You will be overwhelmed. You will be consumed by his relentless love. The Crazy Love Study Resource DVD will help guide small groups and those studying Crazy Love to dive deeper into the concept of God's love for us. This ten week study follows Francis Chan in the form of ten minute segments that correspond to the chapters of the book. Chan's compelling teaching style will spark discussion, in-depth study, and practical application of the lessons in Crazy Love. This can be used for small groups, youth groups, churches, Bible studies, families, or any group of people who wants to know more about God's amazing love for his people.

Francis Chan: The Man Behind Crazy Love

Francis Chan, author of the popular book Crazy Love, did not have an easy childhood. His mother died giving birth to him, leaving just Chan, his two siblings, and their father. When he was seven years old, his father remarried, hoping to find some happiness at last. However, just two years later, his stepmother was killed in a car accident. Once again, his father remarried when Chan was ten years old. Two years later, at age twelve, Chan's father died of cancer, leaving him with a second stepmother, Josephine.

Josephine then raised Chan and his two siblings as her own, along with her daughter, Grace. Chan was involved with his extended family as well as his church family, giving him a loving environment to grow up in. He states that he did not get along well with his father and was quite fearful of him. This apparently helped him to understand having a healthy fear of God. At this time, Chan did not understand the great love of God, and would not begin to comprehend it until he became a father himself.

Throughout high school and college, Chan was actively involved in Christian groups and Bible studies, furthering his faith and Biblical knowledge. This sparked his interest in ministry, which he later followed up on. Chan worked for a variety of retailers and restaurants before he settled down into the world of ministry. He earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a Master of Divinity degree, which later helped him in his ministry.

Chan became actively involved in his church as a senior pastor and began to feel a pull from God. He began to understand what God was saying to him, and decided to write a book. God was calling him to a deeper and more passionate relationship with him. Chan could no longer ignore this divine calling and started exploring the love of God. What he discovered along this journey completely astounded him. He began to realize that God's great love for us is more complicated than we could ever imagine. The depth of his love is extremely difficult to grasp.

The most poignant example of God's crazy love for us is the sacrifice of Jesus. He sent his only son down to earth to suffer and die a humiliating death, so that our sins would be taken away. Though we are wretched and our sins are many, he wanted to restore a relationship with us and provide us with an opportunity to have a relationship with him. This amazing love is what inspired Chan to write his very first book.

Crazy Love focuses on exploring the great love of Christ and in changing our relationship with him. We cannot fully experience the great love of God if we do not wholly commit ourselves to pursuing him. We must fall in love with Christ and seek him every day. A relationship cannot be sustained if only one person is pouring their time and energy into it. God never stops loving us and will always be there, no matter what. Chan encourages readers to dive into their Bibles and experience the amazing and relentless love of God.

After writing Crazy Love, Chan went on to write several more books, all exploring different aspects of Christianity. He took a three month leave from Cornerstone, his church, and discovered that he needed to sacrifice more for God. This leave of absence showed him that he needed to be more like Jesus, inspiring him to change the way he was living. Chan gives away about 90% of his income and refuses to receive a salary from his church. Most of the proceeds from his books have been donated to various charities and missions. This is an example of Chan trying to reflect the love of God in his own life.

This crazy, relentless, all-powerful love of Christ is what drives Chan and what inspires him. His life is centered around being a servant for Christ and teaching others. His goal is to spark people's interest into exploring God's love and help people develop meaningful relationships.

The Crazy Love Study Resource DVD is an extremely useful teaching tool to accompany Chan's book, Crazy Love. This ten-week study provides viewers with topics for deep discussion and thought provoking ideas. The DVD includes ten teaching segments complete with questions for group discussion, printable small group study guides, and behind the scenes footage and outtakes. Chan's Crazy Love series will inspire and drive you to explore a deeper relationship with Christ. Step into His arms and experience his relentless and unending love. This study is life-changing and is sure to inspire further study and spark questions in viewers' minds. Crazy Love is a journey that will allow you to experience the amazing depth of God's love for us.

The Crazy Love Study Resource DVD is rated G by the Motion Picture Association of America. It is considered suitable for all audiences. We always encourage parents to preview all content to determine what is suitable for their family to view.

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