Bibleman Melting the Master of Mean DVD

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  • Cast: Willie Aames, Brady Williams, Brian Lemmons
  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 10/3/12
  • Run Time: 120 minutes

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Bibleman: Melting the Master of Mean DVD

Come along withåÊBiblemanåÊand his team in three exciting episodes!åÊ

Bibleman: Melting the Master of Mean (An adventure in kindness)åÊ

When Jimmy and his brother see theåÊBiblevanåÊget into an accident, they wonder if it was really an accident. The Master of Mean is again out to destroyåÊBiblemanåÊand his team. In the process of destroying his enemy, the Master of Mean doesn‰۪t care who or what he hurts in the process! This modern story is based on the Bible story ofåÊMephibosheth, offering a lesson in kindness.åÊåÊ

The Mayor of Maybe Doles out Doubt (An adventure with the Gospel)åÊ

When a pastor on a Caribbean Island sends for help,åÊBiblemanåÊfinds a stranger handing out ‰ÛÏBubba Gum‰۝ to all of the children!åÊBiblemanåÊsees that this gum is causing all of the children to doubt their faith. Luckily,åÊBiblemanåÊisn‰۪t afraid to proclaim the Gospel. He knows it is God‰۪s power for salvation to all who believe. This story is based on the apostle Peter‰۪s Pentecost sermon, offering a lesson in the Gospel.åÊåÊ

Dr. Fear‰۪s Almost Perfectly Disastrous Day (An adventure in Peace)åÊ

Even though no one wants to be Dr. Fear‰۪s patient, he is still at work planting fear all over Whispering Pines Christian Camp. Luckily this isn‰۪t a problem foråÊBibleman!åÊThe Bible Action Team work together to figure out why counselors and campers are being paralyzed with fear.åÊThis story is based on the Bible story of Jesus calming the waves, offering a lesson in peace.åÊ

The Background ofåÊBiblemanåÊ

The company B&H Kids is supporting the release of the newåÊBibleman: The Animated Adventures. A new logo, character designs and products of the series have been created for the enjoyment of kids as well as learning tools about God. B&H Kids have great plans foråÊBiblemanåÊand plan to not only release DVDs but figures, books, block sets and the famous sword used byåÊBiblemanåÊhimself.åÊåÊ

BiblemanåÊbegan in 1995 thanks to theåÊPamplinåÊEntertainmentåÊcompany. Originally it wasåÊthought as a live-action series joined with books and toys. Later on theåÊBiblemanåÊbrand was given to Thomas Nelson who in their hands produced more live-action content. Finally the brand was sold to B&H Kids in 2013.åÊ B&H thought of a way to bring back the classic character but with a new approach. The new characters pay tribute to the live-action original show but have a newåÊlook which will interest the young generationsåÊbut also the adults who grew up watching the originalåÊBibleman. TheåÊBiblemanåÊname has impacted thousands and thousands of children‰۪s lives for more than twenty years as WillieåÊAamesåÊand RobertåÊSchlippåÊwore the suit ofåÊBiblemanåÊand helped fight bad characters. Now with the new designs and ideas shown inåÊBibleman: The Animated Adventures the hope for B7H Kids and all involved in its production is to reach even more kids around the U.S. and the world.åÊåÊ

Partnering with B&H Publishing Group on the newåÊBibleman: The Animated AdventuresåÊis P23 Entertainment Inc.åÊBoth produced 26 episodes and hope toåÊcontinue producing this memorable series. For Cliff McDowell, P23 Entertainment‰۪s president, producingåÊBibleman: The Animated Adventures was an experience he longed for.åÊåÊ

To reimagine the image of the iconicåÊBiblemanåÊwas something the company wanted to for almost a decade. To transform it to animation was the right decision to make in regards in how animation is what kids nowadaysåÊareåÊmost watching.åÊAnd it being in animation will help the ministry continue on for many generations since animation is ageless, it will only continue to get better.åÊåÊ

In this day and age children loveåÊheroesåÊbut there‰۪s no superhero who will reach kids with the important message of Jesus asåÊBiblemanåÊshown inåÊBibleman: Melting the Master of Mean. Nowadays a lot can be done with animation than with a live-action show. Many more things can be designed for the worldåÊBiblemanåÊlives in. Bring back some memorable villains and create new ones, new instruments,åÊnewåÊsets. The hope is that kids will enjoy and learn about God from the new reimaginedåÊBiblemanåÊanimated series.åÊA series childrenåÊcan watch but also one that parents can sit down with their kids and enjoy as well.åÊåÊ

TheåÊBiblemanåÊlive-action seriesåÊ

TheåÊBiblemanåÊseries from 1995 till 2011 was live-action and was recorded with a live studio audience and it ran for about 60 minutes. The show would also include sword training for kids and special movements for theåÊBiblemanåÊsong ‰ÛÏWord of God‰۝.åÊ

In the episodeåʉÛÏCombating theåÊCommandant of Confusion‰۝ ofåÊBibleman:åÊPowerSource, the bad guy Commandant of Confusion and hisåÊaccomplice Chaos try to steal a secret armament by interrupting the Bible Adventure Training Academy. That secret armament is meant to helpåÊBiblemanåÊand theåÊBibleteamåÊto put on the armor of the Lord. The message of this specific episode is simple yet powerful. While mentioning Scripture, they give the example to children to never fight other but only theåÊSatan and his evil.åÊA very important message that children need to hear about.åÊThe show being live makes the show have less special effects as much wereåÊaccustomedåÊto in that moment but the show is very well thought of and a very great resource for kids to watch and learn about God and life.åÊåÊ

In the case of the episode ‰ÛÏDivided We Fall‰۝ ofåÊBiblemanåÊGenesis we have another lesson.åÊThe villain Wacky Protester wants to enter the live transmission of the most popular children‰۪s show. He utilizes his tech toy called I.N.S.E.C.T. to get theåÊBibleteamåÊout of his way and to make incorrect footage that shows theåÊBibleteamåÊat odds with each other.åÊThe group ofåÊBibleman,åÊBiblegirlåÊand CypheråÊmanage to put on the armor of the LordåÊandåÊdefeat Wacky Protester.åÊThe episode is focused on the Scripture located in Matthew 12:25 which says,å?ÛÏA house divided can not stand‰۝.åÊThe episode encourages children to love others through Jesus‰۪ love.åÊåÊ

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