Through a Lens Darkly: Grief, Loss, and C.S. Lewis DVD

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Through A Lens Darkly: Grief, Loss, and C.S. Lewis

Loss is a strange thing. It can hit us, unexpectedly, from nowhere. It can creep upon us gradually as we watch something slip away. Whether it be the loss of a loved one, financial difficulty, physical or mental sickness or impairment, separation, or divorce loss is a real, painful part of human life. In the midst of the pain, however, where does a heart turn? What source gives answers and hope in a time of doubt and sorrow? From the Christian History Institute comes an award winning documentary based on C.S. Lewis' book A Grief Observed;̴Ì_Through A Lens Darkly: Grief, Loss, and C.S. Lewis Combining real-life stories of journeys from pain and heartache to hope and healing, with wisdom from C.S. Lewis and Biblical truth from God's word Through A Lens Darkly: Grief, Loss, and C.S. Lewis offers wisdom on how to cope with the many emotions and struggles grief brings, and how to offer comfort to those dealing with loss.

C.S. Lewis: Author of Wisdom

The well-known English author and theologian C.S. Lewis was not a stranger to loss and grief. In fact, it seemed to follow him throughout his life. At the age of ten C.S. Lewis lost his kind and caring mother. A sensitive child, this loss weighed heavily on Lewis. Only nine years after the death of his mother, C.S. Lewis would be enlisted to fight in WWI"ÌÎÌ_ÌÎ?one of the most deadly, brutal, and tragic wars of history. Injured in the fighting, C.S. Lewis would return home to Britain, but he would struggle with bitterness and anger for many years. As if one war was not enough, however, the man whose wisdom is shared in the film Through A Lens Darkly: Grief, Loss and C.S. Lewis, suffered the fear and heartache of WWII. Following the war, C.S. Lewis married Joy Davidman Gresham, adopting her two boys as well. Only four years following their marriage, C.S. Lewis' wife would die of bone cancer. Shortly after the death of his wife, C.S. Lewis was diagnosed with kidney inflammation and blood poisoning, a painful condition which would follow him the rest of his life. Though his life was filled with difficulty and pain, one tragedy after another C.S. Lewis is today remembered as one of the greatest authors, thinkers, and theologians of the twentieth century. His children's series Narnia continues to delight the imaginations of both young and old alike. His theological books such as Mere Christianity continue to encourage and equip believers around the world. In the midst of his pain, and heartache C.S. Lewis clung to life. He clung to faith. And in his faith, he found hope. The film Through A Lens Darkly: Grief, Loss, and C.S. Lewis is the wisdom of one man, well acquainted with pain and loss, who learned how to live with hope again and again.

A Grief Observed

The film Through A Lens Darkly: Grief, Loss, and C.S. Lewis is based on one of C.S. Lewis' own works A Grief Observed. Written shortly after the tragic death of his wife, Joy, A Grief Observed is C.S. Lewis' honest reflection of the issues and struggles of life and death, as well as faith in the midst of tragedy and loss. In many ways, A Grief Observed is the outpouring of a heartbroken man as he learns what it is to live with hope once more. This book does not soften the edges of loss. It does not seek to avoid the ugly of grief. It truthfully discusses how loss can cause even the strongest of believers to question or lose their faith in God. A Grief Observed and the film Through A Lens Darkly: Grief, Loss, and C.S. Lewis explore the various stages of grief and loss. A journey through the loss of one man, A Grief Observed will help viewers of all backgrounds and moments in their loss empathize, connect, and find wisdom that will encourage them that God is there, and that hope is not lost forever. A genuine story of heartache, and an inspiring journey of finding hope and God once more A Grief Observed creates a wonderful foundation for the film Through A Lens Darkly: Grief, Loss, and C.S. Lewis that viewers with any loss can find wisdom and hope from.


Through A Lens Darkly: Grief, Loss, and C.S. Lewis offers empathy, compassion, understanding, and wisdom for those dealing with loss in various forms and in various ways. Weaving together the stories of twenty-first century individuals with the struggle and journey of a great man of faith, Through A Lens Darkly: Grief, Loss, and C.S. Lewis will encourage viewers of all ages and walks of life. Whether dealing with the loss of a loved one, the pain of separation, the uncertainty of the future, the disability of mental or physical illness, the cycle of depression, or the worries and pain of life in a fallen world, Through A Lens Darkly: Grief, Loss, and C.S. Lewis will help viewers see their struggle from a new light. They will see it not as a wall, but as a journey. A journey with times of light and times of darkness. A journey where sometimes the road seems to loop back on the darker times, but is in fact moving forward. A journey where the loss does not decrease in pain, but the pain decreases in intensity. A journey where there is hope at the end. A journey that many have walked before and found faith waiting at the other end.

Through A Lens Darkly: Grief, Loss, and C.S. Lewis has not been rated by the Motion Picture Association of America and may include topics and issues not suitable for younger viewers. This film received the "Faith Friendly" award for ages twelve and up from the Dove Foundation. As always, it is recommended that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their children, but the film Through A Lens Darkly: Grief, Loss, and C.S. Lewis is generally considered appropriate for most older audiences.

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