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  • Cast: David Barton, Rick Green
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Building on the American Heritage SeriesåÊ

From historian David Barton and former legislator Rick Green comes the second installment of the popular American Heritage Series‰ÛÓBuilding on the American Heritage Series. Join Barton and Green as they trace America‰۪s history back to the documents and people that started it. Unlock forgotten stories and answers to questions Americans face today, and examine our nation‰۪s religious, moral, and constitutional heritage through firsthand accounts and founding documents. More than a documentary,åÊBuilding on the American Heritage Series, builds on the knowledge presented in the first installment, and encourages viewers of all ages to dive deep into America‰۪s past to understand how to shape its future.åÊåÊ

With more than six hours of amazing content,åÊBuilding on the American Heritage SeriesåÊis a wonderful educational resource you will not want to miss!åÊ

Episode 1: Preserving America‰۪s HeritageåÊ

Are we a Christian nation? This is a question American‰۪s continually ask themselves. In the first episode ofåÊBuilding on the American Heritage SeriesåÊBarton tackles this question. From laws to history, Barton defends the answer‰ÛÓyes we are a Christian nation. Or at least that was the way we were founded.åÊåÊ

Episode 2: Foundations of American GovernmentåÊ

In the second episode ofåÊBuilding on the American Heritage SeriesåÊBarton takes a look at how God uses government to further his plan for redemption, and addresses how believers should be involved in government and voting.åÊåÊ

Episode 3: the Role of GovernmentåÊ

Barton talks about how law and government should line up with God and family in the third episode ofåÊBuilding on the American Heritage Series. Using God‰۪s word and numerous historical documents, Barton builds a case for the relationships between God, men, and the state.åÊåÊ

Episode 4: Demystifying the Judicial SystemåÊ

In the fourth episode ofåÊBuilding on the American Heritage SeriesåÊBarton explores the checks and balances built into the American government that effect the legislative, executive,åÊandåÊjudicial branches.åÊHe discusses how judges are held accountable to the people, and how we should respond as Christians to the judicial system in our country.åÊåÊ

Episode 5: America‰۪s Lost Heroes‰ÛÓAfrican American PatriotsåÊ

The stories of African American patriots can often be lost in documentaries exploring the foundations of our nation. Not inåÊBuilding on the American Heritage Series!åÊIn the fifth episode, Barton shares the stories of many African Americans‰ÛÓincluding scientists, soldiers, congressmen, etc. This episode is designed to remind viewers that all men are created equal‰ÛÓin the eyes of God and even in the eyes of many founding fathers (think Benjamin Franklin and Dr. Benjamin Rush).åÊåÊ

Episode 6: Remarkable Young AmericansåÊ

The stories and sacrifices of young Americans are also not forgotten inåÊBuilding on the American Heritage Series. In this episode, Barton shares the stories of many young Americans including the Pony Express Riders and the remarkable John Clem‰ÛÓthe twelve year old Lieutenant of the Civil War. Younger viewers will be especially challenged and encouraged by this episode, and it will inspire them to remember that their voice and actions count!åÊåÊ

Episode 7: Civil Stewardship‰ÛÓDuty v. RightåÊ

The seventh episode ofåÊBuilding on the American Heritage Series, examines the rights of Americans in the light of James 2:12 (‰ÛÏSo speak and so act as those who are to be judged under the law of liberty.‰۝ ESV) Barton takes a special look at George Washington‰۪s farewell speech in this episode.åÊåÊ

Episode 8: The Truth of American ExceptionalismåÊ

America is known for being a prosperous, peaceful nation, both today and in her history. In this episode ofåÊBuilding on the American Heritage SeriesåÊBarton helps viewers understand how America‰۪s exceptional wealth, blessings, stability, and liberty have been tied to her past devotion to God.åÊåÊ

Episode 9: Changing a State and a GenerationåÊ

In ‰ÛÏChanging a State and a Generation‰۝‰ÛÓthe ninth episode ofåÊBuilding on the American Heritage Series‰ÛÓBarton discusses how Christians should use their faith to inform their election choices. How godly men and women in government positions can have a profound impact on our nation.åÊåÊ

Episode 10: Revival and ReformationåÊ

Episode ten ofåÊBuilding on the American Heritage SeriesåÊcovers the revivals and reformations that have taken place in the United States, such as the Great Awakening. George Whitefield is covered extensively, and Barton discusses how Americans today can work for a revival in the United States.åÊåÊ

Episode 11: Social JusticeåÊ

God is a God of justice, and a God who longs for justice. In the eleventh episode ofåÊBuildingåÊonåÊthe American Heritage SeriesåÊBarton draws from God‰۪s Word to discuss how Biblical values must be incorporated into justice, how they are currently woven into the American judicial system, and how they must continue to be incorporated if our system will establish true justice. (This episode is wonderful coupled with ‰ÛÏEpisode 4: Demystifying the Judicial System).åÊåÊ

Episode 12: Politics and the PulpitåÊ

In the twelfth episode ofåÊBuilding on the American Heritage SeriesåÊBarton discusses how the faith of many founding fathers and the clergy of America played a major role in the founding of this country‰ÛÓboth during the Revolution and government building stages.åÊ

Episode 13: Christians and the Civil ArenaåÊ

The final episode ofåÊBuilding on the American Heritage SeriesåÊtakes the lessons learned in the last twelve episodes and directs them toward action. It is important not only to learn about the history of our government, and the role faith has played in it, but also to act based on our education and beliefs. This episode will help individuals and families apply the lessons fromåÊBuilding on the American Heritage SeriesåÊto real life situation and involvement in the process of government.åÊåÊ


Building on the American Heritage SeriesåÊhas not been rated by the Motion Picture Association of America and may include topics and issues not suitable for viewers of all ages. This film received the ‰ÛÏFaith Friendly‰۝ award for all ages from the Dove Foundation. As always, it is recommended that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their children, butåÊBuilding on the American Heritage SeriesåÊis generally considered appropriate for most audiences.åÊ

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