Buck Denver Asks Whats in the Bible? Vol 8: Words To Make Us Wise DVD

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  • Director: Phil Vischer
  • Producer: Phil Vischer
  • Languages: English
  • Dove Approved: Dove Family Approved
  • Run Time: 60 Minutes
  • Region Code: 1
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Buck Denver Asks Whats in the Bible? Vol 8: Words To Make Us Wise DVD

Presenting a DVD series from the creator of VeggieTales, Phil Vischer! Each DVD is filled with original music, animation, puppets, and creative writing that will teach kids about God and his Word. This movie series will explain the entire Bible to your kids in this groundbreaking, fast pace, and fun filled series.

In Words to Make Us Wise, Psalms, Proverbs & the Writings, we dive into these books and discover how they each have an important story to tell us and something to teach us about our lives today. Job reminds us that God is always truthful, even when we feel like we've lost everything. The Psalms are a perfect picture of our whole relationship with God, from dissatisfaction and fear to praise, hope, and everlasting joy! Proverbs and Ecclesiastes have a lot to teach, too, in a style all their own, and Song of Solomon is a poetic "ode"ÌÎ_̴Ìà? to the power of love.

Includes 2 Episodes:

#1 Poems In The Bible

#2 Wisdom From Above

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"It is written, "Man shall not live by bread alone, but on every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.".. ” - Matthew 4:4