Bridal Wave DVD

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  • Languages: English
  • Release Date: 6/13/12
  • Run Time: 86 Minutes
  • Screen Format: WS
  • Subtitles: None
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Bridal Wave DVD

Bridal Wave is a film that premiered on the Hallmark Channel in 2014. Released as a part of the "June Weddings" collections, this film focuses on different themes of love and family as well as relationships. A woman named Georgie Dwyer seems to have her future all planned out. She is a nurse and thoroughly enjoys her job. While working, she meets a handsome doctor named Phillip Hamilton. He seems to be pretty much perfect. His life is secure and he can provide her with great financial stability. Not only this, but he's handsome, smart, and talented. It seems to Georgie that life couldn't get any better.

However, in Bridal Wave, relationships with Phillip's family are anything but easy. His mother is extremely difficult and doesn't seem to have much faith in Georgie. She seems to think that Phillip could find a much better wife and that he shouldn't settle for Georgie. She's not from a powerful family, nor does she have much money to her name. However, Phillip and Georgie choose to get engaged and plan to have a grand wedding.

Their wedding isn't quite what Georgie has envisioned, but it is extremely grand and ritzy. Though she would prefer a smaller, quieter wedding, she goes along with Phillip's plans as well as the plans of his mother. The morning of the wedding, Georgie arrives at the resort where she is to be married. Inside, she is feeling somewhat scared about her impending nuptials. For some reason, doubt has creeped into her mind, making her wonder if marrying Phillip is the right thing to do. In Bridal Wave, she thinks that she's in love with him, but she doesn't want to be blinded by financial security and the promise that her future will be stable.

As the wedding draws ever nearer, Georgie's mother, along with Phillip's mother, starts to drive Georgie insane. They want to know every detail of the wedding and wish to practically take over the entire ceremony. Phillip's mother continues to show her disdain for Georgie, making the bride feel that she is not enough and will never fit into her future husband's family.

Needing to get away from it all, Georgie takes a break from planning the wedding in Bridal Wave and takes some time to herself. While doing this, she bumps into a handsome stranger. He is a local of the town and he and Georgie instantly ignite a friendship. He seems to know exactly the right questions to ask to determine what she is truly feeling, and Georgie can't help but feel a kinship toward him. This man who was but a stranger a few hours earlier has suddenly become a very dear friend. As she realizes this, more doubts about her marriage to Phillip creep into her mind.

Bridal Wave shows Georgie forced to question her feelings. Is she truly in love with Phillip, the stable and predictable choice, or is her heart being drawn toward a new man, the local she just met? One of them can provide her with financial security and a future that seems bright, while the other seems to truly understand her heart. How can she make this choice? What is her heart truly feeling?

Bridal Wave is a heartwarming and comedic film that depicts different relationships and feelings of the heart. Fun for the whole family, this romantic movie will please viewers and provide them with wholesome entertainment.

Determining Her Heart

Throughout Bridal Wave, there are many themes present. Perhaps the most prevalent theme is that of relationships. How do each of Georgie's relationships compare to one another? How is she supposed to be able to choose between the two men vying for her heart?

Georgie's life seemed so secure; that is, before she arrived at the resort on her wedding day. Her plans to marry Phillip are set in stone and she is looking forward to a life with him. However, before the wedding day approaches, she hears little tiny voices of doubt in the back of her mind, making her wonder if this marriage is truly what she is supposed to do. Does she honestly love Phillip with her whole heart, or is it more a marriage of convenience and stability? Bridal Wave faces the problem head on.

Then there's the problem with her mother-in-law. She constantly makes Georgie feel as if she is not enough and as if her son could do so much better than her. This causes Georgie to feel insecure in her relationship with Phillip, which is the exact opposite of how she needs to be feeling on her wedding day. Bridal Wave communicates the incredible pressure. When the pressure becomes too much, she flees the resort, anxious for some alone time to sort her thoughts.

However, this complicates things even more as she meets a handsome local. From the minute they start talking, Georgie feels like they have a connection. He seems to know her heart and understand just what she needs to talk about. The chemistry between them is undeniable, and Georgie's heart is even more confused. How can she be drawn to this man when she is supposed to marry Phillip in just a matter of hours?

The fact that she has so much doubt in her head mostly confirms that her relationship with Phillip is not as secure as she would like it to be. Though it is secure in other areas, such as their financial future and things like that, their love is not definite. She questions whether he really loves her and whether she truly loves him with her whole heart. Another thing that signals that her relationship with Phillip is not ready for marriage is the fact that she seems to be falling for another man. If Georgie was truly in love with the man that she is supposed to marry in just a few hours, she would never have fallen for this handsome local.

Bridal Wave deals with all sorts of different relationship dynamics and the true calling of the heart. This film is lighthearted and entertaining, but contains a deeper message about what it means to truly love someone.

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