Breaking the Silence - My Amish Story - DVD

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  • Release Date: September 4, 1018
  • Run Time: 240 min
  • Subtitles: English
  • Region Code: All Region

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Breaking the Silence - My Amish Story - DVD

From the outside, the Amish all look similar, but every Amish person has his or her own story.  In this series, you can discover their stories.  This set includes 6 episodes, each about 42 minutes each.

Episode 1 - The Amish Church’s Secret Strength

A Unique inside look at an Amish church service and the workings of their culture.

Episode 2 - The Silencing of the Grabers

The history behind Rebecca and Lester Graber, an Amish couple who started reading and studying the Bible.

Episode 3 - Amish Romance

The stories of Joe, Sam and Polly, three young people who left the Amish community.

Episode 4 - The Birth of the Amish Church

How does the Amish story fit into the Reformation era and where did they come from?

Episode 5 - The Amish Among Us

FAQ’s about Amish people, including some little-known facts about their culture and church

Episode 6 - Our Amish Heritage - Silent No More

Many who’ve come from an Amish background struggle to reconcile their past to their new lives outside the community. Is being Amish still their heritage if the Amish church has rejected them?

Breaking the Silence - My Amish Story - DVD

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