The Bible Collection: Jacob DVD

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  • Cast: Mathew Modine
  • Director: Peter Hall
  • Producer: Lorenzo Minoli
  • Languages: English and Spanish
  • Run Time: 94 minutes
  • Subtitles: English, Spanish, French
  • Closed Captioning: Yes
  • Region Code: 1
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The Bible Collection: Jacob

He has waited seven years for this day. Seven years to marry the woman he loves, Rachel. But when his father in law tricks him into marrying Leah, Jacob is heartbroken and angered. Seven more years he must work before Rachel will be his. From the Emmy award-winning series The Bible Collection comes to the heartbreaking, heart transforming story of Jacob in the film The Bible Collection: Jacob.

The Bible Collection: Jacob stars Matthew Modine as Jacob, Lara Flynn Boyle as Rachel, Juliet Aubrey as Leah, Sean Bean (Lord of the Rings, The Young Messiah) as Esau, Joss Ackland as Isaac, Giancarlo Giannini as Laban, and Irene Papas as Rebekah. A story of loss, betrayal, hope, faith, and trust The Bible Collection: Jacob will encourage and inspire viewers of all ages.

The Story

Since he was a young boy Jacob had always fought for love and favor. Born to Isaac and Rebekah, Jacob was a child who it would seem was destined to be favored by both God and men. After all, his grandfather was Abraham, whose descendants were to be as numerous as the stars in the sky. But he seemed to always be on the wrong side of the bargain. He may have been a son, but he was born second...only minutes after his brother Esau. He may have been a son, but it was Esau; strong, powerful, and a talented hunter, that his father favored. He may have been a son, but it was to his brother once more that the favor would go; Esau would receive the birthright. In fact, to Jacob, as seen in The Bible Collection: Jacob, life had a way of never turning out in his favor.

Then one day he has the opportunity of his lifetime. He trades a bowl of stew for Esau's birthright, he, for once, is on top. Not trusting either God or his brother, however, Jacob tricks his dying father Isaac into giving him both the birthright and the blessing. Now, after usurping his brother's blessing Jacob must flee for his life, as viewers will see in The Bible Collection: Jacob.

He flees to Laban, his mother Rebekah's brother. Yet, God follows him, giving him a vision of a ladder to heaven. Still confused and frightened of his brother's vengeance, Jacob seeks shelter with Laban. He expected protection, food, shelter, and maybe work, but he found something even greater. He found Rachel. Laban's beautiful younger daughter Rachel soon catches both the eye and the heart of Jacob, but Laban drives a hard bargain. Jacob must work seven years for her hand. Laban's flocks and land flourish under Jacob's care, as does Jacob and Rachel's love in The Bible Collection: Jacob. Yet, Laban is not done with Jacob, deceiving him in the wedding by replacing Rachel with his elder daughter Leah. Forced to marry Leah Jacob agrees to work seven more years for Rachel.

Jacob's story is not finished yet. What does God hold in store for Jacob the deceiver? What does he have planned for the father of the twelve tribes of Israel?


A story of remarkable faith and courage, The Bible Collection: Jacob is also a story of great forgiveness. A stolen birthright, a deceptive marriage, an escape in the night and more fill the pages of Jacob's life. Not only must Jacob accept forgiveness from those he has wronged, he must also extend forgiveness. He must learn what it looks like to be forgiven by God. As viewers watch the struggle that is Jacob's life, they will be reminded of the importance of forgiveness in their own lives, the transforming power of forgiveness, and the undeserved forgiveness God extends to all his children.

Unending Love

Jacob's story found in the film The Bible Collection: Jacob is a story of unending love. It is love that drives Jacob to work seven years for the hand of Rachel, and it is love that sustains him another seven unfair years. It is a story of Jacob's unending love for Rachel. However, The Bible Collection: Jacob is also a story of God's unending love for Jacob. A man who cheats, steals, lies, flees and fears Jacob is not a man worthy of God's love. Yet, he is loved by God. Jacob's story is a reminder to viewers of all ages that no matter how unworthy we are God still loves us. It is a reminder that God's love cannot be earned, only accepted. It is a reminder that no matter how we mess up, God's love remains constant because his love is unending. Viewers will be encouraged by the message of God's unending love in the film The Bible Collection: Jacob.


One of the greatest love stories of all time. One of the greatest schemes of all of history. One of the most powerful transformations of God's grace. All found within the pages of Genesis. A story is woven with threads of beauty, love, drama, deception, intrigue, faith, courage, forgiveness, and grace The Bible Collection: Jacob is a story, unlike any other; it is the Bible brought to life. A redeemed runaway, and a deception that will change the course of history mark the threads of Jacob's life. The Bible Collection: Jacob will encourage and remind viewers with a message of forgiveness and inspire and equip believers with a reminder of God's grace and love. Driven by his love for Rachel, sustained by his faith in God, and protected by God's grace Jacob is the story of the unlikely father of the twelve tribes of Israel.

The Bible Collection: Jacob has not been rated by the Motion Picture Association of America and may include topics, issues, and scenes not suitable for younger viewers. This film received the "Faith Friendly" award for ages twelve and up from the Dove Foundation. As always, it is recommended that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their children, but the film The Bible Collection: Jacob is generally considered appropriate for most older audiences.

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