Anita Renfroe: Im Not High Maintenance, Just Low Tolerance DVD

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  • Release Date: 6/23/10
  • Run Time: 75 minutes
  • Closed Captioning: Yes

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Anita Renfroe: I'm Not High Maintenance Just Low Tolerance

From well loved Christian comedian Anita Renfroe comes a new laughter packed comedic show I'm Not High Maintenance Just Low Tolerance. Anita describes the differences between men and women, what it takes to get them out the door. While women might be complicated they are not high maintenance. . .just low tolerance. Why do women take ten times as longer to pack for trips or get ready for a date? Stand-up-comedy mixed with her signature music parodies add some extra fun to this laughter packed film! Segments include: High Maintenance; Dating Smarter and Technology; The Parking Vector; Shoes, Barbie, and Fat Paints; Clean; Stupid Stuff You Do On Vacay; The Fiber Song; House of David Publishing; Get Out The Door; and a bonus feature titled In The Mutherhood With the same witty humor men enjoy just as much as women Anita Renfroe's I'm Not High Maintenance Just Low Tolerance is sure to have the entire room laughing!

I'm Not High Maintenance Just Low Tolerance

An all new comedic film from Christian comedian Anita Renfroe I'm Not High Maintenance Just Low Tolerance is dedicated to the absurd (and humorous) differences between men and women. While filling men in on the reason it takes women twice as long to get ready to leave the house, Anita will have the women rolling in laughter. The annoyances of life will fall mercy to the humor and witty words of comedian Anita Renfroe. While reminding women that leggings are NOT pants, and that vacations take extra packing time Anita Renfroe infuses life with a bit of humor in I'm Not High Maintenance Just Low Tolerance.

Anita Renfroe

The comedian behind I'm Not High Maintenance Just Low Tolerance says her comedic shows are based off of real life saying the things everyone else wants to say but is to scared to with a little sass and music thrown in for style. The stay at home mom turned comedian has a unique blend of comedy a little mom, a little sass, a little music, and a whole lot of laughter combine to make her comedic shows such as I'm Not High Maintenance Just Low Tolerance a unique and enjoyable experience. A mom and wife of a pastor Anita values family friendly, clean comedy, and strives to keep her comedy fun and family worthy. Anita has been featured on several television networks and shows such as Good Morning America. She has toured with the Christian womens conference, Women Of Faith, and is a crowd favorite everywhere she travels. Her comedy shows include I'm Not High Maintenance Just Low TolerancePurseonality, Thinking Out Loud, Total Momsenseand many more. Anita Renfroe currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and enjoys laughter and being with her grand kids and family.


Anita Renfroe's comedic observation skills on every day life are not limited to I'm Not High Maintenance Just Low Tolerance. Another of her beloved comedic films, Purseonality adds a bit of humor and witty observation to the everyday life of women across the country. In this highly entertaining comedic film Anita Renfroe narrates the woes of everyday life from family, online shopping addictions, caffeine, fake tans, and underwire in a humorous way that will have viewers of all ages laughing along. Whether discussing wonderment that she ever survived the era where you drank water out of the tap, or her signature music parodies (this time an ode to underwire) Anita Renfroe has viewers of all ages (women and men) laughing along at the absurdities of everyday life in America just like she does in I'm Not High Maintenance Just Low Tolerance.

Laughter Is Good Medicine

Based on her everyday life as a wife, woman, and mom Anita̴Ì_Renfroe̴Ì_reminds viewers in comedic shows such as I'm Not High Maintenance Just Low Tolerance to not take life to seriously. A good reminder to viewers everywhere Anita Renfroe encourages women everywhere to see the little annoyances in life not as annoyances but as reasons to laugh. A reminder to audiences everywhere to lighten up, enjoy life, and thank God for his many blessings I'm Not High Maintenance Just Low Tolerance remind you that you have a reason to smile next time something goes wrong or it takes two hours to leave the house (or something like that.)


The beloved Christian comedian Anita Renfroe is at it again in I'm Not High Maintenance Just Low Tolerance. She does not disappoint either, and viewers everywhere will laugh along at her music parodies, her witty sense of humor, and her life is laughter observation at everyday annoyances. As you laugh along with your friends, spouse, or family at Anita's clean comedy remember to smile, feel the stress slip away, and remind yourself that next time packing takes longer than it should or your curling iron ends up making things more frizzy than they were to begin with it is simply a moment to laugh. Her encouraging, inspiring, and thoroughly entertaining comedy in I'm Not High Maintenance Just Low Tolerance will be a favorite with young and old alike!

Anita Renfroe: I'm Not High Maintenance Just Low Tolerance not been rated by the Motion Picture Association of America and may include topics not suitable for younger viewers. As always, it is recommended that parents preview all content to determine what is suitable for their children, but the film Anita̴ Renfroe: I'm Not High Maintenance Just Low Tolerance is generally considered appropriate for most older audiences.

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