An American Tale (2-movie family fun pack) DVD

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An American Tale (2-movie family fun pack) DVD

"Tip_Top_Terrific and Full-of-Fun! A rollicking and Endearing Delight. It's a Winner" (Gene Shalit, The Today Showa0

From Steven Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment come the adventures of Fievel, one of the most endearing animated characters ever created. The courageous little mouse braves the strange new world in a thrilling adventure to find his family. 

And the fun continues when Fievel joins forces with famed lawdog Wylie Burp to thwart a plot to transform unsuspecting settlers into mouseburgers! Filled with humor, adventure and action, these heartwarming tales are fun for the entire family. 

Bonus Features: Sing-a-long songs, interactive fun: counting with DIGIT Game, Fievel and Tiger's Duo Dance, Rewease the Secwet Weapon Game, Wild-West roundup game

RATED G (both)


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