American Heritage Series #2: The Faith of our Founding Fathers DVD

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  • Cast: David Barton
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  • Run Time: 60 min
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The American Heritage Series Vol 2: The Faith of Our Founding Fathers

The American Heritage Series is a powerful and moving series that teaches lessons about history and how they relate to America today. This particular volume, The Faith of Our Founding Fathers focuses on the beliefs and faith that shaped the beginnings of our nation. The American Heritage Series focuses largely on the beginnings of America and who the people that created our nation truly were. What did they stand for? What did they believe in? How did this affect their daily actions?

This volume is told by David Barton, a historian who knows the origins of our nation extremely well. His lessons tie in with the Bible and present faith-based lessons for viewers. This series can be used for educational purposes as well as entertainment. The Faith of Our Founding Fathers is captivating as well as packed with historical information, enticing viewers with educational value and an entertaining lesson.

The best part of The American Heritage Series is that it is designed to inspire viewers to want to do something about the current state of our nation. We cannot sit idly by and watch as the documents that shaped our very country are changed and misused to fit with the purposes of political leaders today. The original foundations that America was made from are slowly being eroded as new ideas and corrupt leaders come into power. How do we change this? How can we possibly make a great enough impact on the world to help solve this problem? The American Heritage Series covers topics such as this and encourages viewers to be the change that we want to see in the world.

The Faith of Our Founding Fathers takes a unique and interesting look at exactly who our founding fathers were. Why did they write the things that they did? How did these ideals for a new nation fit in with their faith? What does this mean for America today? How can we get back to the faith of our fathers and stay true to the Biblical foundation of America? This film is perfect for families to watch together and learn important lessons about the history of our nation.

Topics in The American Heritage Series

The Faith of Our Founding Fathers focuses on many different topics, but each of the episodes in The American Heritage Series has a central theme. This is the theme of the origins of our nation, and the faith that shaped America as a country. Modern day America is extremely different than the original nation that our founding fathers began. Its ideals and goals as a whole are the same, but the faith that once was the entire foundation of America has fallen by the wayside. Faith is now considered inconvenient and is being driven out of schools. The government wishes to remove all mentions of God from the Constitution and break away from the faith that drove our founding fathers.

This DVD seeks to give viewers information about the faith that our founding fathers possessed. It is very apparent in the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, as well as the other documents created by our founding fathers, that their faith was what drove them. They wanted to build a nation on the ideas of freedom, which come from the Bible. True freedom is the grace that God gives us for our sins. Though we are a fallen people full of all wrongdoing, God gives us grace and mercy and allows us to have freedom. The Faith of Our Founding Fathers talks about what it means to truly have freedom, and how the Biblical example of this gave the founding fathers the idea for America.

The reason that the United States of America stood out from their predecessors is the way that they were based on freedom. There was no monarchy, no complete control over the people, and the government was supposed to be for the people. The people were not serving the government and enslaved to the rules imposed by this authority. Instead, the government was to govern according to the needs of the people. The Faith of Our Founding Fathers finds David Barton, the host, explaining how the Christian perspective of the founding fathers shaped their ideas for America.

Barton then goes on to talk about the slow transition from what America once looked like to what it looks like now. The state of our nation is crumbling and is radically different from what the founding fathers created. God is no longer the keystone of the nation, but has become an inconvenience to the American people. He is viewed as someone who pronounces judgment and keeps us from having free will and the ability to make our own choices. However, this is very far from the truth. He gives us true freedom, which is what America is based upon. The Faith of Our Founding Fathers is something that cannot be ignored or pushed aside. They shaped our nation and gave us a future, and we should stay true to this.

The next segment of this DVD finds Barton encouraging viewers to do something about America. We cannot simply say there is a problem with our nation and then idly sit by. If we want to return our country to what it originally was based upon, we must become the change that we want to see. The Faith of Our Founding Fathers is inspiring and compelling, as it challenges viewers to go forth and change the world. By proclaiming the gospel, we as Christians can minister to others and give them hearts for Christ and restoring America to Biblical greatness. Instead of tolerating the evil and the terrible things in this world, we should work to change them. It is not about accepting the current state of our world, but about having the courage to do something about it. The Faith of Our Founding Fathers is informative and inspiring, perfect for families to watch together, or for any educational purposes. This DVD is one that you will not want to miss.

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