Amazing Love: The Story of Hosea DVD

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  • Cast: Sean Astin, Elijah Alexander, Kenton Duty, Sammi Hanratty, & Erin Bethea
  • Director: Kevin Downes
  • Producer: Daryl Lefever
  • Languages: English
  • Dove Approved: Dove Family Approved
  • Release Date: 11/5/08
  • Run Time: 80 Minutes
  • Screen Format: WS
  • Subtitles: English
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Amazing Love: The Story of Hosea DVDå?ÛÒ a story of God‰۪s unfailing loveåÊ

Steve, Cooper, Gameboy and Carrie go camping throughout a weekend with Stuart, their church youth group leader and Beth, his wife. Going along for the trip is Ashley, a troubled teen whose snobbish and materialistic attitude creates a gap between her and the group of teenagers. Suddenly a conflict takes place between the girls of the group and creates and even bigger gap in the group.åÊLooking to solve all the conflict, Stuart grabs the opportunity and decides to share with the teens the inspiring story of Hosea, located in the Old Testament.åÊAmazing Love: The Story of HoseaåÊDVD, aåÊstory filled with the true representation of commitment and absolute, total love. Is the story of the prophet Hosea effective enough to make the teenagers open their hearts to an incomparable love?åÊ

The Story ofåÊAmazing Love: The Story of Hosea DVDåÊåÊ

A lot has been written and talked about the current state of our culture and how its identity has become very consumer-based. And how the results of that have affected relationships today, having friendships and even marriages break apart whenever a troublesome period arrives or when people don‰۪t want to make an effort to grow that relationship. The filmåÊAmazing Love: The Story of Hosea, shows an incredible story that lets us know that in the Old Testament times a similar dilemma had occurred, rejecting that this problem only happens nowadays.åÊ

InåÊAmazing Love: The Story of HoseaåÊDVD,åÊStuart, a church youth group leader (SeanåÊAstin) plans a weekend camping experience for his youth group. Him and his wife, BethåÊpackåÊthe teenagers and head to their adventure. Defying allåÊthe plans Stuart and his wife had planned isåÊproblematic teen AshleyåÊ(SavannahåÊJayde)åÊwho was forced to go on the trip by her grandmother. Before leaving with the group to their camping destination Ashley‰۪s attitude and reputation was already creating a space between her and the rest of the youth group kids. To the teens, is a difficult feat to demonstrate love to someone who has not earnedåÊit.åÊStuart understands that Ashley is somewhat misinterpreted and needs another opportunity. Ashley‰۪s snarky approach to everything doesn‰۪t make giving her a chance easy on everybody around her.åÊ Ashley feels like she can‰۪t be understood and that no oneåÊknowsåÊall the things she has gone through in her life.åÊThe trip has had a difficult run but onåÊthe final night, their youth group leader Stuart is compelled to tell them a story from the Bible, HoseaåÊ(Elijah Alexander)åÊand Gomer‰۪såÊ(TheminaåÊSunny)åÊstory. By hearing this beautiful story of redemption and unfailing love, the teenagers learn about an amazing love and a God who is even cooler than what they imagined.åÊåÊ

One of the amazing things fromåÊAmazing Love: The Story of HoseaåÊDVDåÊis how well both stories are intertwined. In Hosea‰۪s story, he learned how God felt when His people gave Him their back and started worshipping false gods and idols. The Lord makes a beautiful comparison of a man who is married to his wife and deeply in love with her although she is entirely unfaithful to him and the promise they made when they became married. The film explains how Hosea, at first does not understand how God would continue to love Israel‰۪s people who did not show loveåÊback to Him but then realizes that God loves Israel because His love does not depend on their actions.åÊåÊ

Making the film ofåÊAmazing Love: The Story of Hosea DVDåÊåÊ

InåÊAmazing Love: The Story of Hosea,åÊhe story from the Old Testament has Hosea, the prophet, and his disloyal wife Gomer in the center.åÊThe movie takes the time to explain and clarify which parts of the film are presented as described in the Word and which parts are what the writers of the film added as details that aren‰۪t exactly talked about in the Bible. The filmmakers wanted to stay true to what the Bible said about the story and tried to do their best to stay loyal to that, they even tried to include the words mentioned by Hosea himself. The movie manages very well the details of Gomer‰۪s past and the reasons why she would leave Hosea time and time again. They managed to reveal it in a pure yet realistic way like how it‰۪s basically explained in the Bible. The goal of the redemption story ofåÊAmazing Love: The Story of HoseaåÊDVDåÊisåÊto approach people and their families and is a good tool to utilize for nonbelievers and to explain God‰۪s love.åÊåÊ

The details shown from the Bible adds much substance toåÊAmazing Love: The Story of HoseaåÊDVD.åÊThe story is told with much authenticity and Hosea‰۪s character is one of strength and represents so much. With both the modern story and the story from biblical times, they get the job done of connecting what is to be learned from them. The film is a great instrument to reach out to families, to be used in churches and different evangelistic programs.åÊAmazing Love: The Story of HoseaåÊDVDåÊcan create an effect on viewers that will bring their hearts to the Lord having learned of God‰۪s gift of redemption for all people and His huge unconditional love.åÊ

Amazing Love: The Story of Hosea DVDåÊinfo and featuresåÊ

Amazing Love: The Story of Hosea DVDåÊwas released in November of 2012 by Hosea ProductionsåÊand its durationåÊis of 1 hour and 20 minutes. The film was directed by KevinåÊDownesåÊ(Six: The Mark Unleashed) and written by Greg Mitchell and Dave and RichåÊChristianoåÊ(A Matter of Faith). Starring inåÊAmazing LoveåÊis SeanåÊAstinåÊ(The Goonies), Elijah Alexander (Mr. and Mrs. Smith),åÊTheminaåÊSunny (Children of Men), ErinåÊBetheaåÊ(Fireproof), Kenton Duty (Shake It Up!),åÊSammiåÊHanrattyåÊ(The Lost Medallion: The Adventures of Billy Stone), and SavannahåÊJaydeåÊ(Big Time Rush).åÊåÊ

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